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Life-Sustaining Medical Bearing

Due to its uniquely customizable material properties, bronze bushings are ideal for producing components designed for medical devices and equipment. medical bearings are designed to work well in numerous medical applications requiring high strength, resistance to thermal shock, biocompatibility, high-temperature electrical resistivity, and superior chemical resistance.

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Medical Technology Oilless Bushing

Whether you need anti-magnetic components for use in MRI systems or resilient bearings for a prosthesis, Viiplus has a wide range of products to choose from.


Self Lubricating Bronze Bushing For The Medical Industry

VIIPLUS Bearings provides a range of bearing products tailored to the demanding applications of the medical industry, including surgical and dental tools, diagnostic and laboratory equipment, pumps, and much more.

When choosing bearings for medical devices & medical applications, considerations include high speeds, low noise, service life, and resistance to harsh environments, aggressive chemicals, or fluids. These factors coupled with strict regulations make selecting the correct bearing of the most importance.

Choose Your Medical Bearing

With the development of the domestic medical industry, the requirements for medical device bearings are getting higher and higher. How to choose a suitable medical device bearing is becoming more and more important. First of all, we need to look at several aspects that need to be paid attention to when choosing medical device bearings:
1. The safety characteristics of the bearing material;
2. The safety characteristics of bearing grease must at least meet the safety standards for medical use;
3. The anti-rust performance of the bearing;
4. The service life of the bearing;
The above points are several key points for choosing bearings for medical devices, because the medical environment is changeable, and in order to meet the medical environment, the bearings must also meet the medical use standards in many aspects.

Faster, Safer, More Reliable | Life-Sustaining Medical Bearing

Quality medical bearing with enhanced performance for medical equipment applications

Help make surgical equipment safer, more ergonomic, and more hygienic.

Rotational and linear motion technologies are being used in operating tables, surgical lighting, intravenous injection instrument support, and other occasions to drive vertical, lateral, longitudinal, and Trendelenburg movements.

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imaging equipment

More stable, reliable and ergonomic.

Our expertise covers virtually all imaging techniques, including CT, SPECT, PET, MRI, angiography, mammography, ultrasound, mobile C-arms and standard X-ray applications.

Engineering support and UL60601-certified products make it easier for patients to get on and off the couch, providing a smoother, safer and more comfortable lift that is easy for physicians to operate.

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Custom sealing solutions for all bearing types

Working conditions and challenges involving almost any type of rotary axis or application can help set up your new design correctly from the start. Our engineering consulting services include:

Help your product go to market quickly

Test your design and provide our professional support

Solve problems based on facts

Engineering consulting services enable you to bring new products and solutions to market faster and more competitively with proven design optimization and design validation capabilities. Additionally, through root cause analysis (ie: troubleshooting) our consultants can help you determine why a design is not working as expected.

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graphite bronze bushing

Graphite Used In Powerlifting Barbell

If you are looking for a bushing for your Powerlifting Barbell, you could want to think about graphite bronze bushing.

Uses self-lubricating bronze bushings. It will allow your barbell to last. This means that the steel on the shaft is impacting the softer metal of brass, which is embedded with graphite. This helps the bushings to spin on the bar.

Factory prices for Powerlifting Barbell bushings you will find at, the higher quality self-lubricating bushings for barbell manufacturers.

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