Understanding C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze: Properties and Applications

Introduction C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze, commonly referred to as High Tin Bronze, is a robust alloy primarily composed of copper, tin, and nickel, along with trace elements like lead, zinc, iron, phosphorus, sulfur, antimony, silicon, and aluminum. This alloy exhibits exceptional mechanical and physical characteristics, making it ideal for various industrial applications.

Composition and Distinctions

C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze distinguishes itself from C90700 High Tin Bronze primarily through its composition and applications. With a tin content ranging from 11.30% to 12.50% and nickel content between 1.20% to 2.00%, C91700 is tailored for gear manufacturing, pump impellers, piston rings, valve bodies, and more. On the other hand, C90700, with a lower tin content of 6%, is specifically designed for worm gears, offering superior wear and friction reduction.

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Mechanical Properties

The mechanical prowess of C91700 is evident with a tensile strength of 44 ksi, yield strength at 0.5% extension under load of 22 ksi, and an elongation of 16% in 2 inches or 50 mm. Additionally, it boasts a Brinell hardness of 85 BHN and a machinability rating of 20, ensuring ease of use in manufacturing processes.

Physical Attributes

C91700 exhibits a density of 0.316 lb/in³, a melting point range from 1563°F to 1859°F, and a specific gravity of 8.75. Its excellent thermal conductivity of 40.8 Btu/sq ft/ft hr/°F and coefficient of thermal expansion of 9 x 10⁻⁶ per °F make it suitable for various thermal applications.


This alloy finds extensive usage in gear manufacturing, high-strength bushings, bearings, pump bodies, and steam fittings. Its durability under heavy loads and low-speed conditions makes it indispensable in applications requiring wear and corrosion resistance.

Applications of C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze Bushing

C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze bushings find widespread use across industrial sectors characterized by high-strength requirements, low speeds, and heavy loads. These bushings are particularly prevalent in gear systems and applications requiring robust bushings and bearings. Specific utilization areas include:

  1. Gear Systems: C91700 bushings are integral components in gear systems where they provide crucial support and durability, ensuring smooth operation under demanding conditions.
  2. High-Strength Bushings and Bearings: Due to their exceptional strength properties, these bushings are preferred in applications requiring reliable performance under heavy loads, such as in high-strength bushings and bearings.
  3. Pump Impellers: The durability and wear resistance of C91700 bushings make them suitable for use in pump impellers, where they endure high-pressure environments and abrasive conditions.
  4. Piston Rings: In piston systems, C91700 bushings serve to minimize friction and wear, contributing to the efficiency and longevity of the machinery.
  5. Steam Fittings: These bushings are employed in steam fittings to withstand the high temperatures and pressures associated with steam-based systems, ensuring operational safety and longevity.
  6. Valve Bodies: In valve assemblies, C91700 bushings provide reliable support and performance, facilitating smooth valve operation even under challenging conditions.
  7. Movable Bridge Components: Due to their robustness and durability, C91700 bushings are used in movable bridge components, where they withstand heavy loads and intermittent movement.
  8. Turntables for Bridges: C91700 bushings are utilized in turntable mechanisms for bridges, ensuring smooth rotation and stability under varying loads and environmental conditions.
  9. Worm Gears and Wheels: These bushings are essential components in worm gear and wheel assemblies, offering superior wear resistance and longevity for efficient power transmission.
  10. Cams: In cam systems, C91700 bushings provide reliable support and low-friction operation, contributing to the precision and efficiency of the machinery.
  11. Pump Bodies: The corrosion resistance and durability of C91700 bushings make them suitable for use in pump bodies, ensuring reliable performance in corrosive environments.

In summary, C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze bushings are indispensable components in various industrial applications, offering exceptional mechanical properties, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Their versatility and reliability make them a preferred choice for applications where durability and performance are paramount.

Durability The durability of C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze stems from its high mechanical strength, wear and corrosion resistance, and enhanced fluidity during casting. The alloy’s non-magnetic properties and resistance to shrinkage further contribute to its longevity in demanding environments.

In conclusion, C91700 Nickel Tin Bronze stands as a reliable material with exceptional mechanical and physical properties, catering to the stringent requirements of heavy-duty applications where durability and performance are paramount.