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Flanged Sleeve Bearing

A flanged bushing can facilitate the positioning during axial installation so that there will be no slippage. In order to play a fixed role, some bearings often need to use other components, such as adapter sleeves and bearing seats, etc., which increases the cost and inconveniences of maintenance. The emergence of flanged sleeve bearing has solved such problems.


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The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

High-Quality Flange Bronze Bushings To Your Specifications

A flange bronze bushing is commonly used to provide support for a shaft that runs perpendicular to the bearing’s mounting surface. Shafts can create problems when high speeds or heavy loads create shaft flex, vibration and axial load or movement. This can be eased with the application of a flange bearing that is located in such a way that it supports the shaft.

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Bronze Flange Bushing & Bearings | Viiplus

They are manufactured from a variety of different materials, some of the most common Bronze Alloys include C95400 Aluminum Bronze, C93200 Bearing Bronze, and C86300 Manganese Bronze. We provide your desired Flange Bushings according to the specifications you require.

Two common bronze flange bushing materials and their uses include:

Oilite: Oil impregnated flange bronze bushings formed using powder metallurgy. Applications depend on the type of oil used and may accommodate high and low-speed machinery, high and low-temperature machinery, and food-grade applications.

Copper: Most often an alloy of bronze with tin, aluminum, or silicon, these alloys have high corrosive resistance, making them ideal for marine applications.

Popular designs include bronze alloy graphite oil-less bushings, flanged sleeve bearing,s, and sintered bronze bushings.


Applications And Advantages Of Bronze Flanged Bearings

The versatility of bronze flanged bearings makes them an ideal fit for a number of industrial applications. Bronze flanged bearings are known for their low-maintenance durability. Heavy-duty industrial operations that rely on low-speed, high-load processes are particularly good candidates for bronze flange bearings, which hold up well under immense and repeated pressure.

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Flange Bronze Bushing, flange bushings by size

Flange Bushing Bronze

Flanges feature a projecting rim over the edge of another part, a collar to secure connecting pieces together, or a ring to provide pressure to holds components in place. They enable part fabricators to customize the function of end products for customers.
Ultimately, flanges provide strength and stiffness at more vulnerable areas of a part and facilitate the connection of diverse components. They are also useful in mounting and positioning static items. When paired with bearings on the external housing of a device, flanges increase the ability of the end product to effectively handle radial and thrust loads.

Flanges are one of the most popular types of bearings requested by our clients at Viiplus. This introduction to bronze flanged bearings will help readers understand what they are and what they can do for industrial manufacturing and assembly projects.


Flanged Brass Bushings

Flanged brass bushings are a wear-resistant part of mechanical equipment. Copper bushings are widely used. Copper bushings are mostly processed by the centrifugal casting process. The color is mainly yellow. The wear resistance of brass is better. , The internal organization is relatively compact, there will be no large loose phenomenon, and the appearance looks brighter, the important thing is that its hardness is relatively high, in addition, it has relatively strong corrosion resistance and compression resistance, and as an accessory on the majority of mining machinery and equipment.

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Flange Bronze Bushing, flange bushings by size

What are brass bushings used for?

Brass bushing varies by size as they can fit thick walls, thin walls, flanged, sintered, and cylindrical. Brass Bushings can be used for a variety of purposes including Water Pump Bushings, Electric Motors, and Slide Bearings.

  • Water Pump Bushings

Most car engines have a water pump with a brass bushing in the main shaft. It is useful due to the brasses’ anti-rust and anti-friction properties.

  • Electric Motors

Brass can also be used in electric motors on both sides of the armature. Its purpose is to support the motor shaft. It’s perfect for the engine because the brass is cheap, it is anti-friction, and the metal is very easy to produce.

  • Slide Bearings

Some machine shafts slide rather than rotate. Brass bushing is used in these types of mechanisms.

A few other examples of where you can find bushings are in fishing reels, stage lights, printer rollers, ATMs, escalators, and surveillance systems.

Flanged Sleeve Bearings

Flange bushings bronze, or bronze flange bushings, are a bronze sintered, oil-impregnated bushing featuring a flange that is designed to support a load. Flange bushings are used at lower speeds and lighter loads while still allowing the mating shaft to slide freely within the bushing. Flange bearings are similar to cylindrical sleeve bearings, but have a flange on one end, which acts as a load-bearing surface for axial loads. They are often used in agriculture, aircraft, and automotive applications as well as in appliances, machine tools, and hydraulics.

  • Allows shaft assembly to slide freely within the bearing
  • Available in Metric and Imperial sizes
  • Does not require regular grease or oil maintenance
  • Flange provides a load-bearing surface for other components

Flange bronze bushings are perfect for hard-wearing applications. They have longer lifespans than brass flange bushings. Additionally, this bushing type better resists shock, impact, wear, and corrosion.

How To Measure Bronze Bushings With A Flange

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Quite often we receive questions on how to properly measure the dimensions of bronze bushings with a flange. The following explanation will assist you in measuring these types of the bushing. It will also help when requesting quotations for this type of product.

Flange bushings are sleeve-type bearings with a “flange” or “shoulder” on one end. The flange serves multiple functions. It can assist in alignment and mounting of the bearing. It can also help ease the installation of the bearing.

The flange bushing has 5 distinctive parts. The inner diameter (ID), the outer diameter (OD), the overall length of the bushing (OAL), the flange outer diameter (FLOD), and the flange thickness (FLTH).

  • First, begin by measuring the ID

  • Next measure the outer diameter of the body

  • Following the OD measure the overall length of the bushing, including the flange

  • Next measure the outer diameter of the flange

  • Lastly, measure the thickness of the flange

This process will help you accurately measure flange bushings. When submitting a request for a quote for flange bushing follow the measurement sequence of ID, OD, OAL, FLOD, and FLTH. This will ensure a quick and accurate quotation.

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Flange Bushing Size Chart

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Part Number L Standard Thin Wall Housing Dia. (Recommended Dimension)
Standard Thin Wall
Type dE7 Dr6 Thickness (N) H 0 Dr6 Thickness (N) H 0 Reference Dimension Tolerance Reference Dimension Tolerance
t-0.1 t-0.1 (H7) (H7)
Standard 5 0.032 10 12 9 0.028 2 14 2 7 0.028 1 11 2 9 0.015 7 0.015
Thin Wall 6 0.02 10 12 15 10 0.019 16 8 0.019 12 10 0 8 0
8 0.04 10 12 15 20 12 0.034 20 10 14 12 0.018 10
*L dimensions in ( ) are available for standard only. 10 0.025 10 12 15 20 -25 -30 14 0.023 22 12 0.034 16 14 0 12 0.018
12 0.05 10 12 15 20 25 30 18 3 25 3 15 0.023 1.5 21 3 18 15 0
13 0.032 -10 12 15 20 -25 -30 19 0.041 26 16 22 19 0.021 16
15 10 12 15 20 25 -30 21 0.028 28 18 24 21 0 18
16 12 15 20 25 30 -35 -40 22 29 20 0.041 2 26 22 20 0.021
0.028 0
18 -15 -20 -25 -30 -35 -40 24 32 24
20 0.061 15 20 25 30 -35 40 30 5 40 5 24 0.041 2 32 4 30 24
25 0.04 -15 -20 -25 30 -35 40 50 35 0.05 45 29 0.028 37 35 0.025 29
30 -20 -25 30 -35 40 50 40 0.034 50 34 0.05 42 40 0 34 0.025
0.034 0
35 0.075 -20 -25 -30 -35 -40 -50 45 60 45
40 0.05 -20 -25 -30 -35 -40 -50 50 65 50
50 -30 -35 -40 -50 -60 60 0.06 75 60 0.03
0.041 0

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