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As one of the china supplier and manufacturers of bronze oilless bearings, sliding bearings technology components & self-lubricating bearings, we can be found on almost every continent – with production facilities, sales offices, and technology centers –because our customers appreciate short decision-making channels, prompt deliveries, and local service.


“Larges bushes with individual diameter plain bearing bushes!”


Large Diameter Bronze Bushings, Standard Metric Flange Bearings

Plain Bearing Bushes: We use the term “Oversized” or “Large Diameter” for any bearing requiring an outside diameter exceeding our largest “off the shelf” size, generally 20 inches. To meet the larger diameter requirements we offer customized solutions including either the centrifugal or static cast process.

Large Tin Bronze Bushings

Tin bronze is a bronze with tin as the main alloying element. The tin content is generally between 3 and 14% and is mainly used to make elastic components and wear-resistant parts.
As it is a non-ferrous alloy with minimal casting shrinkage, it can be used to produce castings with complex shapes, clear contours, and low airtightness requirements. It is very resistant to corrosion in the atmosphere, seawater, freshwater, and steam and is widely used for steam boilers and marine parts.

Large Diameter Bronze Bushings
Large Diameter Bronze Bushings

Large Special Bushing 863 Material

SAE 863 stands out as a widely utilized bronze bushing material, finding common applications in various components such as bearings, bushings, gears, hooks, tightening nuts, bridge pins, and bridges. Recognized for its high-strength properties, this alloy proves particularly well-suited for working under high-load, low-speed conditions. Notably, SAE 863 is a self-lubricating powdered metal bearing, offering the flexibility of being oil-impregnated with a lubricant of choice. In comparison to SAE 841 bronze, SAE 863 tends to be characterized by increased hardness, higher strength, and overall greater cost-effectiveness.

Our offerings extend to providing specific dimensions for large special bushings crafted from SAE 863 material. Additionally, we supply a diverse range of SAE 863 bronze bushings, available in various styles and sizes. Clients have the option to request custom bronze bushings tailored to their unique specifications, ensuring a precise fit for their specific needs.

Should you have any inquiries or require further information about our SAE 863 bronze bushings, please feel free to reach out. We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet the distinct requirements of our valued customers.

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The Application Of Large Diameter Bronze Bushings

Large bronze bushings are the secret to withstanding large loads and high pressures. Our Large casting bronze bushings are an important part of all kinds of heavy and large machinery that play an important role. including Heavy Duty Construction Equipment, Hydro-Electric, Offshore Marine, Nuclear, and Machine Repair.

Large Bronze Bushing Used In Marine

In order to meet the requirements of modern ships, to ensure that large bronze cast bushings can work reliably under various navigational conditions and harsh environments: 1. need sufficient strength and stiffness 2. adaptable to hull deformation
3. Good sealing, lubrication, and cooling; easy management and maintenance

Large Diameter Bronze Bushings
Large Diameter Bronze Bushings with graphite


What Is A Large Bearing?

Bearings with an outer diameter greater than 440mm are collectively called oversized bearings. In large machinery, especially construction machinery, oversize bearings are increasingly widely used.

Large bronze bushings in alloys such as aluminum brass, tin bronze, aluminum bronze, and zinc-based alloys are produced according to customer requirements. we also can produce according to your requirements in the form of drawings.

  • Centrifugal casting of large tin-bronze bushings
  • Graphite-plugged bronze bushings of large castings
  • Centrifugal casting of large aluminum bronze bushings
  • Large bronze bushings for gate valves
  • A large brass bearing is a mechanical component designed to support the rotation of a shaft or other moving parts within a machinery system. Brass, a durable alloy composed mainly of copper and zinc, is often chosen for these bearings due to its favorable combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and machinability.

Large Bushings Bronze Used In Rolling Mill

Rolling mills are industrial machines used for shaping and reducing the thickness of metal sheets or other materials through a series of rolls. Bronze bushings, being durable and self-lubricating, are often employed in rolling mills to facilitate smooth and efficient operation.

  • Large bushings made of bronze provide essential support for the various components within the rolling mill, ensuring stability and reliability during the rolling process.
  • The self-lubricating nature of bronze bushings helps minimize wear and tear, extending the lifespan of the rolling mill components.
  • Bronze bushings help protect against corrosion, maintaining the integrity of the rolling mill over time.
  • Rolling mills can generate significant heat during operation. Bronze bushings are known for their ability to withstand elevated temperatures.
Large Diameter Bronze Bushings

Large Bronze Bushings – Marine Bearing

Due to the strong sensitivity of tin bronze to porosity, for small and medium-sized tin bronze stern bushings there is the use of graphite-embedded bronze bushing. This type of thermal conductivity is very good, the large cooling effect is convenient for processing and manufacturing, High density of castings. Marine Bearing has excellent vibration damping, wear resistance, self-lubricating, and has the good load-bearing capacity, dimensional stability & deflection adjustment, while no additional lubricant is required, and can work underwater for long periods.

large bronze bushings
Large Diameter Bronze Bushings

plain bearing Flange bushes

Large Diameter Bronze Bushing Design

Large diameter bronze bushings find application in diverse sectors, including heavy-duty construction equipment, hydroelectric, offshore marine, and nuclear industries.

Material: These bushings commonly utilize bronze due to its robustness and resistance to corrosion.

Design: The design of large diameter bronze bushings plays a pivotal role in their performance. Well-crafted and adequately lubricated cast bronze sleeve bearings exhibit outstanding operational efficiency and wear resistance.

Manufacturing: specializes in custom manufacturing of large bronze bearings, offering solutions for sizes up to 3 meters in diameter.

Lubrication: Effective lubrication is crucial for the optimal functioning of bronze bushings, aiding in the reduction of friction and wear.

When selecting and designing large bushings, it is imperative to consider the specific application and requirements.

Enhance Your Performance with our Premium Large Copper Sleeve

Our premium large copper sleeve is meticulously crafted using top-quality copper, adhering to stringent international standards to ensure maximum performance. Say goodbye to leakage problems as this fine material contains no toxic impurities and complies with green health requirements, guaranteeing a safe and efficient operation.

Introducing Sliding Bushings: The Ultimate Solution for Friction Prevention

When it comes to preventing friction, our sliding bushings take center stage. These cylindrical bushings are designed to fit seamlessly inside a shaft, pin, or hinge, providing unparalleled protection against wear in the bore. Effortlessly insert our sliding bushings into the housing, and experience the smoothest bearing surface for all your rotating applications.

Large Diameter Bronze Bushings

Ability to withstand pressure

The compressive capacity of the large copper bushing is also relatively good. Its surface pressure is very large. The flange-integrated oil-free bushing can perfectly accept the side pressure of the bearing. The copper bushing can also operate under high load pressure. It is suitable for occasions where low speed and heavy load are used.


Another feature of copper bushings is the corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion performance. It is mainly used in the atmosphere and freshwater because this environment is still relatively good. In the process of using copper bushings, it is usually not easy to appear seized. The corrosion resistance of the copper bushing is mainly reflected in the large copper bushing of the excavator’s arm on some chemical elements. Its performance is relatively good. Even if there is no lubricant and water quality lubricant, it can still work normally. The performance and self-lubricating function can still be maintained.

Abrasion resistance

The wear resistance of large copper sleeves is still the best, and equipment with different materials has different characteristics. The internal arrangement of the parts of the copper bushing is still closely contrasted, and it will not present a too loose scene. It has no air holes and trachoma, so the copper bushing is still brightly contrasted from the outside, and its color contrast is special. And most importantly, its hardness is relatively high.

Plain Bearings & Bushes

manufactures bushings in various designs and from different materials.

Our large diameter bronze bushings products are suitable for even the toughest conditions. Whether you need bronze bearings in water, under high temperatures or in extremely dirty areas – we are at your side with your projects right up to finalization!

  • Our experience ranges from port and shipping areas, independent of fresh or salt water, to foundries and waste incineration plants.

  • Our large diameter bronze bushes and big size bronze plates can also be manufactured in your intermediate sizes. We can also manufacture the special size to decimal place.