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As a new generation of power plant components, gas turbine bearings are widely used in ships, tanks and vehicles as well as in energy generation.

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High Performance Plain Bearing – For Gas Turbine Bearing

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Compared to conventional power plants, gas turbines have several advantages, such as longer life, smaller size and mass, more power, and more friendly to the environment. In gas turbines, the gas turbine bearing is one of the key components, and its operating conditions are characterized by high axial load and high speed, which are high-speed and heavy-duty operating conditions.

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gas turbine bearing
graphite bearing, graphite dry bushing

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Gas Turbine Engines For Industry

The thrust bearing is one of the key parts in the gas turbine, and the axial load it has to bear can reach a maximum of 200KN or more, and the speed can reach 5000 to 12000r/min, which belongs to the working conditions of high speed and heavy load.

High-speed and heavy-duty gas turbine bearings

The thrust bearings of gas turbines are subjected to a variety of problems during operation, such as vibration and noise damping, lubrication performance, dynamic balancing, etc. places high demands on components and lubricants to ensure complete reliability in the face of high temperatures associated with these engines. Our bronze thrust washer has the properties needed to provide lubrication and cooling in these harsh operating environments.

Gas Turbine Bearing
Gas Turbine Bearing


Your preferred Gas Turbine Bearing supplier

Viiplus is known for consistently high quality. Our internal quality programs and processes are supported by approvals from ISO9001, AS9100, and NADCAP.

Miniature Gas Turbines Bushing

For miniature gas turbines, our plain bearing provides the stability of a tilting pad bearing within the compact design of a sleeve bearing. Reduced build-up of manufacturing tolerances eliminates pivot wear – further improving stability.

Large Gas And Steam Turbine Bushing

For large gas and steam turbines, gas turbine bearings also minimize power loss and increase load capacity.

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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Upgrade Low-Loss Bearings For Efficiency With Lower Costs

To meet the growing demand for gas turbines, we can customize gas turbine plain bearings that are developed and innovated to improve turbine reliability and bleed temperature tolerance, and develop extreme load conditions.

OEM Gas Turbine Parts

Our bearing engineers have the industry knowledge to meet and exceed existing gas turbine bearing designs. Whether you need special bearing materials, designs, or ultra-high temperature operation, we know the answer.

graphite bearing, graphite dry bushing
gas turbine bearing, custom bronze bushings


Advantages Of Gas Turbines Bearing

  • Higher reliability and availability
  • Lower operating costs
  • Lowers emissions
  • High power density
  • Reduces construction costs
  • Easy to transport and quick startup
  • Improve reliability
  • Easy to permit
  • Worldwide service and support
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You Can’t Afford Equipment Failures? Reduce Your Risks With Plain Bearing Services.

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