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We deliver Bearings management for general-manufacturing worldwide

Viiplus can fulfill the lubrication needs of any manufacturing or industrial equipment.   Our experience serving these industries over many years has left us with the expertise needed to formulate the oilless bearing for each machine.


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But regardless of the task, there are Viiplus bearings that allow you to customize your parts to specific environments – and thereby improve performance, availability and reliability. we offer energy and cost-efficient solutions for general-manufacturing needs.

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Challenges For General-manufacturing 

Regardless of design or application, general-manufacturing bearing have always endured demanding operating conditions. Today, market and regulatory conditions are becoming equally difficult. Drive to reduce costs as well as stricter governmental regulations are spurring development of more energy efficient and environmentally friendly units. In addition, operators everywhere are demanding high reliability and long service life.


Bearing Solutions for processing stages and environments

With the continuous pressure to optimize production, reduce costs and comply with strict health, safety, and environmental regulations, food and beverage processors and OEMs are turning to VIIPLUS to find out about new technologies and services that can address these business challenges.

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General Manufacturing Bearing

VIIPLUS oilless bearing is the manufacturing industry’s comprehensive source for services, supplies, and equipment. Our passion is solving industrial challenges using the latest in technology and process innovation. We partner with customers to enhance value throughout the general manufacturing supply chain.

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Advanced Methods – Aad Leading Expertise

General manufacturing requires advanced processes – and expertise.
Our clients benefit from the combined knowledge of our team of highly-skilled engineers and materials experts, including global leaders in their fields.
As a high-quality oilless bearing supplier, we excel at advanced manufacturing and processing solutions for clients spanning the aerospace, medical, mining, and defense sectors. We also combine processes with quality assurance and quality control systems, so our design and manufacture meet the highest quality – for premium client performance.
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