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Graphite-filled bronze sleeve bearings | Manufacturing Process

Graphite-filled bronze bushes: mainly divided into the mosaic type and powder metallurgy integral sintering. Inlaid type refers to the pre-design and processing of certain holes or grooves on the metal substrate, in which solid lubricating materials are embedded to combine the two into a whole, which is used as a bearing, bearing bush, or liner; powder metallurgy integral sintering self-lubricating Bearing refers to adding a solid lubricant in the form of powder to the metal matrix raw material, forming a self-lubricating composite material by pressing and sintering and using it as a bearing, a bearing bush or a liner.

Self-lubricating Technology – Make Life Better

Self-lubricating materials (also known as solid self-lubricating materials) refer to materials that use solid powders, films or some integral materials to reduce friction and wear between two bearing surfaces. In the process of solid lubrication, the solid lubricating material and the surrounding medium have to undergo physical and chemical reactions with the friction surface to form a solid lubricating film to reduce friction and wear. The technology of lubricating the friction section with solid lubricating material is called self-lubricating technology.

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What A Graphite Filled Bronze Sleeve Bearing

Graphite-filled bronze sleeve bearing is graphite plugged bronze bushings, Graphite is a naturally oily mineral that does not require any additional fluids to reduce friction, That is why it is the best material for making bushings.
Graphite also possesses the highest temperature resistance of any metal and keeps its structure and shape at temperatures as high as 5000°F.
Machined graphite is frequently utilized in high-heat situations, such as load capacity systems, where oil, grease, and metals oxidize.
The graphite plugged bushings greatly expand the temperature and chemical range of mechanical activities.
Some graphite bushings perform well in cryogenic environments since graphite is not sensitive to thermal shock damage.
VIIPLUS bearings are most commonly found in the food, beverage, medical, and pharmaceutical industries.
Our graphite bushings also have excellent temperature stability and chemical resistance.
This feature allows them to work in various conditions such as underwater, in space, underground, and in liquid, gas, and vacuum.

Commonly Used Self-Lubricating Materials

Self-lubricating composite material is a composite material with a certain strength and self-lubricating properties, which is prepared by a certain process with metal, ceramic, or non-metal as the basic component, adding solid lubricant and some additional components. It has both the mechanical properties of the matrix components and the tribological properties of the solid lubricant and has excellent comprehensive properties. It is suitable for special working conditions such as various atmospheric environments, chemical environments, electrical environments, high temperature, low temperature, high vacuum, and strong radiation. work under. Mainly divided into metal-based lubricating materials, polymer-based self-lubricating materials, and inorganic non-metallic-based self-lubricating materials. The solid lubricants that have been commercialized at present mainly include graphite, molybdenum disulfide, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc.

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Application Of Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes

Graphite-filled bronze bushes are often used in machining, pressure processing, cutting, and some special working conditions. Common applications include:

  • Where it is inaccessible or difficult to lubricate bearings.
  • Where hours for design, assembly, and maintenance need to be saved.
  • Where it is difficult to lubricate bearings due to high/low temperature.
  • Where minimum space is required for bearings.
  • Where corrosion resistance or waterproofing is required.
  • Where there is dust in the operating environment.
  • Where oil contamination is not desired.
  • Where high load and low-speed operation that does not accept lubrication is required.
  • Where oscillation, reciprocating or frequent start and stop operations that make lubrication insignificant are required.
  • Where deterioration of lubrication oil occurs due to non-maintenance for a long time.
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Customize Your Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes now!

You can contact VIIPLUS to get your customized order for the graphite-filled bronze bushes.

VIIPLUS has been the best manufacturer of graphite bushings for years. We are professional bushing manufacturers and supply you with the best material.

  • To get customized graphite-filled bronze sleeve bushings, you need to:
  • Choose material
  • Choose graphite bushing style
  • Select bushing size
    And you are all done with your customization. We will send you your required order within days.
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Custom And Standard Parts

Viiplus also offers a complete line of plain bronze products, specializing in custom bearings, bar stock, washers, bronze wearplates, and special machined parts.

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  • Oilless Bearing Lubrication Technology

  • CNC Precision Bearing

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