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As a new generation of power plant components, gas turbine bearings are widely used in ships, tanks, and vehicles as well as in energy generation.

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Compared to conventional power plants, gas turbines have several advantages, such as longer life, smaller size and mass, more power, and more friendly to the environment. In gas turbines, the gas turbine bearing is one of the key components, and its operating conditions are characterized by high axial load and high speed, which are high-speed and heavy-duty operating conditions.

Gas Turbine Engines Bronze Parts - Gas Turbine Bearing
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The Importance of Gas Turbines and the Role of Bearings

Gas turbines are highly efficient and flexible energy conversion devices that generate high-temperature, high-pressure gases by burning fuel. These gases drive the turbine, converting thermal energy into mechanical energy. This conversion can be used for electricity generation, marine propulsion, industrial applications, and as engines for aircraft. Here is an overview of the importance of gas turbines and the role of bearings within them:

Importance of Gas Turbines

  • High-Efficiency Energy Conversion: Gas turbines have high thermal efficiency, converting more thermal energy into mechanical energy, making them very popular in energy conversion and power generation.
  • Rapid Start and Response: Unlike steam turbines, gas turbines can start and stop quickly, making them valuable for grid regulation and as backup power sources where rapid response is essential.
  • Flexibility and Reliability: Gas turbines can adapt to various working conditions and load changes, offering high reliability and durability.
  • Environmental Friendliness: Modern gas turbine designs aim to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency, contributing to lower greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.
  • Versatile Applications: Beyond power generation, gas turbines are extensively used in marine propulsion, industrial drives, and aerospace propulsion.
  • Cogeneration: Gas turbines can be combined with waste heat recovery systems to achieve cogeneration, further enhancing energy utilization efficiency.

The Role of Bearings in Gas Turbines

  • Supporting Rotating Components: Bearings are crucial in gas turbines as they support rotating parts like turbines, compressors, and generators, ensuring stable rotation.
  • Reducing Friction and Wear: High-quality bearings significantly reduce friction and wear between rotating parts, extending equipment life and improving operational efficiency.
  • Maintaining Precise Alignment: Bearings must maintain precise alignment of rotating components to prevent vibrations and damage caused by misalignment.
  • Withstanding High Loads: Bearings in gas turbines must endure high loads due to high-speed rotation and high-temperature environments.
  • Ensuring Stability and Reliability: The performance of bearings directly affects the overall stability and reliability of the gas turbine. Good bearing design and maintenance reduce the failure rate.
  • Adapting to High-Temperature Environments: As gas turbines operate in high-temperature environments, bearing materials and designs must withstand these conditions to prevent overheating and failure.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: The state of bearings must be regularly monitored and maintained to prevent failures and extend the gas turbine’s service life.
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Gas Turbine Engines Parts – gas turbine thrust bearing For Industry

The gas turbine thrust bearing is one of the key parts in the gas turbine, and the axial load it has to bear can reach a maximum of 200KN or more, and the speed can reach 5000 to 12000r/min, which belongs to the working conditions of high speed and heavy load.

High-speed and heavy-duty gas turbine bearings

gas turbine thrust bearing is subjected to a variety of problems during operation, such as vibration and noise damping, lubrication performance, dynamic balancing, etc. places high demands on components and lubricants to ensure complete reliability in the face of high temperatures associated with these engines. Our bronze thrust washer has the properties needed to provide lubrication and cooling in these harsh operating environments.

Gas Turbine Thrust Bearing For Industry
Gas Turbine Engines Bronze Parts - Gas Turbine Bearing


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Miniature Gas Turbines Bushing

For miniature gas turbines, our plain bearing provides the stability of a tilting pad bearing within the compact design of a sleeve bearing. Reduced build-up of manufacturing tolerances eliminates pivot wear – further improving stability.

Large Gas Turbine Engines And Steam Turbine Bushing

For large gas and steam turbines, gas turbine bearings also minimize power loss and increase load capacity.

The Crucial Role of Gas Turbine Bearings Across Various Fields

  • In power generation, industrial gas turbines are primarily used in sectors like petrochemicals, oil fields, and metallurgy. These turbines drive pumps, compressors, and generators, performing tasks such as water injection, gas injection, natural gas gathering and transportation, crude oil transportation, and electricity generation. They are crucial for improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

  • In aviation, bearings are indispensable components of the engine transmission system. They support the engine’s rotor system and withstand the challenges of high-speed rotation and high-temperature environments. The design of aviation engine bearings must consider transmission efficiency, structural reliability, vibration, and lubrication. Types of bearings used include rolling bearings, oil film bearings, electromagnetic bearings, and gas foil bearings, playing critical roles in aircraft and rockets.

  • In industrial applications, gas turbine bearings are especially significant due to their operation under high-speed and heavy-load conditions. For instance, thrust sliding bearings are key components in gas turbines, widely used in ships, tanks, and energy generation sectors. These bearings must endure large axial loads and high speeds, requiring them to function under high-speed and heavy-load conditions.

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Upgrade Low-Loss Bearings For Efficiency With Lower Costs

To meet the growing demand for gas turbines, we can customize gas turbine plain bearings that are developed and innovated to improve turbine reliability and bleed temperature tolerance, and develop extreme load conditions.

OEM Gas Turbine Parts

Our bearing engineers have the industry knowledge to meet and exceed existing gas turbine bearing designs. Whether you need special bearing materials, designs, or ultra-high temperature operation, we know the answer.

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Gas Turbines Bearing


Advantages Of Gas Turbines Bearing

The advantages of gas turbine bearings are reflected in several aspects, with the main benefits being:

  • High Efficiency: Designed to minimize friction, gas turbine bearings help improve the overall thermal and mechanical efficiency of the system.
  • High Load Capacity: These bearings are capable of handling the high dynamic and static loads generated during turbine operation.
  • High-Temperature Tolerance: Typically made from high-temperature resistant materials, these bearings can withstand the intense heat produced during turbine operation.
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lowers emissions
  • High power density
  • Reduces construction costs
  • Easy to transport and quick startup
  • Improve reliability
  • Easy to permit
  • Worldwide service and support