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Addressing the demands on machinery used for oil and gas exploration and extraction is a notable challenge. Bronzeoilless.com provides bearing solutions designed to deliver optimal performance ratings for applications used in oilfields and other oil and gas environments.

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Wear Plate

Precision bronze wear plates are available in standard and custom sizes. Order today!

Bronze Wear Pad
Thrust Bearing

Bronze thrust washers are strong, wear-resistant, and excellent at handling shock loads.

Bronze Thrust Washer
Bronze Bush

Benefits of Oilless Bronze Bushings · Long-lasting · Excellent resistance to friction and wear over time.

Oilless Bearing


Experience the benefits.

Maintaining productivity

Ensure you maintain the right equipment at the right time in the right place to prevent failure.

Managing safety

Ensure regulatory compliance, risk assessments, permits, and lockouts become a seamless part of your maintenance strategy.

Best practice

Improve the productivity and efficiency of critical assets using best practice approaches and implementation

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Oil & Gas Oilless Bearing Supplier | Bronzeoilless.com

In the oil and gas industry, operational conditions can be unforgiving. Heat, stress, and contamination not only threaten to compromise the performance of your rigs and other machinery—but they can also compromise safety. And when safety is paramount and downtime is these costly, Viiplus bushings keep your operation running smoothly—for longer life —thanks to self-lubricating technologies.

China Plain Oilless Bearing Bush

Whether you need oilless bearings that can hold up in harsh conditions, withstand the demands of high-speed applications, or solve any other design issue, we can work with you to identify or engineer a part that addresses your exact needs. You need more than just any bearing, you need the right one for your application.

Oilless Bearing Solutions For The Oil And Gas Industry

With the expertise of our consultants, combined with oilless bearing solutions, we help companies in the Oil and Gas industry meet demanding production, budgetary and regulatory requirements.

Oil & Gas Industry Applications

Oilless bearings are used at almost every stage of oil and gas production – in pumps, compressors, turboexpanders, and motors used in the extraction, refining, transport, and storage of oil and natural gas.

Oilless Bearing Solution
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Oil & Gas Industry Bearing Solution

Oil & Gas Bearings – A More Professional Industry Solution Provider

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  • Extend service life and operate in extreme temperatures

  • Compact, integral design saves space and weight and is easy to install.

  • Cost-effective, maintenance-free solution.

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    Slide Bearing Plate Supplier

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    Wear Strips

    Choose from our selection of wear strips, including bronze wear strips and embedded graphite wear plates, In stock and ready to ship.

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    Graphite Dry Bushing

    Graphite dry bushing is a graphite bronze bushing that does not require lubrication and is filled without oil to run.

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Oilless Bearin Supplier – China Manufacturer

Our oilless bearing solutions provide the best performance levels for the oil and gas industry.

Selecting The Right Oil-Free Bearing For Oil And Gas Applications In Cooperation With Bronzeoilless.Com

Want to learn more about our product range? Check out our features to see common oil and gas applications and view our oil-free bearing catalog. email us or contact us and our team of experts will come up with a solution to your bearing challenge. If you already know what you need, request a quote for your part today. Quality oilless bushing china supplier.

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Why Choose Our Oilless Bushing for Gas & oil industry

The drilling equipment used in the oil industry includes mud pumps, winches, top drives, crown blocks, etc. Working condition: heavy load, much sediment, strong corrosion, large impact vibration.

The oilless bearing provided by viiplus company increases the load capacity, improves the corrosion resistance and impact resistance performance, and extends the service life of the bearing by strengthening the design and manufacturing.

Viiplus China Oilless Bearing Supplier provides high-performance bearing solutions for the Oil & Gas industry. Provides customers with safe and stable oil & gas machinery-bearing solutions for the industry environment, effectively improving energy efficiency and equipment working time Longer, and less maintenance.

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