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marine bearings
marine bearings
Marine Machinery Bronze Component - Casting Marine Bearing


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Marine bearing plays the role of connecting the main engine with the propeller and transmitting the power from the main engine to the propeller in the ship power system and is an important part of the whole ship power unit. Ensuring the safe, efficient, and smooth operation of marine bearings is an important factor for the normal navigation of the ship.

We combine Marine bearing engineering expertise, proven designs, and precision manufacturing with a deep understanding of ship issues. The result is a system-based analysis and optimized marine bearing for your vessel’s specific.

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Marine Machinery Bearing | Heavy Equipment Parts

Marine bearings are an important part of ship engines and the marine diesel engines used on ships are no exception to this rule. Bearings help to reduce friction mainly by converting sliding friction into rolling friction.

To maintain quality control, the process is performed in-house. Tin-based is applied centrifugally to journal bearings and via static pour for thrust pads. The metallurgically bonded to the bearing for maximum operating efficiency, and all materials meet or exceed the specification and standards established for shipboard use.

VIIPLUS Bearings performs non-destructive testing, including ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, and visual inspections, to ensure product integrity. In addition, solutions can be designed for shock loads.

Marine Machinery Bronze Component - Casting Marine Bearing
The Importance Of Marine Bearings

The Importance of Marine Bearings

Marine bearings are essential components in the power and transmission systems of ships. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safe operation and optimal performance of vessels. Here are several key aspects highlighting the importance of marine bearings:

  • Support and Alignment: Marine bearings support the ship’s engine, propeller shaft, and other critical transmission components, ensuring they operate in the correct position and direction. Precise alignment of bearings is vital for the stability and efficiency of the ship’s power system.
  • Reducing Friction and Wear: Bearings significantly reduce friction and wear by minimizing direct contact between moving parts. This not only extends the lifespan of components but also reduces energy loss, thereby improving the vessel’s operational efficiency.
  • Load Bearing Capacity: Marine bearings are designed to withstand various loads encountered during navigation, including static and dynamic loads. They must endure loads resulting from the ship’s weight, waves, wind forces, and other factors.
  • Corrosion Resistance:Given that ships frequently operate in seawater environments, marine bearings must possess excellent corrosion resistance. This ensures that bearings maintain their performance even in harsh marine conditions, thereby reducing maintenance costs and frequency.

VIIPLUS response to demand for highly reliable turbocharger bearings in the marine industry.

Optimize your ship’s operation with condition-based maintenance

  • Ship uptime depends on the availability of onboard machinery bearing. Finding ways to assess the condition of auxiliary machinery without having to disassemble the equipment can be a game-changer when it comes to operational efficiency.

  • The marine-machinery bearing is designed as cost-effective steps toward condition-based maintenance to optimize your ship’s operations. They are intended to simplify maintenance and reduce maintenance costs and are designed to be easily set up and operated.

  • Graphite bronze bushing, which does not require lubricating oil or grease, eliminates the hazard of water contamination. Marine bearings are often used in running water, which can effectively control the bearing heating up, thus making the life long, safe and reliable. The structure is suitable for cross shafts, vertical shafts, and tilting shafts. Our graphite bronze bushings are mainly used in large industrial pumps, power plants, nuclear power plants, ships, hydraulic turbines, wind power generation, petrochemical, light chemical and food machinery, sewage treatment, water supply plants, water conservancy pumping stations, mining machinery and engineering machinery, valves, mixers, and other fluid machinery.

self lubricating Marine Machinery Bronze Component - Casting Marine Bearing


Marine Bronze Bushing | Self Lubrcating

Self-lubricating Marine bearings are used in equipment in ships. Marine bearing is widely used in land machinery and equipment, almost every kind of machinery and equipment bearings contains bronze bushing, and copper bush can be used as self-lubricating bearings. The same in the ship equipment is also extremely wide application. the marine bearing has a large copper sleeve, and small copper sleeve because the ship is mostly in the ocean, lakes, and rivers, with frequent contact with water, freshwater, and sea salt water. Especially in seawater, containing a variety of corrosive substances; and water pressure; so the ship needs to have bronze bushing pressure resistance, and corrosion resistance, which requires the choice of materials for the manufacture of marine bearing in strict accordance with the provisions of the selection of materials.

Long-lasting · Excellent resistance

Marine Bearings – Bearing manufacturers

Marine Bearings ensure outstanding wear life. With virtually no swelling in seawater and a very low thermal coefficient of expansion, the bearings provide dimensional stability in arctic and tropical seas. In addition, they do not corrode or promote corrosion of the housing and shaft and tolerate both edge loading and misalignment.
Marine bearing material can be used in conjunction with water and grease lubrication, running dry for limited periods. use a specialized bearing surface to extend its dry running capabilities, reducing friction and wear rates. The material can also be used with grease and water lubrication.

Marine Bearings
The Application Of Marine Bearings In Ocean Engineering

The Application of Marine Bearings in Ocean Engineering

Marine bearings are crucial in ocean engineering, playing vital roles in various marine engineering equipment to ensure their performance and reliability. Here are some specific applications:

  1. Offshore platforms, especially drilling platforms, require high-performance bearings to support heavy equipment such as drilling machinery and cranes. These bearings must withstand extreme loads and harsh marine environmental conditions.
  2. Subsea facilities, including pipelines, cables, and communication devices, also rely on bearings to reduce friction and wear, ensuring long-term stable operation.
  3. In marine energy development projects like offshore wind power generation, bearings are used to support the rotating parts of turbines and ensure the reliability of power generation equipment in adverse marine environments.
  4. Marine bearings play a central role in ship propulsion systems, including propeller shafts and transmission systems. They must endure high loads and prolonged operation periods.
Marine Machinery Bronze Component - Casting Marine Bearing

Critical Parts Of Steam Turbines – Bearing Bronze With Graphite Insert

Some common steam turbine failures can lead to long periods of downtime and high costs. Deciding to repair rather than replace a steam turbine is usually the most cost-effective and quickest solution.

Inspection, basic and advanced repairs for all types of marine, electrical and industrial steam turbines. After a detailed inspection, condition assessment, and report, proceeds with the repair, which usually includes the manufacture or remanufactures of critical components such as journal bearings, thrust bearings, bearing pads Bearing bronze with graphite insert reduction gearboxes, etc.

In addition to our expertise and long-proven track record, we offer fast response times and short lead times to minimize customer downtime. Please contact us for any requirements.

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Zcusn5pb5zn5 Marine Bearing Material

Good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, easy processing, casting performance and good gas tightness, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts that work under high load and medium sliding speed, such as shaft tiles, bushings, cylinder liners, piston clutches, pump gland, and worm gear.


Has high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce bite phenomenon, good casting performance and cutting performance, good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and freshwater, and can be used for high load (20MPa below) and high sliding speed (8m / s ) under the work of wear-resistant parts, such as connecting rods, bushings, shaft tiles, gears, worm gears, etc.

ZCuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn2 Marine Bearing Material

High mechanical properties, good wear resistance in the atmosphere, freshwater, and seawater, good casting performance, dense organization, high gas tightness, good wear resistance, not easy to braze, casting performance is still good, requiring high strength, good corrosion resistance important castings is one of the main materials for manufacturing ship propellers can also be used for wear-resistant and below 400 ℃ working parts, such as bearings, gears, worm gears, nuts, flanges, etc. worm gear, nut, flange, valve body, guide casing.


High mechanical properties, good wear resistance, and corrosion resistance can be welded, is not easy to braze, and large castings from 700 ℃ air cooling can prevent brittle, Important castings requiring high strength, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, such as bushings, nuts, worm wheels and pipe fittings working below 250℃.


Good casting performance, High mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, with a tendency to stress corrosion cracking, can be welded, suitable for high-strength, wear-resistant parts, such as bridge support plates, nuts, screws, wear-resistant plates, sliders, and worm gears.

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