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Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushings

What Is Oilless Graphite Bronze Bushing?

Graphite bronze bushings, also known as graphite-filled bronze bushings, are self-lubricating bearings used in mechanical applications to reduce friction between moving parts. These bushings consist of bronze as the base material with embedded graphite particles, which act as solid lubricants, eliminating the need for external lubrication.

Unlike the oil used in oil film bearings, there is no flow of lubricating oil or grease, and its lubrication is achieved by solid lubricating materials. Solid lubricants behave like fluids when subjected to friction. The difference is that holes or grooves with a certain area ratio are pre-designed and processed on the working surface of the bearing, and simple and compound solid lubricants are embedded in them to make bearings, bearing bushes, or linings.

The combination of bronze and graphite offers exceptional wear resistance and high load-carrying capacity.

Why Use Oilless Graphite Bronze Bushings?

Introducing the marvel of oilless graphite bronze bushings, which boast self-lubricating capabilities and deliver exceptional performance—qualities that conventional plain bearings fail to offer. These bushings excel in fluid lubrication, boundary lubrication, and dry friction fields, making them ideal for applications involving heavy loads and enduring high levels of stress and strain. Their remarkable attributes include wear resistance, a low friction coefficient, and outstanding corrosion resistance.

Amidst the harsh environments that metallurgical equipment endures, enduring high temperatures, heavy loads, impacts, dust, iron powder, and moisture, traditional lubricating oils and greases often fall short. However, this is where oilless bearings shine. Their efficiency in operation negates the need for oil, allowing the omission of auxiliary equipment like oil pumps and tanks, thus reducing the investment required.

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Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushings

Manufacturing Process of Graphite Bronze Bushings

The manufacturing process of graphite bronze bushings involves several key steps. Firstly, the raw materials, including bronze and graphite, are carefully selected for their quality and performance characteristics. The bronze and graphite are then mixed together in precise proportions, ensuring a uniform distribution of graphite throughout the bronze matrix.

Next, the mixture is subjected to a specialized casting process, where it is poured into molds to achieve the desired shape and dimensions. The cast bushings are then carefully cooled and solidified. After solidification, the bushings undergo machining processes such as turning, drilling, and grinding to achieve precise tolerances and smooth surfaces.

Graphite Bronze Bushing Manufacturers Methods

There are two manufacturing methods for graphite inlay bearings. One is the casting method, the graphite slider with good geometric size is distributed in the casting mold according to the design, then cast with molten metal liquid, and then machined to the required size. The second is in the metal substrate, according to a certain arrangement, first processing some holes, and then will be graphite, MoS2 and binder according to a certain ratio of uniform mixture made of lubricant, curing in the hole, after processing to achieve the required size, inlay graphite bearing compressive strength, thermal expansion coefficient, generally depends on the metal material.

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Types of Oilless Bearings

Oilless bearings are mainly divided into six categories, namely oil groove copper sleeve, solid inlaid bearing, bronze inlaid bearing, steel copper inlaid bearing, cast iron inlaid bearing, and Steel base inlaid bearings.

Oilless bearing material classification

VIIPLUS oilless bearings mainly use materials: high-strength brass (CuZn24A16), tin phosphor bronze (CuSn8P3), bearing steel (GCr15), gray iron (HT250), and other raw materials. According to different bearing raw materials, the scope of application is also different.

Advantages of oilless bearings

The main advantages of oil-free bearings are: good hardness, high wear resistance, high compressive strength, long life, can be used without oil supply, high load, low speed, and can still exert superior performance and superior chemical resistance. High performance, corrosion resistance, flexible design, simple and convenient, rich standard products, can be used with standard shafts.

Application Of Oil-free Bushing

Oilless bearings are widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, train supports, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, and other high-temperature, high-load, low-speed, and heavy-load occasions; in low-load, high-temperature, medium-speed, and other occasions, such as fireplaces Doors, oven raceways, rubber machinery, light industrial machinery, machine tool industries; its end face can be welded and installed with the substrate, so it is suitable for metallurgical machinery, construction machinery, oil conveying machinery and other fields that cannot be refueled; in hoisting machinery, The supporting parts of the machine are specially adapted, such as hoist support, crane support, and excavator support.

graphite bronze bushings can replace traditional lubricated bearings in many applications, offering several advantages.

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Oilless Bearing Supplier – China Graphite Bronze Bushing Manufacturers

The bearing base is made of tin bronze, fierce bronze, brass, cast iron or stainless steel, and plastics can also be used if necessary, according to different working conditions such as high temperature, low temperature and corrosive medium. Targeted selection of bearing matrix and solid lubricant combinations. Therefore, the production of such bearings is not limited by size and shape, and can be manufactured according to user needs. This type of bearing has the characteristics of easy starting, low friction, convenient maintenance, and wide operating temperature. When the bearing is in motion, due to heat and friction, the solid lubricating material continuously seeps out and transfers, and at the same time, the matrix wears and the solid lubricating material is gradually exposed. Therefore, the embedded composite material has the ability to transfer and repair itself, so it has a long service life.

Graphite Bronze Bushing Manufacturers: Ensuring Durability and Performance

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Graphite Bronze Bushing Manufacturer – Your Expert Bearing Provider

What Sets Us Apart

Unmatched Quality and Performance:
Our graphite bronze bushings are crafted using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, ensuring exceptional quality and unrivaled performance. They exhibit low friction, high load capacity, and excellent wear resistance, making them ideal for even the most demanding environments.

Customization for Your Needs:
We understand that each application has unique requirements. Hence, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific demands. Whether it’s size, shape, or material specifications, our team of experts will work closely with you to deliver bearings that perfectly align with your needs.

Extensive Industry Experience:
With years of experience in the bearing industry, we have gained valuable insights into various sectors. Our team’s expertise enables us to recommend the most suitable graphite bronze bushings for your applications, ensuring optimal performance and extended service life.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Partner for Global Reach:
As a reliable and trusted bearing manufacturer and exporter, we have successfully established our presence in the global market. Our bearings have gained recognition for their consistent quality and reliability, making us the preferred choice for clients worldwide.

Competitive Pricing:
We believe that top-quality bearings should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer competitive pricing without compromising on excellence. Our cost-effective solutions help you achieve the best performance without breaking the bank.

Timely Delivery and Exceptional Service:
Time is of the essence, and we understand the importance of prompt deliveries. Our well-organized production and logistics processes ensure that your orders reach you on time, every time. Moreover, our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you throughout the buying process and beyond.

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