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Guide To Bronze Bushing Material Selection – Bronze Alloy· Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys · Tin Bronze Alloys · Aluminum Bronze Alloys · Manganese Bronze Alloys.

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Bronze Bearing Material – Things to Know

Different metal substrates have an impact on bronze bearing friction performance, service life, and the transfer of solid lubricants; proper selection of lubricants and metal substrates can greatly improve plain bearing performance.


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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Bronze Bearing Material on Friction Properties of Oilless Bearings

Tin Bronze & Vanadium-titanium Ductile Iron & Cast Iron

The friction coefficient of tin bronze is the lowest, followed by vanadium-titanium ductile iron, and the highest friction coefficient of ordinary cast iron is 0.2, and the changes in load and speed have little effect on them.

The tin bronze bearing has a wide range of load and speed, but the friction coefficient is stable. When the PV value of vanadium titanium ductile iron exceeds 700kg/cm, and the PV value of ordinary cast iron exceeds 600kg/cm, the temperature will rise rapidly, causing the bearing to become unstable.

graphite bushes
Solid-lubricants Bushings


Instability behavior of Oil-free bearings

When the load is less than a certain value, the bearing works very stably, and the friction coefficient is unchanged. When the load exceeds a certain value, the bearing will become unstable, and the friction coefficient and temperature will increase rapidly. For tin bronze bearings, instability is due to The worn copper powder accumulating. Under certain pressure and temperature, the copper powder will combine to form a film covering the surface of the solid lubricant, so that the embedded solid lubricant cannot continue to play a lubricating role, resulting in lubrication failure.

Tin Bronze Bushing


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We offer high quality maintenance-free mould and die bronze oilless parts products acc. to international standards and standards for use in pressing tools, injection molds and general engineering.

Standard bronze bearing & bushes components for tool makers, mechanical engineering and mold makers.

  • We’re fully supply the mold and die parts for many applications such as mold making, engineering, packaging, heavy industry, Plastic packing machine and many more

  • Custom Mould & Die Products Design & Manufacturing

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

C93200 SAE 660 Bearing Bronze Used for Light Applications

C93200 bearing bronze is easily machined into several different kinds of custom bronze components, as it is considered one of the standard bearing bronze alloys for light applications and is less dependent on lubrication.

SAE 660 bearing bronze’s resistance to corrosion makes it an option for marine parts, but CDA 954 aluminum bronze and CDA 955 nickel aluminum bronze are the strongest bronze alloys on the market for long-lasting non-corroding marine parts for ships and military-grade bronze components.

932 Bearing Bronze
gleitlager, bronze bearing material
oil-free bronze bushings


High Leaded Tin Bronze

CDA 932 660 bearing bronze copper alloy is a high leaded tin bronze with trace amounts of iron, nickel, and antimony, making it an absolute workhorse of a bearing bronze alloy. It features excellent machining properties, good hardness, wear resistance, and great anti-friction qualities. CDA 932 is not subject to dezincification and has decent corrosion resistance to brine and seawater.

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Optimum Bronze Sleeve Bearing – China Supplier bronze sleeve bearings have been performing satisfactorily for decades, even in harsh operating environments.

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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Alloy 954 Aluminum Bronze (C95400)

There are many recommended uses for 954 aluminum bronze, some of which include weld guns, nuts, bearings, pump parts, bushings and gears. This all-purpose alloy resists wear and deformation under extreme loads and stress. Alloy 954 has a machinability rating of 60% along with high ductility and weld ability.

C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing
oilless bearing, bronze bearing material
flange bronze bushing, bronze bearing material


C86300 Manganese Bronze SAE 430B

C86300 continuous cast manganese bronze is a high-strength, non-heat-treatable copper alloy intended for use in applications requiring a good combination of outstanding wear characteristics and high bearing strength for heavy loads and slow speeds. Typical applications include slow-speed heavy-duty load bearings, gears, cams, and hydraulic cylinder parts. Conforms to continuous cast specification ASTM B505.

C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing
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