Bronze Thrust Washer

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Bronze Thrust Washer, can be used. The long gun supports the circumference of the cap to protect the bottom key. They are designed to prevent movement along the line of the eye. Rifles need to be chiseled to add extra oil. For high pressure applications, the grooves can be filled with graphite to provide a rigid material for the gas system.


When the traditional gasket is in use, the corrosive liquid at the sealing port will cause corrosion to the gasket, thereby affecting the sealing performance, and the gasket body is directly in contact with the sealing port, which is more likely to cause corrosion to the gasket and affect the performance of the gasket. The problem of service life, the VIIPLUS bronze thrust washer body is provided with positioning holes, and the gasket body is also provided with a plurality of installation through holes. Corrosion resistance improves service life.

Product features

  • It can work without oil for a long time
  • More suitable for heavy load and low-speed working conditions, with good wear resistance and very low friction coefficient
  • Suitable for reciprocating, rotating, and intermittent motion where oil film is difficult to form
  • With corrosion resistance and aging resistance
  • The temperature range of -40℃ to 300℃
  • Compared with rolling bearings, thin thickness, space-saving, suitable for complex situations

Physical and Mechanical Performance

Performance IndexDataPerformance IndexData
Linear Expansion Coefficient10^-5/℃1.7-1.9Flexibility CoefficientKN/mm²90-110
Heat-conducting CoefficientW/(m·k)38-55Tensility%≥15
Tensile StrengthN/mm²≥590FrictionOil Lubricationμ0.03
Anti-compact Tenacity≥KJ/m^3150-250Dry Friction0.16

Applications of maintenance-free bronze thrust washer

These thrust washer bearings are most suitable for applications involving a high loading and requiring a maintenance-free operation. Common applications are:

Flood/lock gates
Iron and steel industry
Furnace construction
Mold construction

MaterialPart NumberInner DiameterOuter DiameterThickness
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings1010.2303
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings1212.2403
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings1313.2403
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings1414.2403
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings1515.2503
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings1616.2503
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings1818.2503
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings2020.2505
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings2525.2555
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings3030.2605
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings3535.2705
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings4040.2807
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings4545.3907
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings5050.31008
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings5555.31108
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings6060.31208
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings6565.31258
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings7070.313010
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings7575.313010
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings8080.315010
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings9090.517010
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings100100.519010
VIIPLUS Oilless Bearings                    120        120.5          200                  10

VIIPLUS bronze thrust washers have been developed for high load, low-speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.

Our range of oilless washers is available in metric and imperial sizes. Our in-house machining service can produce non-standard sizes to suit specific customer requirements.


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