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The marine industry demands high levels of performance and reliability, whether in the propulsion system or ship-service power generation.

We combine its engineering expertise, proven designs, and precision manufacturing with a deep understanding of ship issues. The result is a system-based analysis and optimized bearing for your vessel’s specific.

We believe in delivering the best quality of marine machinery bearing.


Long-lasting · Excellent resistance

Marine Machinery Bearing | Heavy Equipment Parts

Bearings are an important part of any engine and the marine diesel engines used on ships are no exception to this rule. Bearings help to reduce friction mainly by converting sliding friction into rolling friction.

To maintain quality control, the babbitting process is performed in-house. Tin-based babbitt is applied centrifugally to journal bearings and via static pour for thrust pads. The babbitt is metallurgically bonded to the bearing for maximum operating efficiency, and all materials meet or exceed the specification and standards established for shipboard use.

VIIPLUS Bearings performs non-destructive testing, including ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, and visual inspections, to ensure product integrity. In addition, solutions can be designed for shock loads.

graphite plugged bronze bushing

Large Copper Alloy Sleeve and Bush

VIIPLUS response to demand for highly reliable turbocharger bearings in the marine industry.

Optimize your ship’s operation with condition-based maintenance

  • Ship uptime depends on the availability of onboard machinery bearing. Finding ways to assess the condition of auxiliary machinery without having to disassemble the equipment can be a game-changer when it comes to operational efficiency.

  • The marine-machinery bearing is designed as cost-effective steps toward condition-based maintenance to optimize your ship’s operations. They are intended to simplify maintenance and reduce maintenance costs and are designed to be easily set up and operated.

graphite plugged bushing flange type


Marine Copper Sleeve Bushing

Marine copper sleeves bushing are generally heavy-duty large copper sleeves, with relatively high hardness and excellent wear resistance. The corrosion performance in the atmosphere and fresh water is excellent, and there is no easy appearance of seizure during use.


Quality Guarantee

Impact resistance & high load resistance

The corrosion resistance of marine copper sleeve bushing is mainly manifested in its excellent corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, and fatty acid. It will not bite because the marine copper sleeves are even in the absence of lubricants and water lubricants. , can still maintain excellent sliding and self-lubricating properties, and its impact resistance and high load resistance are very good.

Oil-Free Guide Bushings

Reduced costs & downtime.

Self Lubricating Bushing – Discover the Our Range

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