Flange Sleeve Bearings

Bronzeoilless.com has a large inventory of flanged sleeve bearings and plain bearings available for purchase. Bearing material options include graphite plugged bronze bushing, cast bronze bushing, leaded tin bronze bearing, aluminum bronze bushing, and more.

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Do You Know The Flange Sleeve Bearings?

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Flange sleeve bearings are also known as flanged flange bushing, flange can play a positioning role, not easy to fall off, sliding; to protect the shaft and the substrate from direct wear. It is a vital part of machinery and equipment!

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Self-lubricating Flange Sleeve Bearing

Bronzeoilless.com used a bronze alloy as the matrix and selected graphite particles of suitable content and size as a solid lubricant. The graphite and the copper alloy matrix are organically integrated, and the strength and toughness of the composite are significantly improved.

Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushings
flange sleeve bearings
graphite sleeve bearing, graphite impregnated bearing
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Joint Bearing

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Application Of Flange Sleeve Bearings

Flanged bronze bushings are widely used in various machinery

Especially in high speed, high precision, large torque, heavy load, and other operating conditions.

For example, precision machine tools, internal combustion engines, and all kinds of mobile machinery. Automobiles, tractors, railway Road vehicles, ships, engineering machinery, etc., generators, light industry textile machinery, compressors, blowers, pumps, instruments, metallurgical mining machinery, etc.

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Custom Sleeve Bearing Solution

Among them to the internal combustion engine and walking machinery, precision machine tools, and other bearings used in a number and variety of the most, high requirements, and large generators, steel rolling mills, and other bearings used in the size of Larger, high requirements, but the production volume is small.

We can customize your mechanical parts according to the material and size you need.

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Used In Wind Power Gearboxes

The wind gearbox is one of the main key components of a wind turbine. It is arranged between the wind turbine and the generator to transmit the wind turbine power to the generator for power generation and to transform the low-speed input from the wind turbine to meet the required speed of the generator.

In the wind power speed increase gearbox, the flanged sleeve bearing is an important component.

  • As long as the lubrication is sufficient, the life of the flange sleeve bearings can reach infinite life.

  • Because of the lubricating oil film between the flanged bronze bushing and the shaft, it can withstand shock and vibration loads, therefore, the operation is smooth and has low noise.

  • Increased service life and reliability of the gearbox while reducing the volume & quality of the gearbox, so that the gearbox to better meets the requirements of wind turbines.

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