Mining Machinery Bearing

Mining machinery is mostly used in harsh working conditions and dusty areas. In this environment, any equipment failure will affect the overall situation. This requires mining machinery bearing to be equipped with excellent durability and reliability.

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Mining Machinery Bearing Solution

Beautifully crafted leather products. offers 2 types of self-lubricating bearings that can be used in mining machinery。

These are graphite-embedded bronze bearing and powder metallurgy Spherical oilless bushing.

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Graphite Embedded Bushing

Graphite-embedded bronze bearings are self-lubricating bearings made by opening holes of appropriate size and orderly arrangement on the metal friction surface of the bearing substrate and then embedding the formed solid lubricant with self-lubricating properties in the holes. It can be applied to a special environment that does not rely on oil film lubrication or less oil lubrication.

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Spherical Oil-Less Bushing

The spherical oilless bushing comprises a high-quality low carbon steel base, a sintered spherical bronze layer serving as an intermediate layer within the base, and a surface coated with modified polyformaldehyde featuring an oil storage pit. Even under boundary lubrication conditions, it can endure prolonged use without requiring additional oiling.

Spherical Oilless Bushing
mining machinery bearing

Self-Lubricating – Mining Machinery Bearing

Self-lubricating bronze bushings find extensive applications in mining machinery, marine equipment, aviation, and various other industries. Mining machinery operates under severe production and operational conditions, presenting significant challenges for maintenance. Articulated joints and rotary mechanisms, constrained by limited space for regular lubrication, frequently experience accelerated wear and structural deterioration, compromising the functionality of coal mining equipment.

Self-lubricating bearings present a promising remedy to the issue of inadequate lubrication in coal mines, thanks to their ability to withstand high loads, adaptability to harsh environments, and maintenance-free operation.

Spherical Plain Bearings in Excavator Frame Articulating Ears

The articulated connections between the drill frame and the anchor digger’s components endure frequent vibration and shock loads, often challenging maintenance and lubrication due to space limitations. This difficulty commonly causes joint mechanism failure, resulting in impaired functionality.

Utilizing Cost-Efficient and Durable Spherical Plain Bearings can effectively address these issues. By employing such bearings at the articulated joints of coal mining machinery, not only can the service life of the frame and trunnion be prolonged, but also labor can be minimized while efficiency is enhanced.

Mining Machinery Bearing
Mining Machinery Bearing

Application Of Steel Oilless Bearing At The Redirecting Sprocket

The redirecting sprocket in the transportation section of the anchor digger changes the direction of the scraper chain. The copper sleeve of the sprocket wears severely after 30-60 days, while the wheel body remains unworn. By replacing the copper sleeve with an inlaid graphite bearing with Gcr15 matrix, the sprocket’s lifespan extends from 30-60 days to 210 days without any failures.

Issues with copper sleeve lubrication persist, compounded by difficulties in refilling lubricant. The redirecting sprocket, rotating with the scraper chain, endures cyclic impacts of heavy loads and low speeds. Limited working space, complex environments, and inconvenient operations hinder regular maintenance.

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Bronze bearings are a good option for mining machinery applications. The oilless material has a low coefficient of friction so these bearings can be used without lubrication.

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  • Subject to dirty, humid, cold, abrasive and wet conditions, greased bronze bushings traditionally used in mining equipment require regular maintenance.

Self-Lube Bushings for Mining Applications

Self-Lube Bushings for Mining Applications

At our company, we take pride in designing and manufacturing high-quality Self-Lube Bronze Bushings explicitly engineered to thrive in the demanding conditions of the mining industry. Our standard oilless bushing products consistently demonstrate excellent performance across various scenarios, including high-speed rotational and linear motion, providing both robustness and reliability.

Our bronze graphite bearings, a staple in the mining industry, ensure superior performance by reducing friction and increasing overall durability. These bearings present an economical choice for medium and low-speed linear motion applications, offering superior value for the investment.

As a global supplier offering a diverse range of oilless bushing sizes, we provide versatile solutions designed to meet the demanding requirements of the mining industry. By partnering with us, mining companies can ensure that their equipment runs smoothly, downtime is minimized, and productivity is optimized.

Key Features of Self-Lube Bushings

1. Lubrication Mechanisms:
Self-lube bushings employ advanced lubrication mechanisms, such as solid lubricant films and oil-impregnated materials. These mechanisms ensure a consistent and reliable source of lubrication, eliminating the need for frequent manual interventions. In mining applications, where accessibility can be a challenge, this feature significantly reduces downtime and maintenance costs.

2. Material Durability:
Materials selected for self-lube bushings are chosen for their exceptional durability and resistance to wear. In mining environments where heavy loads and abrasive materials are commonplace, the robustness of these components becomes crucial. Self-lube bushings withstand the harsh conditions, ensuring a prolonged lifespan and minimizing the risk of premature failure.

3. Customization Options:
Manufacturers offer customization options for self-lube bushings, allowing mining companies to tailor the components to their specific equipment and operational requirements. This flexibility enhances the adaptability of these bushings to diverse mining setups, ensuring a precise fit and optimal performance.

Self-Lube Bushings for Mining Applications
Self-Lube Bushings for Mining Applications

Comprehensive Lineup at offers a comprehensive lineup of bearings tailored to diverse needs in the mining sector. Our bearings are specially designed to handle high pressures of up to 70 MPa (10,000 psi), withstand temperatures of up to 80°C (176°F), and excel in severely abrasive environments. Whether facing extreme pressures, heat, or abrasive materials, our bronze bushings outperform traditional greased bearings, eliminating operational and labor costs associated with frequent maintenance.

All our oilless bearings are grease and oil-free, built to last, making them the perfect replacement for greased bronze applications in mining. With a proven track record of meeting and exceeding the needs of the most demanding and challenging working conditions, our bearings are the reliable choice for enhancing the efficiency and longevity of mining equipment.

Mining Graphite Bearing Technology – Oilless Bushing Technology –

Employing the latest in mining graphite bearings technology to improve your drilling bearing. Improving efficiency, productivity and overall profitability with Improve precision graphite bronze bearing. For Mining & Construction. Increased Productivity. Reduce Setup Times by 80%.

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A graphite/bronze alloy, cast bronze metal, graphite and plugged graphite with lubricate; it is a uniform, solid, self-lubricating bushing material.

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Graphite bearings are one of the key components of mineral extraction – expertise in precision bearings determines efficient manufacturing in the mining industry, and nothing is more important to the mining industry than worker safety and being a good neighbor and steward of the environment.

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