Discover the Types of Oilless Bushings for Optimal Performance

Our types of oilless bushings are made from high-quality materials and designed to withstand extreme temperatures, pressure, and friction. They are easy to install and require minimal maintenance, making them an ideal solution for a wide range of industrial applications. Our bushings offer reliable and long-lasting performance, ensuring your machinery operates at optimal efficiency.

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What Is Oilless Bushing?

In the world of mechanical engineering, bushings are essential components that reduce friction between moving parts. With the increasing demand for maintenance-free and eco-friendly solutions, oilless bushings have gained popularity in various industries.

An oilless bushing, also known as a self-lubricating bushing, is a type of bearing that does not require external lubrication. they are also known for their low coefficient of friction, high wear resistance, and long service life.

What Are Oilless Bushings

Materials For Oilless Bushings

Oilless bushings are typically made from three types of materials:

  1. Metal-polymer composites
  2. Solid polymer
  3. Metal (e.g., bronze, iron)

These materials possess self-lubricating properties, which help reduce friction and wear without the need for additional lubrication.

Bronze Bushing Material
types of oilless bushings, bearing material
C83600 bearing bronze

Types of Oilless Bushings

  • Metal-polymer composite bushings consist of a metal backing with a layer of polymer on the sliding surface. The polymer contains solid lubricant particles, which provide a low friction coefficient and wear resistance. These bushings are lightweight, compact, and suitable for applications with high loads and low speeds.
  • Solid polymer bushings are made entirely of a self-lubricating polymer material. They offer excellent wear resistance, low friction, and are resistant to chemicals and corrosion. These bushings are ideal for applications that require minimal maintenance and operate in harsh environments.
  • Bi-metal bushings have a steel or bronze backing and a sintered layer of a low-friction alloy, such as lead-bronze or aluminum-tin. These bushings offer high load capacity and excellent wear resistance. They are suitable for applications with moderate to high speeds and loads.
  • Wrapped bronze bushings are made of a bronze strip with diamond-shaped lubrication pockets or holes filled with solid lubricant. These bushings are known for their high load capacity, good wear resistance, and low maintenance requirements. They are often used in agricultural and construction equipment.

Key Applications Of Oilless Bushings

Oilless bushings are commonly used in a variety of industries, including:

  • Automotive Industry: Suspension systems, steering systems, and transmissions
  • Aerospace Industry: Landing gear components, actuators, and flight control systems
  • Industrial Machinery: Pumps, compressors, and textile machinery

“We offer sleeve, flanged, thrust, and linear bushings. Each type is designed to meet specific performance requirements and is suitable for different loads and speeds.”

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Want to extend the lifespan of your equipment? Oilless bushings can help.

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