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Home Office Solutions- Improve efficiency with oilless bushing

Provide products and solutions, and provide comprehensive technical consulting support services. Over the years, we have carefully studied the needs of each industry, from automobile manufacturing to aviation manufacturing, from heavy industry to consumer goods industry, and accumulated rich professional experience and applied it to practical solutions, committed to making products exquisite , excellent performance.

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From the research of new solutions to the after-sales service of products, we always provide a higher level of professional experience, program quality, and customer service, covering the entire process from design concept to final application.

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High-Quality Whole Series Of Home Products significantly emphasizes supplying bearings for home offices, a vital sector. Notably, household electrical appliances’ motors encompass air conditioner fans, range hood fans, washing machine motors, vacuum cleaner motors, and ceiling fan motors. Keeping pace with escalating standards set by appliance manufacturers, motor manufacturers are seeking bearings of superior quality and enhanced performance.

Compact Home Appliances ensures global availability of its products through an extensive technical support system. Committed to delivering excellence in both products and performance, we leverages its years of research and dedication to serve the household appliance industry. We value our customers in the household appliance sector and encourage them to collaborate with Viiplus, sharing their needs to collectively enhance our offerings.

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Bronze Bushing Used In PC Fans

Bronze Bushing Used In PC Fans

Bronze bushing also referred to as plain bearings or sleeve bearings, are cylindrical components crafted from bronze alloys. Their exceptional durability makes them a preferred choice for cooling fans. The robust nature of bronze alloys enables these bushings to endure continuous operation without succumbing to wear and tear.

These bushings enhance the reliability of cooling fans by ensuring stable and consistent performance over time. Unlike ball bearings, which can encounter issues like lubrication failure or noise generation, bronze bushings offer a simpler yet highly reliable solution.

Their ability to withstand high temperatures without compromising performance makes bronze bushings particularly suited for demanding environments, such as those found in cooling applications.

Moreover, bronze bushings require minimal maintenance compared to ball bearings. Their self-lubricating nature and minimal friction reduce the need for periodic lubrication or replacement. This translates to cost savings and hassle-free operation for users of desktop and laptop computers.

Requirements for  Home Office 

1. Reduce noise & vibration


Household appliances are usually working in indoor places. Excessive vibration and noise levels associated with household appliances are strongly required to be eliminated. Excessive vibration can cause premature equipment failure. High vibration levels also increase energy consumption. High noise levels, in turn, result in a poorer life environment for personnel and family. VIIPLUS offers a range of solutions for exceptionally smooth and quiet bearing operation.


2. Energy saving


The cost of energy rises day by day. Reduced energy consumption is of ever-increasing importance. Energy consumption can be reduced in several ways. However, the most important for bearings is to reduce the friction inside, by choosing low-friction grease, optimized seals, and shield design.


3. Environment concerning


When environmental legislation becomes more stringent, environmental protection also comes important of ever, especially in household appliances, which are the closest part to personnel. Even if the bearing is an inner part of a household appliance, VIIPLUS bearings all pass RoHS to make sure that no single piece is with harm.


4. Less weight


In many applications of household appliances, especially when we talk about portable tools, the reduction of weight is extremely important. As a result of the engineering knowledge application on new materials, advanced calculation tools, and integrated solutions, it is now possible to increase the power density. This improvement has a strong impact on weight and size reduction with the highest level of reliability.