High-Temperature Copper Bearing For General Manufacturing

We Deliver Bearings Management For General Manufacturing Worldwide, Bronzeoilless.com can fulfill the lubrication needs of any manufacturing or industrial equipment. Our experience serving these industries over many years has left us with the expertise needed to formulate the oilless bearing for each machine.

Copper Alloy In General Manufacturing


Copper alloy, with its ancient lineage and crucial attributes, has remained a cornerstone metal throughout history, finding indispensable applications across electrical, construction, industrial, and artistic domains. Its versatile nature is underscored by key traits:


Ranked second only to silver, copper alloy’s exceptional conductivity renders it pivotal in power transmission and electronic devices, facilitating efficient energy flow.

Thermal Conductivity

With superior thermal conductivity, copper finds extensive utility in radiators and heat exchangers, ensuring effective heat dissipation.

Corrosion Resistance

Copper’s remarkable resistance to corrosion makes it invaluable in harsh environments such as marine and chemical settings, where durability is paramount.

Mechanical Properties

High ductility and toughness characterize copper, enabling its manipulation into diverse shapes and sizes, essential for various applications.


Copper’s recyclable nature not only promotes sustainability but also aids in minimizing resource depletion and environmental impact, aligning with modern eco-conscious practices.

Good Heat Resistance

While it may not withstand extremely high temperatures as well as some other metals, it has a relatively high melting point of 1,984°F (1,085°C) and retains its structural integrity at elevated temperatures.

Corrosion-resistant bearings

Overview of Copper Alloys

Copper alloys, amalgams of copper with elements like zinc, tin, lead, and aluminum, are tailored to augment specific properties or confer novel characteristics. The composition and proportions of alloying elements dictate the types and attributes of these alloys. Common variants include:

  • Brass: Comprising copper and zinc, brass boasts excellent corrosion resistance and machinability, rendering it ideal for various industrial and decorative applications.

  • Bronze: A blend of copper and tin, bronze exhibits commendable wear resistance and castability, making it suitable for bearings, sculptures, and musical instruments.

  • Nickel Silver: Formed from copper and nickel, nickel silver showcases superior corrosion resistance alongside an aesthetically pleasing appearance, making it favored for ornamental and functional purposes.

  • Special Copper Alloys: By incorporating elements like lead, aluminum, or silicon, copper can be tailored to specific industrial needs, exemplifying adaptability across diverse applications.

High-Temperature Copper Bearing For General Manufacturing
High-Temperature Copper Bearing For General Manufacturing

Copper Bearing In General Manufacturing

General manufacturing encompasses industries involved in producing an array of products and components utilized across diverse end applications. Embracing disciplines such as machining, metalworking, plastic processing, and electronic assembly, this sector serves as the bedrock of modern industrial prowess. Within general manufacturing, copper and its alloys feature prominently owing to their myriad advantages:

  • Mechanical Components: Copper alloys find widespread use in fabricating robust bearings, gears, and other mechanical parts, capitalizing on their strength and corrosion resilience to enhance performance and longevity.

  • Electrical Components: Leveraging copper’s exceptional conductivity, manufacturers employ it extensively in crafting electrical connectors, wires, and cables, ensuring seamless energy transmission and connectivity.

  • Pipeline Systems: Copper pipes, prized for their hygiene, corrosion resistance, and ease of installation, constitute the backbone of water supply and heating networks, exemplifying reliability and longevity.

  • Industrial Equipment: Serving as indispensable constituents in pumps, valves, and myriad industrial apparatuses, copper alloys underpin the reliability and efficiency of critical infrastructure, underscoring their pivotal role in sustaining industrial operations.


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Energy Generation

Long-lasting · Excellent resistance

Textile Industry Winding Machine Bearing – Copper Bearing, Graphite Insert

Our copper-bearing graphite bronze bushings are tailored for processing and winding machines, crafted from copper with graphite filling (ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3).

These specialized bushings are meticulously designed to elevate both quality and productivity, meeting the diverse needs of our customers. By incorporating graphite into the bronze material, our bearings offer optimal utilization, self-lubrication without the need for additional oiling, thus enhancing efficiency while ensuring gentle yarn handling.

Experience Enhanced Efficiency for Texturing Machines

Whether for rotary or linear applications, our graphite-embedded bronze bushings deliver distinct advantages including heightened precision, reduced friction, easy installation, and minimal maintenance demands. By supporting textile machines, they extend reliability and operational lifespan, empowering your operations with increased efficiency and longevity.

Textile Industry Winding Machine Bearing
High-Temperature Copper Bearing For General Manufacturing

ISO:9001 Certified

Food Industry Components And Solutions

The food, packaging, and beverage industries have special requirements for equipment components that require the use of lubrication-free, maintenance-free bearings for equipment parts. And our copper bearing have the characteristics of wear resistance and corrosion resistance, which are suitable for applications in contact with food. Meet the requirements of the food processing industry.

Challenges For General-Manufacturing

Regardless of design or application, bearings in general manufacturing industries always endure harsh operating conditions. graphite bronze bushing creates high reliability and long service life.

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copper Bearing Solutions for processing stages and environments

With The Continuous Pressure To Optimize Production, Reduce Costs And Comply With Strict Health, Safety, And Environmental Regulations, Food And Beverage Processors And Oems Are Turning To Viiplus To Find Out About New Technologies And Services That Can Address These Business Challenges.

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Printing Equipment copper Bearing – Self-lubricating

copper bearing is important load-bearing component in the structure of printing equipment.

copper bearing Graphite bronze bushings are subjected to loads other than the gravity of the cylinder components themselves and the printing pressure but also include the dynamic pressure caused by a poorly balanced cylinder, the radial and axial forces added by the gearing, and the impact of the moving parts. It can withstand sufficient radial and axial loads to ensure smooth gearing and roller operation.

Long Life & Low Friction Manufacturing Bearing

The best way to reduce friction in the Manufacturing bearings of printing press cylinders is to improve the machining accuracy of the plain bearings, shingles, and bushings, and to reduce the running time of the press at low speeds.

Printing Equipment Copper Bearing
High Performance & Top Quality copper Bearing For General Manufacturing

Advanced Methods – Leading Expertise – Bronzeoilless

General Manufacturing Requires Advanced Processes – And Expertise.

Our clients benefit from the combined knowledge of our team of highly-skilled engineers and materials experts, including global leaders in their fields.
As a high-quality oilless-bearing supplier, we excel at advanced manufacturing and processing solutions for clients spanning the aerospace, medical, mining, and defense sectors.

High Performance & Top Quality copper Bearing For General Manufacturing

Whatever the task, bronzeoilless.com self-lubricating bearings can adapt your parts to the specific environment – resulting in improved performance, availability, and reliability. We provide energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions for general manufacturing needs.

Discover Our Range Of Forklift Bearings & Bushings

Handling Equipment Parts – Forklift Bearing

Forklifts are designed to mechanically move loads of different sizes, weights, and shapes. copper bearing Graphite bronze bushings of Forklifts are not only maintenance-free but also guarantee a stable and smooth movement of the gripper arm.

High Load Capacity Ideal For The Heavyweights Involved In Forklift Component

  • Graphite-embedded Bronze bushing increases shaft life.

  • Requires no lubrication
  • Excellent performance in dirty and wet environments

  • Easy to fit and remove

Forklift Bearing

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