Bronze Guide Slider Manufacturer

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Our company produces standard bronze wear plates, l-guide sliders, square guide sliders, and v-slide plates for use in applications that require linear movement under heavy loads: metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and heavy machinery of all kinds.

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Bronze Guide Slider – Gibs and Slides Supplier

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We manufacture and export a huge range of bronze guide sliders, bronze pads, flanged oilless bushings, and thrust washer bearings. Our bronze guide sliders with graphite are high-performance oilless slide plates that have solid lubricant (graphite and MoS2) embedded copper alloys.

We also can develop these bushes and guide sliders as per any specifications of our clients.

bronze guide slider, graphite bushings impregnated
wear strips, Slide Bearing Plate Supplier, bronze guide slider

Metal Stamping Dies – Guide Components Section can supply hard-wearing cast bronze slides. You can choose to inlay or not use solid lubricants. There is a wide range of standard inch and metric sizes for you to choose from. If you require a custom size, we can also manufacture to your specifications.

cast bronze slides

Slide Bearing Plate Supplier, Aluminum bronze alloy guide bars

cast bronze slides with holes

cast bronze slides

Slide Bearing Plate Supplier,bronze plate

cast bronze slides with oil grooves

l type guide sliders

bronze guide plate


v type guide sliders

bronze guide plate


square guide sliders

wear strips, graphite impregnated bronze bushings, slide block

square gibs with graphite

Offshore Oil Drilling

Nylon Wear Plate Vs Graphite Guide Sliders In Offshore Oil Drilling Lifting Frames

The casing tensioning system is a key piece of equipment on offshore oil rigs. The casing tensioner is connected to a slide mechanism on each side, which consists of a certain number of identical-sized bronze guide sliders connected at the beginning and end. The casing tensioner can slide 15 in (1 in = 2.54 cm) to the left and right of the casing tensioner. In the process of movement, the left and right side shifters will drive the guide slider inside to move up and down for the purpose of storage or replenishment of the skids.

Nylon Wear Plate

Nylon wear plate strength is low, and easily deformed after the force, thus The corresponding fixing bolts will be stressed. if the load is too great during use, serious deformation and rupture can easily occur.

The Difference Between Nylon And Graphite Guide Sliders

Nylon wear plate and graphite guide sliders have a low coefficient of friction and good self-lubricating properties and are optional materials for guiding sliders. graphite guide slider materials have high strength, high surface hardness, small deformation, and strong load-bearing capacity characteristics, suitable for large load conditions.

Heavy Duty Earthmoving Accessories And Bronze Parts

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The Role Of Solid Self-Lubricating Materials In The Guide Slider

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