Mining Machinery Bearing

Mining machinery is mostly used in harsh working conditions and dusty areas. In this environment, any equipment failure will affect the overall situation. This requires mining machinery bearing to be equipped with excellent durability and reliability.

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Mining Machinery Bearing Solution

Beautifully crafted leather products. offers 2 types of self-lubricating bearings that can be used in mining machinery。

These are graphite-embedded bronze bearing and powder metallurgy Spherical oilless bushing.

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mining machinery bearing
spherical plain bearings

Graphite Embedded Bushing

Graphite-embedded bronze bearings are self-lubricating bearings made by opening holes of appropriate size and orderly arrangement on the metal friction surface of the bearing substrate and then embedding the formed solid lubricant with self-lubricating properties in the holes. It can be applied to a special environment that does not rely on oil film lubrication or less oil lubrication.

Graphite Bronze Bushing
graphite bronze bushing

Spherical Oilless Bushing

The spherical oilless bushing is made of a high-quality low carbon steel base, sintered spherical bronze layer in the middle of the base as an intermediate layer, and then rolled on the surface with modified polyformaldehyde with an oil storage pit. Under the boundary lubrication condition, it can be used for a long time without oiling.

Spherical Plain Bearings
Spherical Oilless Bushing
mining machinery bearing

Self-Lubricating – Mining Machinery Bearing

Self Lubricating Bronze Bushings Are Widely Used In Mining Machinery, Marine Machinery, Aviation, And Other Fields.

Mining machinery is often subjected to harsh production conditions and complex working conditions, which pose a great challenge for maintenance and servicing. In particular, articulated joints and rotary mechanisms, which cannot be lubricated regularly due to space constraints, often suffer from rapid wear or structural failure, failing coal mining machinery.

Self-lubricating bearings offer a new solution to the problem of poor lubrication in coal mines because of their high load-carrying capacity, adaptability to the environment, and maintenance-free performance.

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Spherical Plain Bearings in Excavator Frame Articulating Ears

The articulated lugs between the drill frame and the frame, and between the frame and the slide frame of the anchor digger are often subjected to frequent vibration and shock loads, and it is difficult to maintain and lubricate them due to space constraints, which often leads to the failure of the joint mechanism, resulting in the failure of some functions.

Costing Save & Long Life Spherical Plain Bearing

Therefore, the use of Spherical Plain Bearings at the articulated ears of coal mining machinery can not only extend the service life of the frame and trunnion but also achieve the purpose of reducing manpower and increasing efficiency.

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Mining Machinery Bearing
Mining Machinery Bearing

Application Of Steel Oilless Bearing At The Redirecting Sprocket

The redirecting sprocket located in the transportation section of the anchor digger is used to change the direction of the scraper chain, and the copper sleeve of the redirecting sprocket will be worn severely after 30-60 d, but the wheel body is not worn.

  • copper sleeve lubrication is not in place
  • It is difficult to refill the lubricant.
  • As the redirecting sprocket needs to rotate with the scraper chain movement, it is subjected to the cyclic impact of heavy load and low speed.
  • The working space is limited, the environment is complicated, the operation is inconvenient, and regular maintenance cannot be guaranteed.

After the copper sleeve was finally changed from tin bronze material to inlaid graphite bearing with Gcr15 matrix, the life of the redirecting sprocket was extended from 30-60d to 210d without any failure.

Steel Oilless Bearing


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Bronze bearings are a good option for mining machinery applications. The oilless material has a low coefficient of friction so these bearings can be used without lubrication.

Whether You’re Ready For Production, Prototyping, Or Exploratory We Can Help. Contact Us Today And Send Us Your Designs, And We’ll Get You On The Right Track.

  • We’re fully protected with the correct equipment

  • Subject to dirty, humid, cold, abrasive and wet conditions, greased bronze bushings traditionally used in mining equipment require regular maintenance.

Standard/CNC Machining

supplier that offers a vast selection of high-quality bronze Products to the tooling and dies industry.

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Mining Graphite Bearing Technology – Oilless Bushing Technology –

Employing the latest in mining graphite bearings technology to improve your drilling bearing. Improving efficiency, productivity and overall profitability with Improve precision graphite bronze bearing. For Mining & Construction. Increased Productivity. Reduce Setup Times by 80%.

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A graphite/bronze alloy, cast bronze metal, graphite and plugged graphite with lubricate; it is a uniform, solid, self-lubricating bushing material.

Our Responsibility

Graphite bearings are one of the key components of mineral extraction – expertise in precision bearings determines efficient manufacturing in the mining industry, and nothing is more important to the mining industry than worker safety and being a good neighbor and steward of the environment.

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