Graphite Thrust Washer

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Graphite Thrust Washers have been developed for high load, low-speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.
Our range of Graphite Thrust washers is available in metric and imperial sizes. Our in-house machining service can produce non-standard sizes to suit specific customer requirements.


The wear resistance metal back with the solid lubricants can continuously provide a lubricating source during the bearing operation to achieve the self-lubricating feature. With the combination of heavy load and impact resistance of the metal and low friction factor of the non-metal, this material is good for various working conditions.

Graphite Thrust Washer breaks through the limit of general bearing whose lubrication depends on an oil film. So it is suitable for high temperature, heavy-duty, anti-corrosion, or where oil is hard to be introduced. Its performance doubles both on hardness and wears friction.

graphite thrust washers

Material Features

Allows maintenance-free and long-life operation;
Suitable for high static and dynamic loads;
With low and smoothly coefficient of friction and without stick-slip effects;
Suitable for dirty, corrosion, impact load, and edge loading;
The base material provided a good shock-absorbing capacity;
Can be used over a large temperature range;
Suitable for reciprocating, rotating, and oscillating movement with start frequency and difficulty to form oil film occasions;
With a low wear rate and long life service.


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graphite thrust washers

Part number T D D1 Mounting Hole Chamfer
Type No. Tolerance Tolerance P.C.D. Qty. MPWZ MPWTZ a b
Countersunk Screw
d1 d2 t
Graphite Thrust Washer 6 3(4) 0
6.2 +0.2
25 15 2 M3 3.5 6 2.4 1.5 0.3
8 8.2 28 18
10 10.2 30 20
12 12.2 40 28 2 0.4
13 13.2
15 15.2 50 35
16 16.2
18 18.2
20 5 20.2 M5 4.5 7.5 3 2.5
25 25.2 55 40
30 30.2 60 45
35 35.2 70 50
40 7 40.2 80 60 M6 5.5 9 4 3 0.5
50 8 50.3 100 75 4 4 0.6
*For graphite thrust washers, T dimensions of No.6 ~ 18 are values in ( ). *For Hex Socket Low Head Cap Screws, refer to 2 Click here.
*Indicated dimensions of Flat-head Countersunk Screws are recommended dimensions.


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