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Mold And Die Products – Things to Know

Mold And Die bushings are bushing specifically designed for use in machines. They provide simple and effective spacing on shafts. The main use of machined bearings is to reduce friction and wear between moving parts on those shafts. They can also be used to prevent the marring of the materials on those parts.


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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

What Materials Are Mold And Die Bushing Made of?

Mold And Die bushings can be made of many different types of materials, but they are usually made of various metals. Each metal offers its own advantages, including friction reduction, durability, noise reduction, and self-lubrication. Some of the most common materials used to make machined bushings are:

Brass bearings, bronze bearings, and steel bearings are the most common kinds of machined bushings, and they each have their own advantages. Brass bearings are the best self-lubricating bushings on the list, while steel bearings are the most durable.



Are Mold And Die Bushings Important?

Mold And Die Bushings are very important, because machines cannot function without them. Every industrial machine uses machined bushings, and using high-quality options, like custom machined bronze bushings or self-lubricating bushings, provides countless invaluable advantages. Using custom machined bushings can extend the life of your machine and cost you much less money in the long run, all while requiring much less maintenance in the process.

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Sales Of Component For Injection molding machines

With the shift to electric injection molding, customers now demand reliability in much harsher environments. VIIPLUS’s high load capacity Self-lubricating bearings are important parts, essential for mechanical drive parts.

Energy supply systems and bearings for injection molding machines

In the machine bed, in the injection moulding unit, in the clamping unit and on the handling: our energy chain systems, highly flexible cables and maintenance-free bearing technology ensure long service life in all moving units of your plastic injection moulding machine.


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We offer high quality maintenance-free mould and die bronze oilless parts products acc. to international standards and standards for use in pressing tools, injection molds and general engineering.

Standard bronze bearing & bushes components for tool makers, mechanical engineering and mold makers.

  • We’re fully supply the mold and die parts for many applications such as mold making, engineering, packaging, heavy industry, Plastic packing machine and many more

  • Custom Mould & Die Products Design & Manufacturing

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Mold And Die Bearing

Die and mold production bushings reduce friction and wear between parts. They come in plain and graphite plugged forms. Plain bearing bushings are sleeve-shaped liners that absorb the friction of rotating shafts. They self-lubricate and are made of tough materials.
We provide a full range of standard and specialty graphite impregnated bushings. Manufacturing premium components for die makers and metal stampers.

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Prototyping and Parts Production for Industrial Applications

From prototyping to on-demand production, our in-house engineering and quality assurance teams have the capabilities to machine custom graphite products to exact specifications.
All CNC precision bearing begins with part modeling. we work with our customers to develop manufacturable product designs.

Bronze bearing parts for mold makers,

Inclined ejector units for injection molding machines

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