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Self-lubricating Bearings Improve The Performance Of Construction Machinery

Engineering machinery bushings are often used in long-term maintenance-free working conditions, such as harsh working conditions such as lubricating oil is prone to deterioration or depletion, and general sliding bearings are prone to early ablation wear or severe wear. play a huge role.


Self-Lubrication Options for Mechanical Bearings

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What Is A Mechanical Bushing?

VIIPLUS mechanical bearings, reliable grease-free and greased bronze and steel bearings, harsh environment to effectively extend the life of the bearing to enhance the durability and reliability of the harsh environment, no longer lead to machine downtime, save your heart and energy!
Mechanical bearings are an important component in contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the coefficient of friction during its movement, and ensure its rotary accuracy.

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Fits Mechanical Bearings

The relationship between hole and shaft tolerance zones with the same basic dimensions and the mutual union is called fit. According to the different requirements of use, the fit between the hole and the shaft has loose and tight, and thus the national standard stipulates the types of fit.
1 clearance fit: hole and shaft assembly, there is a clearance (including the minimum clearance equal to zero) fit. The tolerance zone of the hole is above the tolerance zone of the shaft.
2 transition fit: hole and shaft assembly, there may be clearance or interference fit. The tolerance zone of the hole and the tolerance zone of the shaft overlap each other. 
3 interference fit: hole and shaft assembly with interference (including the minimum interference equal to zero) fit. The tolerance zone of the hole is under the tolerance zone of the shaft.


Advantages Of Mechanical Bearings

According to the lubrication of the bearing, it can be divided into oil-free bearings and oil-impregnated bearings. In many cases, oil-free bearings are required. Of course, oil-free bearings have their advantages during use. In specific cases, let’s take a look at the advantages of oil-free mechanical bearings.

(1) Applicable occasions
For places where oil cannot be added or it is difficult to add oil, oil lubrication or less oil lubrication is not suitable. It can be used with little or no maintenance and also avoids the risk of insufficient oil supply.
(2) No need for oil supply
No oil supply unit is required, thus saving considerable installation and operating costs. Oil-free greatly simplifies design and construction, reducing costs and saving design time.
(3) Green environmental protection
There is no need to recycle waste oil, which is good for environmental protection.
(4) Reduce the requirements for grinding parts
The hardness of the grinding shaft is low, and the grinding shaft without quenching and tempering treatment can be used, thus reducing the processing difficulty of the related parts.
(5) High and low-temperature resistance
High and low-temperature resistance, the use temperature of some products is -200 ° C to 600 ° C

Oilless Bearing
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Types Of Mechanical Bearings

Bearings are classified by structure: sliding bearings, joint bearings, rolling bearings
1、Sliding bearings
Plain bearings are not divided into inner and outer rings and do not have rolling bodies, and are generally made of wear-resistant materials. They are commonly used in low-speed, light load, and difficult to fill lubricating oil and maintain mechanical rotation parts.
2、Joint bearing
The sliding contact surface of the joint bearing is spherical, mainly used for oscillating motion, tilting motion, and rotating motion.
3、Rolling bearing
Rolling bearings are generally composed of a collar (inner ring and outer ring), a rolling body (ball or roller), and a cage. That is, the inner ring and outer ring between the configuration of several rolling bodies, by keeping the frame to keep a certain distance between the rolling body, do not contact each other, to achieve a smooth rolling motion structure.

Engineering Machinery Bushings | Material

Mechanical bearings, as a kind of “parts that help objects to rotate”, are more common in daily life and industrial machinery, and are an essential part, which is called “the food of the machinery industry”. Without mechanical bearings, our daily life would be difficult to run. Because mechanical bearings are important parts to support our lives, the quality of bearings must be excellent, today we will take you to understand the important factors affecting the quality of bearings – mechanical bearing materials. We know that there are many types of bearings on the market, different types of bearing materials are different, the more common bearing materials are mainly metal materials, porous metal materials, non-metallic materials, these three categories.

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Metal Materials

Metal materials are more common materials in bearings, mainly including bearing alloys, copper alloys, aluminum-based alloys, zinc-based alloys and so on. Among them, bearing alloys, also known as shingle alloys, have good wear resistance and wear reduction properties; have a certain compressive strength and hardness, and are more common in sliding bearings. Copper alloy’s have good performance in strength, friction reduction and wear resistance, among which bronze has better performance than brass and is the most commonly used material. Aluminum-based alloys have better corrosion resistance and higher fatigue strength, friction performance is also very good, so in some areas to replace the more expensive bearing alloys and bronze materials.

Bronze Bushing Material

Non-metallic Materials

With the progress of production and science and technology, human beings have manufactured and synthesized many new non-metallic materials, such as artificial graphite, special ceramics, synthetic rubber, synthetic plastics, etc., with natural minerals, minerals, plants, petroleum, etc., as raw materials, of which the more common in the field of bearings are various plastics, such as phenolic resin, nylon, PTFE, etc. Because plastic material and many chemical substances do not react, corrosion resistance, and has a certain self-lubricating, in high-temperature conditions with a certain lubrication ability; embedded well; friction reduction and wear resistance are better. Plastic bearings are often used in mechanical and electrical equipment, fitness equipment, food machinery, furniture and decorative building materials, etc., with a long service life.

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Porous Metal Materials

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Porous metallic materials are bearing materials made of different metal powders by pressing and sintering. This material is a porous structure, the pores are about 10%~35% of the volume. Before use, the shaft tile is impregnated in hot oil for several hours, so that the pores are filled with lubricating oil, thus the bearings made of this material are usually called oil bearings, which have self-lubricating properties and can still work well without lubricating oil for a long time.

Engineering Machinery Bushings – Self Lubricating

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“A type of bearing that can work normally with a small amount of oil or reduce the number of oiling, or can be used without oil”, this is the definition of a self-lubricating bearing. Self-lubricating bearings can show good durability and reliability under severe conditions where ordinary plain bearings cannot work properly. For this reason, it is often used in long-term maintenance-free working conditions, such as harsh working conditions such as lubricating oil prone to deterioration and depletion, and general sliding bearings prone to early ablative wear or severe wear. play a huge role. In addition, self-lubricating bearings can also meet the high requirements of equipment miniaturization, high performance, long life, labor saving, energy saving and pollution-free. contribute.”

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