Cast Bronze Thrust Washer

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Provides self-lubricating thrust surfaces, especially in applications where assembly does not lend itself to the use of a flanged bearing. Alternatively, they can provide a second thrust surface at the non-flanged end of a bearing.

In thrust applications, PV should not exceed 0.36N/mm² x m/s. Surface velocity (m/s) is calculated on the mean diameter of the thrust face and pressure (N/mm²) on the total thrust area.

We also offer an in-house machining service for non-standard sizes for specific customer requirements.


Enhance Performance With Cast Bronze Thrust Washers

“In the world of engineering and mechanics, small components often play a vital role in ensuring the seamless operation of larger systems. One such component, often overlooked but immensely important, is the cast bronze thrust washer. These unassuming flat, disc-shaped bearings have an essential job: to control axial motion within rotary assemblies, keeping components aligned along a shaft and protecting them from excess wear during operation.”

cast bronze thrust washer

Understanding Cast Bronze Thrust Washers

A cast bronze thrust washer is a critical component used to manage axial motion in rotary assemblies. Its design is simple yet effective: a flat, disc-shaped bearing is placed between a rotating and stationary component. This arrangement ensures that components stay aligned along a shaft, preventing unnecessary movement that can lead to wear and tear.

One noteworthy feature of cast bronze thrust washers is their versatility. Available in various thicknesses, sizes, and styles, these thrust washers find their applications across multiple industries and scenarios where high-wear resistance and reliability are paramount.

How Are Thrust Washer Bearings Manufactured?

The manufacturing process of cast bronze thrust washers involves several steps. Initially, a mold is created based on the desired specifications of the thrust washer. Molten bronze is then poured into the mold, allowing it to take the required shape. Once the bronze cools and solidifies, the thrust washer is carefully extracted from the mold. Post-production, the washer might undergo additional treatments for improved strength, durability, and friction resistance.

Whether you’re operating in industrial settings or managing heavy-duty equipment, these thrust washers ensure seamless movement and reduced friction, extending the lifespan of your machines. Elevate your machinery’s functionality with components that meet expectations and exceed them.

cast bronze thrust washer supplier
cast bronze thrust washers

Bronze Thrust Washer Applications Across Industries

The widespread use of cast bronze thrust washers can be attributed to their exceptional properties, such as heat tolerance, corrosion resistance, and high strength. Here are some key industries where these thrust washers shine:

  • Automotive Systems: Cast bronze thrust washers are essential components in transmissions, axle assemblies, motors, and other automotive systems. They are chosen for their heat tolerance and corrosion resistance, ensuring smooth operation and low maintenance.
  • Oil and Gas Equipment: The exceptional wear resistance of cast bronze thrust washers makes them suitable for supporting and safeguarding components within oil drilling equipment, where harsh conditions and high-wear scenarios are common.
  • Marine and Defense Equipment: Cast bronze thrust washers’ high strength and corrosion resistance are advantageous in marine and defense equipment subjected to harsh and unpredictable environments.

Cast Bronze Thrust Washer & Oilless Bronze Thrust Washer

The main difference between a cast bronze thrust washer and an oilless bronze thrust washer lies in their lubrication properties.

  1. Cast Bronze Thrust Washer: Known for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, low coefficient of friction, and ability to handle heavy axial loads. Typically self-lubricating, meaning they don’t require additional lubrication and can operate smoothly without causing excess heat.
    Ideal for applications requiring smooth and low-maintenance operation, such as transmissions, axle assemblies, motors, oil and gas equipment, marine and defense equipment, industrial machinery, aerospace systems, and manufacturing tools and equipment
  2. Oilless Bronze Thrust Washer: Constructed from bronze with embedded graphite, acting as a self-lubricant, ensuring uninterrupted operation without the need for regular lubrication. Also known as lubrication-free bronze thrust washers, they don’t require lubricating oil and are suitable for applications where regular maintenance or lubrication is not feasible.
cast bronze thrust washer and oilless thrust washer

Precision Engineering for Reduced Friction and Wear

At the heart of our Cast Bronze Thrust Washer is unparalleled precision engineering. The intricate design and composition of these washers minimize friction and wear between moving parts, resulting in smoother operations and decreased maintenance needs. The cast bronze material provides a self-lubricating property, reducing the need for additional lubrication and minimizing downtime. This precision-engineered solution not only improves efficiency but also translates to significant cost savings over time. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and interruptions, and say hello to a seamlessly functioning machinery.

Experience optimal machinery functionality with our Cast Bronze Thrust Washer. Precision-engineered for reduced friction, this versatile solution enhances performance across industries. Invest in durability today!”

C93200 cast bronze thrust washer
quality cast bronze thrust washer

Benefits of Cast Bronze Thrust Washers

Cast bronze thrust washers offer several benefits that make them a preferred choice in mechanical applications:

  1. With their high load-bearing capacity, self-lubrication, resistance to corrosion, and excellent thermal conductivity, cast bronze thrust washers stand as a testament to the importance of precision in engineering.
  2. Machined Cast Bronze Bearings: These bearings offer technically and economically favorable solutions, characterized by high load capability, low weight, and good corrosion resistance.
  3. Tight Tolerance: Cast bronze thrust washers have tighter tolerances than wrapped bronze bushes, ensuring precise fit and function.
  4. Lubrication Options: Oil grooves integrated into the design allow lubrication by oil filling in these grooves. This feature can be further enhanced by using graphite-filled grooves for self-lubrication in high-heat applications.

Exploring Our Cast Bronze Bushings and Thrust Washers

To provide a comprehensive understanding of cast bronze thrust washers, we’ll take a closer look at some specific products from our catalog:

  • C93200 (SAE 660) Cast Bronze Bushings: This series offers excellent antifriction properties, machinability, and wear resistance. With physical properties like tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and hardness, these bushings excel in various applications.
  • C87850 (ECO Bronze) Cast Bronze Bushings & Thrust Washers: An environmentally friendly, lead-free alternative to traditional alloys, ECO Bronze offers excellent machinability, lightweight construction, and high-temperature tolerance. It’s an excellent choice for industries with strict safety and environmental regulations.
  • ToughMet (C96900) Cast Bronze Bushings & Thrust Washers: The ToughMet series stands out with its high tensile strength, galling and corrosion resistance, and exceptional wear resistance. It’s a go-to option for demanding industries like aerospace, automotive, and mining.
cast bronze thrust washer
SAE841 bronze thrust washer

SAE841 Sintered Bronze| Thrust Washer (Bearing)

An SAE 841 sintered bronze thrust washer is a fundamental component designed to control axial motion in rotary assemblies. This small, disc-shaped bearing sits between a rotating component and a stationary one, preventing unnecessary movement along a shaft and safeguarding against excessive wear and tear.

These thrust washers are crafted through a sintering process, which involves compacting powdered bronze under heat and pressure. This results in a material with excellent porosity and self-lubricating properties.
These thrust washers find use in a variety of industries where reliability, wear resistance, and cost-effectiveness are paramount.

Their self-lubricating properties, cost-effectiveness, and widespread applicability across industries make them indispensable to modern engineering. From automotive systems to industrial machinery, these unassuming thrust washers play a crucial role in keeping our mechanical world in motion.

Boost Machinery Performance with Cast Bronze Thrust Washer

Cast Bronze Thrust Washer Size Chart

bronze thrust washer size chart

MaterialPart NumberInner DiameterOuter DiameterThickness
cast bronze thrust washers  04 07 010.250.43750.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  04 08
cast bronze thrust washers  04 10 010.250.6250.063
cast bronze thrust washers  06 10 020.3750.6250.125
cast bronze thrust washers  06 12 010.3750.750.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  07 12 010.43750.750.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  08 14 020.50.8750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  08 14 030.50.8750.1875
cast bronze thrust washers  08 16 010.510.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  08 16 020.510.125
cast bronze thrust washers  08 16 030.510.1875
cast bronze thrust washers  09 18 010.56251.1250.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  09 20 010.5631.250.063
cast bronze thrust washers  10 16 010.62510.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  10 16 020.62510.125
cast bronze thrust washers  10 19 010.6251.1880.063
cast bronze thrust washers  10 19 050.6251.1880.094
cast bronze thrust washers  10 19 020.6251.1880.125
cast bronze thrust washers  10 20 010.6251.250.063
cast bronze thrust washers  10 20 020.6251.250.125
cast bronze thrust washers  11 20 020.68751.250.125
cast bronze thrust washers  12 20 010.751.250.063
cast bronze thrust washers  12 20 020.751.250.125
cast bronze thrust washers  12 22 010.751.3750.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  12 28 010.751.750.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  13 24 020.81251.50.125
cast bronze thrust washers  14 24 020.8751.50.125
cast bronze thrust washers  14 30 020.8751.8750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  16 24 0111.50.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  16 28 0111.750.0625
cast bronze thrust washers  16 28 0211.750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  16 32 02120.125
cast bronze thrust washers  16 46 0212.8750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  20 30 021.251.8750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  20 38 021.252.3750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  20 48 021.2530.125
cast bronze thrust washers  20 48 041.2530.25
cast bronze thrust washers  22 31 021.3751.93750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  23 40 021.43752.50.125
cast bronze thrust washers  24 32 021.520.125
cast bronze thrust washers  26 38 021.6252.3750.125
cast bronze thrust washers  28 42 021.752.6250.125
cast bronze thrust washers  32 48 03230.1875
cast bronze thrust washers  32 48 04230.25
cast bronze thrust washers  32 64 02240.125
cast bronze thrust washers  36 56
cast bronze thrust washer  44 62 042.753.8750.25

Technical Data

Technical Data
Yield point/mm2>450>90>260>150>100
Tensile strength N/mm2>750>200>600>260>210
Elongation %>12>15>10>8>8
Hardness HB>210>70>150>95>75


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