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Read the latest news and information regarding Viiplus bronze bushing.

Application of graphite oilless bearing on large crane

Cranes are often carried out under the conditions of heavy load, high temperature and dust, and high frequency of operation so that the bearings are carried out in a bad environment. Viiplus oil-free casing integrated solution.

Maintenance And Overhaul Of Bearings

Bearings are widely used in various fields of the national economy and national defense. The machinery and working environment of bearings vary greatly, so special attention should be paid to the maintenance of bearings and improving the service life of bearings. Learn more about maintenance-free bearing.

Installation method and application of self-lubricating bearing

Self-lubricating bearings, as the name suggests, provide their own lubrication during operation without requiring the application of grease or oil lubricants. Let’s learn how to install oilless bearings together. help your machine run better.

How to choose the correct way of bearing lubrication

To lubricate each part of the bearing, and to reduce friction and wear; To carry away heat generated inside the bearing due to friction and other causes, Viiplus lubricants are designed for your needs and tested for performance in real applications.

Bearing troubleshooting and fatigue life

Inspection during operation Early indications of bearing damage enable a user to replace bearings during regularly scheduled maintenance, avoiding otherwise costly unscheduled machine downtime due to bearing failure.

Influence of graphite content

Graphite is one of the very common allotropes of carbon. It is also the most stable allotrope of carbon and thus used in electrochemistry as the standard state for defining the heat of formation. Learn More Graphite plugged bushings.

Whether the sliding bearing with thicker wall thickness has advantages

Read about how wall thickness in plain bearings affects heavy-duty applications, and whether or not it’s truly necessary.

About Oilless Bearing Remaining Life

Aiming at the nonlinear degradation of bearings from early failure to failure, a method for predicting the remaining life of bearings is proposed.  Learn About Oilless Bearing Remaining Life