Center cut flange Oilless bearing

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The Center cut flange Oilless bearings are machined from continuous cast bronze bar stock.

They are then milled and plugged with solid lubricant graphite based plugs. The plugged graphite bushings are great for applications where maintenance is difficult and where normal grease and oil based lubricants can burn off due to high temperatures.

The cast bronze base material gives these products stronger bearing abilities when compared to other self lubricating bronze bushings.


Center cut flange Oilless bearing is the self-lubricating bush which is based on the metal friction surface of the bush basement where holes are spread reasonably in the proper size and a specific solid lubricant that has a self-lubricating function is inserted, This kind of bush has included the advantages of the metal basement and lubricant materials that have the specific direction for producing chemicals. It has broken in the limit of general bush that depends on an oil film. Oilless bush is especially applied in oil-free high temperature, high load, low speed, contamination resistance, corruption resistance radiation resistance as well as used under such special work conditions that cannot be lubricated, such as underwater and in vacuum space. The products are widely applied in metallurgy and steel-rolling equipment, mine machinery, shipping machinery, shipping industry. Space voyage, hydraulic turbine, gas turbine, filling equipment, instruments, and weave machinery. It also has a wide range of applications in other industrial and agricultural machinery. And it is being used more and more widely.

What are Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings?

Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings are a type of self-lubricating bearing that eliminates the need for external lubrication. They are designed with a center-cut flange that allows for easy installation and removal, making them highly versatile. These bearings are available in various materials, each with its unique properties, catering to different industry needs.

Advantages of Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings

Low Maintenance

These bearings eliminate the need for regular lubrication, significantly reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Reduced Friction and Wear

The self-lubricating materials used in these bearings minimize friction and wear, resulting in longer service life and improved performance.

Environmental Benefits

By eliminating the need for external lubrication, Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings contribute to a cleaner environment and reduce the risk of contamination.

Dimensional Stability

These bearings offer excellent dimensional stability under varying temperatures and loads, ensuring consistent performance and reliability.

The basement of the oilless bush depends on the work conditions of the bush itself.

The commonly used materials are high-strength brass tin bronze, etc The inserted solid lubricant materials are mainly two kinds which are based on graphite, MoS2 as well as PTFE. According to the bushings’ working conditions, it can ensure that the product can meet various temperatures, loads, movements, and medium through the combination between the different metal basement and solid lubricants and ensure that it can work steadily and credibly

Center cut flange Oilless bearing

The Feature Of Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearing

1. Heavy-duty oil-free bearing with embedded solid lubricant base of the high-strength brass alloy.
2. Available without lubrication
3. It exhibits excellent wear resistance in difficult locations of oil film configuration
4. It has excellent chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

Applications of Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings

Automotive Industry

Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings are widely used in various automotive components, such as steering systems, transmission systems, and suspension components, where they provide smooth operation and reduce maintenance requirements.

Aerospace Industry

In the aerospace industry, these bearings are employed in aircraft components like landing gear, actuators, and control surfaces. Their lightweight and low-friction properties are crucial for improving fuel efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Marine Industry

The marine industry benefits from Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings’ corrosion resistance and low maintenance, making them ideal for use in shipbuilding and offshore applications.

Construction and Heavy Machinery

These bearings are well-suited for use in construction equipment and heavy machinery, where they can handle high loads, provide excellent wear resistance, and reduce maintenance requirements.

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Material Alloy Chemical Composition

chemical elementoil-free bearingoil-free bearingoil-free bearingoil-free bearingoil-free bearing
Cu ( % )RestRestRest
Sn ( % )6106
Zn ( % )2566
Ni ( % )
AI ( % )610
Fe ( % )33RestRest
Mn ( % )30.905 – 1.30.20 – 0.40
Cr ( % )1.30 – 1.65
C ( % )2.5 – 40.95 – 1.05
Si ( % )1.0 – 1.30.15 -0.35
Pb ( % )33

Technical parameter

Performanceoil-free bearingoil-free bearingoil-free bearingoil-free bearingoil-free bearing
hardness HB≥ 210≥ 70≥ 150≥ 75≥ 235
tensile strength N/mm²≥ 750≥ 250≥ 500≥ 270≥ 800
Yield Strength N/mm²≥ 450≥ 90≥ 260≥ 150≥ 450
Elongation %≥ 12≥ 13≥ 10≥ 5≥ 8
coefficient of linear expansion1.9×10-5/℃1.8×10-5/℃1.6×10-5/℃1.8×10-5/℃1.9×10-5/℃
Operating temperature-40~+300℃-40~+400℃-40~+400℃-40~+400℃-40~+300℃
Maximum dynamic load N/mm²100605070120
Maximum line speed(干)m/min1510201015
Maximum PV value N/mm²·m/s200606080200
compression deformation 300N/mm²< 0.01< 0.05< 0.04< 0.05< 0.005

Installation and Maintenance of Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings

Installation and maintenance of Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings are relatively easy due to their unique design, which includes a flange that allows for simple mounting and dismounting. The self-lubricating properties of these bearings also result in reduced maintenance needs and lower downtime, making them an excellent choice for many industries.

When selecting the appropriate Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearing for your application, it’s essential to consider several factors. These include the load capacity of the bearing, the operating temperature of your equipment, the level of corrosion resistance required, and any other specific needs of your industry.

Proper installation of Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings is critical for optimal performance. The first step is to ensure that the mounting surface is clean and free of debris. Then, carefully align the bearing with the mounting surface and apply pressure evenly to ensure a secure fit. It’s also important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for torque specifications during installation.

Maintenance of Center Cut Flange Oilless Bearings typically involves monitoring for any signs of wear or damage, such as unusual noises or vibrations. Regular inspections and lubrication as needed can help extend the lifespan of the bearings and prevent costly downtime.


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