Plain Journal Bearing

Plain Journal Bearing is a mechanical component charged with bearing a load and allowing a sliding or rotational motion between two parts of a machine.

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Plain Bearing – Journal Bearing Manufacturer

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A plain bearing in railroading is sometimes called a solid bearing, journal bearing, or friction bearing. Journal or plain bearings consist of a shaft or journal which rotates freely in a supporting metal sleeve or shell. There are no rolling elements in these bearings.

Plain Journal Bearing, in general, is the least expensive type of bearing. They are also compact and lightweight, and they have a high load-carrying capacity.

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Plain Journal bearing, C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing
BUCHSE, Plain Journal Bearing

Where is the Plain Journal Bearing Used?

Journal Bearings are used wherever movement is required. These applications range from Home Office Solutions to Agriculture and Equipment Parts to oil-free bearings for engines. Thus, in our everyday lives, nothing would work properly without a plain bearing.

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Cam Unit

Our standard cam units are used to punch, cut, and form sheets and plates. It Change vertical movement into horizontal or inclined movement by the use of inclined wedges and sliding blocks.

Journal Bearing Lubrication

All rotating machinery requires lubrication in order to function properly and reduce wear and tear. One component of rotating machinery that often requires lubrication is the journal bearing. Proper lubrication of plain journal bearings has many benefits. Lubrication extends the life of the bearing by reducing wear and also helps to protect the bearing from corrosion. use bronze journal bearing with graphite to achieve self-lubricating. By friction, the solid lubricant in the bore or groove is transferred or counter-transferred to the friction surface, forming a well-lubricated, firmly adhered, and uniformly covered solid transfer film, which ensures good lubrication of the friction substrate during long-term operation.

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bearing bronze, Plain Journal bearing, c90500 tin bronze bushing
Plain Journal bearing

Materials In a Journal Bearing

Journal Bearing is an important part of contemporary machinery and equipment, and is a very common mechanical hardware accessory, with it for better operation, then what material for bearings?

  • Brass (H62 ,H65, H68 ,H70 ,H85 ,H90)
  • Tin Bronze QSn5-5-5, QSn6-6-6, CuSn10Pb1,CuSn8,CuSn4,CuSn12
  • Aluminum Bronze C60600C64200,C60800,C61300C61400,C61900,C62300,C62400,C63000,CUAL10Fe3C63020,C63200C65100.CuAL9Fe4Ni4CuAL9Mn2CuAL9Ni3Fe2CuAL10Ni5Fe4,etc.

Bearing alloys, bronze, aluminum-based alloys and zinc-based alloys are all known as metallic materials.

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What Is The Role Of Journal Bearing?

In terms of its role, Journal Bearing is to support and support the shaft. Unlike roller and ball bearings, journal plain bearings do not have any rolling elements. As a result, they are only capable of supporting radial loads, which stem from the weight of the shaft.

Self-lubricating Journal Plain Bearings

Plain Bearings are an important part of mechanical fittings. Responsible for the transfer or counter-transfer of solid lubricant from the hole or groove to the friction surface at high speeds, a well-lubricated, firmly adhered and uniformly covered solid transfer film is formed on the friction surface, substantially reducing frictional wear.

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Journal Bearing Types

The types of journal bearings are: split journal bearings, integral journal bearings, bush journal bearings, dry journal bearings, and semi-lubricated journal bearings

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split journal bearings

Double Flange Split Bronze Bushing Bearing, split journal bearing

Split journal bearings are made up of two halves. These halves or “housings” help to hold large diameter parts together, such as crankshafts.

Integral Journal Bearings

integral journal bearings

Integral journal bearings or integral plain bearings are incorporated into the object. A very common type of monolithic bearing is the housing bearing.

Journal Bearing

Plain Journal bearing, C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing

A journal bearing is a mechanical component mounted in a housing, usually by means of an interference fit. This provides a support surface. The dimensions of the housing and shaft will determine the required bushing inner and outer diameter.

dry journal bearings

ptfe bushing

Dry journal bearings consist of a shaft that rotates inside a dry sleeve. The sleeve is usually polymer as well as molybdenum, graphite, nylon or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). The bearings are only suitable for low loads and low surface speeds.

semi-lubricated journal bearings

Double Flange Split Bronze Bushing Bearing

In semi-lubricated journal bearings, the shaft rotates in a porous metal sleeve of sintered bronze or aluminium in which the lubricating fluid is trapped in its pores. These bearings are only suitable for light loads, low to medium speeds and temperatures of up to 100 °C (210 °F).


Brass Bearing

Brass bearing, bronze bushing, slide plate, and thrust washers in various sizes. they may be resized, oil-grooved, or plugged graphite.


Machined Bronze Bushing

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