Oilless Bearing Accuracy

Bearing tolerances, i.e., dimensional accuracy, running accuracy, etc., are regulated by standards such as ISO and JIS.

Precision Oilless Bearing

Bearing Tolerance Standards

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Bearing tolerance standards create consistency in bearing manufacturing and ensure a uniform product.

Bearing Precision Class Ratings

The first thing to understand is precision bearing classes and what they mean.
High precision bearings (ABEC 7 and above) are manufactured with the strictest tolerances and allow dimensions to deviate by only microns.

The Bearing Standards Process

All the bearing standards organizations, including DIN and ISO, work together for a common goal of creating equivalent bearing tolerances worldwide.

Precision Standards Aid in Engineering

In engineering, the tolerance of the bearing is only half the equation. We have multiple calculators that help an engineer choose the right tolerance strategy for bearing mating components.

Low Precision Bearings Can Be a Gamble

If you’re designing an application that has a tight tolerance requirement, high RPMs, and needs to operate reliably, then you probably don’t want to gamble with a low precision bearing.

As an application reaches higher and higher RPM’s, every micron of parallelism, runout, surface profile, etc. all make a difference.

To consistently run an application at high speeds, VIIPLUS oilless bearing certainly recommended.

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oil-free bushings
High Quality Bearing

Quality Goes Into Everything We Do

Our quality measures go above what’s required of ISO standards, we check and triple-check every step from manufacturing to production to receiving and shipping.

You might say we have control issues and we’re ok with that because we like the end results. For example, our quality control process for receiving and shipping is internally measured. We strive for flawless order accuracy, this is important for our customers and therefore important for us.

We know our customers rely on us for speed, but they also rely on us for accuracy. Accuracy is a vital component to our customers’ success and accuracy is the end result of a job well done.
This is what quality means to us.

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Bearing Accuracy – VIIPLUS Bearings – 100% Factory Price

VIIPLUS bearing is a precision part, so it is required to be quite cautious in use, that is, it uses a high-performance oil-free bearing. If it is not used properly, it can not achieve the Bearing Accuracy expected performance effect, and it is easy to damage the bearing. Therefore, pay attention to the following matters when using bearings:

oil-free bushings

Precautions To Be Taken When Using Bearings

1、Shaft and bearing room tolerance selection and control: imported bearings should rotate flexibly without blocking feeling after pressing in. If there is obvious rotation inflexibility, it indicates that the size of the shaft is too large, the tolerance should be adjusted downward. If the imported bearing is pressed into the shaft after hand rotation with obvious “rustle” feeling, it may be too large tolerance or shaft roundness is not good. So in the control of the shaft and imported bearing room tolerance should also control the roundness, at present, many domestic manufacturers only on the tolerance control, no control of roundness.

2, bearing assembly method: because VIIPLUS bearing is a high-precision products, such as improper assembly is easy to cause damage to the oil-free, resulting in bearing damage. Our self-lubrication in the assembly should have a special mold, can not be knocked at will, in the press into the shaft can only be small ring force, press the large circle can only be large ring force. Assembly requires the use of air pressure or hydraulic pressure, in the pressure of the upper and lower die to be outside the horizontal state, such as tilting will lead to bearing damage due to the force, and produce a guide ring.

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3. Prevention Of Assembly Foreign Matter

Bearings in the installation to the rotor to do dynamic balancing is easy to dynamic balancing when the resulting iron filings into the bearing interior, so you need to do dynamic balancing before installing the bearings. Some manufacturers, in order to facilitate assembly, apply some oil or grease in the oil-free bearing chamber for lubrication, but it is often difficult for the operator to control the amount well, if more oil or grease is accumulated in the imported bearing chamber, it is easy to enter the bearing chamber along the shaft during rotation.

Bearing life is closely related to the manufacturing, assembly and use, we must do a good job in each link to make the imported bearings in good running condition, so as to extend the service life of VIIPLUS bearings.

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