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Oilless Bearing Used In Mining Machinery

Mining machinery is mostly used in harsh working conditions and dusty areas. In this environment, any equipment failure will affect the overall situation. This requires mining machinery to be equipped with excellent durability and reliability.


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Mining, mineral processing and cement

Mining, mineral processing, and cement-making operations face some of the toughest and most remote working conditions on earth. With heat, contaminants, vibration, heavy loads, and extreme production demands where lost days can be very costly, you need bearings you can trust. Meet these challenges head-on to achieve uptime you can rely on while reducing maintenance costs and safety risks.



Use Oilless Bearing To Ensure Safty

Pressure, heat, and pollution in harsh operating conditions in the oil and mining industries continue to compromise the performance of drilling equipment, pumps, and other oil and mining equipment.

In these environments, safety is critical and downtime is expensive, and oilless bearings provide lasting stability for the oil and mining industry to maintain the smooth operation of the business. We offer longer service life, reduced maintenance, and grease for high-performance bearings in a variety of oil and gas recovery applications.

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Long-lasting · Excellent resistance

Application In Mining Industry

  • ● Valve ● Actuator ● Platform cranes and pulleys 

  • ● pipe support hanger ● skateboards 

  • ● Iron driller ● Top drive ● lifting winch and guide cable 

  • ● Pumping oil ● Painting works ● Waterproof and airtight doors 

  • ● blowing valve ● Ocean riser tension 

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graphite plugged bronze bushing
graphite bushes

Mining Bearing

Bearings for The Mining, Aggregate and Material Processing

Viiplus Bearing manufactures bearings for the mining, excavating, and mineral process industries that perform exceptionally well under severe operating conditions. Extreme mining environments are tough on all types of equipment:

  • Jaw and Cone Rock Crushers
  • Conveyors
  • Feed Systems

  • Vibrating Screens
  • Off-Road Dump Trucks
  • Excavators


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Bronze bearings are a good option for mining machinery applications. The oilless material has a low coefficient of friction so these bearings can be used without lubrication.

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  • We’re fully protected with the correct equipment

  • Subject to dirty, humid, cold, abrasive and wet conditions, greased bronze bushings traditionally used in mining equipment require regular maintenance.

Standard/CNC Machining

supplier that offers a vast selection of high-quality bronze Products to the tooling and dies industry.

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