Oilless Guide Plate

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Oilless Guide Plate

What Is A Oilless Guide Plate?

The Oilless guide plate is made of high-strength copper alloy (CuZn25Al5, CuZn24Al6Fe3Mn4, SAE430B, HBsC4) as the base material. On the working surface machined the holes and then filled with solid lubricant in a certain proportion according to the working conditions. Under dry friction conditions, we design a pre-lubricated film on the bearing surface. That we can ensure the solid lubricant is transferred to the other side in the shortest possible time and finally form an effective solid lubricant film.

Bronzeoilless.com can provide various materials and sizes to meet your needs.

Why Use Guide Plate With Graphite?

The friction of sliding guides is common in the industry. Under normal conditions, sliding friction lubricates with oil or grease between them. Normally, its lubrication and friction reduction effect is good and widely used.

Self-lubricating Guide Plate

When in high temperatures, high loads, dust pollution, and other harsh conditions. Grease lubrication will fail or the oil film cannot be established. This will lead to the failure of lubrication between the friction pairs and seriously endanger the normal operation of the equipment. The lubrication failure between the friction vice will seriously endanger the normal operation of the equipment, and even accidents. In response to this situation, Use a graphite guide plate, which has a high bearing capacity and breaks the boundary of general brass relying on oil film lubrication to realize oil-free lubrication.

Oilless Guide Plate

Self-lubricating Guide Plates For Automotive Dies

Self-lubricating guide plates for automotive dies are precision components that are designed to facilitate smooth and controlled linear motion within the die sets used in the automotive industry. These guide plates are crucial for the efficient operation of automotive dies, which are used for stamping and forming metal parts in the production of vehicles.

Oilless guide plates are available in metric and imperial sizes.

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Bronze Guide Plates

Combined with the wear resistance of copper alloy and solid self-lubricating properties of the lubricant to use in the process of maintaining without refueling. Products are widely used in high-contained, intermittent, or swing movement, such as steam locomotive production lines, turbine and reservoirs work/accident doors, and plastic machinery. According to the conditions, can provide various types of copper alloy.

  • Materials: These guide plates are typically made from high-quality carburized steel or aluminum bronze materials. Some are manufactured with oil-impregnated graphite plugs, which provide self-lubricating properties.
  • Manufacturing: They are precision-ground and hardened to ensure durability and a smooth operation. The self-lubricating versions are designed with graphite plugs arranged to provide optimal coverage at any engagement direction.
  • Applications: Known applications range from automotive sheet metal dies to plastic-injected household product molds, aerospace to oil-drilling equipment. They are used for guidance in dies, molds, special machines, and automation.
  • Customization: we offer both standard and custom designs based on specific drawings or samples provided by customers. They also offer a 100% inspection before shipping and guarantee each piece as per the drawing.

Plastic Injection Molding Machine Plate

Guide plates are used in plastic injection molding machine clamping mechanism, extrusion structure, automatic switch of high voltage electricity, lifting support parts of construction machinery, and support of arc gate, pulley and drive wheel parts of water conservancy pivot project.

Especially in the process of injection molding, it is often necessary to install the slider on the mold, so that the injection molded products can be smoothly formed, and to ensure that the mold can be smoothly opened.

Oil-free Guide Plate

Oil-free Guide Plate | Application

This self-lubricating guide plate can be used in many fields such as; construction machinery joint parts, such as excavators, mining scrapers, rotary drilling rigs, concrete trucks, rock drilling machinery, winches, port cranes, etc., and metallurgical machinery continuous casting machinery, water conservancy machinery, conveying machinery, rolling mills, blowing machine film blowing machine, injection molding machine crosshead clamping differential, tire curing machine, trailer balance beam, etc..

self-lubricating guide plates are an essential component in automotive dies, providing a maintenance-free and efficient solution for guiding and controlling linear motion under heavy forces. They are available in various materials and can be customized to meet specific application requirements.

Advantage Of  Guide Plate

Oilless guide plates provide higher wear performance. With proper lubrication, these components can provide performance over a wide range of operating times.

Plugged Graphite Guide Plate

Bronze guide plates can be machined from C93200 SAE 660-bearing bronze alloy. The addition of a small amount of lead gives this bearing bronze alloy excellent bearing performance. Lead does not enter the alloy matrix as copper, tin, and zinc do. Instead, it forms small pools in the grain structure. These pools of lead serve the dual purpose of enhancing machinability and providing natural internal lubrication in the event of a dry start. Inlaid solid graphite is lubricated to provide additional lubrication to these components.

bronze Guide Plate

Self-lubricating Wear Plates