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Engineering machinery bearings are often used in long-term maintenance-free working conditions, such as harsh working conditions such as lubricating oil being prone to deterioration or depletion.

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Wholesale Engineering Machinery Bearings

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Engineering machinery bearings typically refer to mechanical components installed in engineering machinery to support rotating shafts or moving parts, bearing or transmitting loads. Their primary functions include:

  1. Support: Providing support for rotating components of machinery, ensuring their smooth operation.
  2. Reduce Friction: Minimizing friction during mechanical movements through rolling or sliding contact.
  3. Ensure Precision: Maintaining the precise position and motion trajectory of mechanical parts.

Our Engineering machinery bearings have been served on each member’s walking mechanism chassis, body parts, and hydraulic components. They are widely used in mining machinery, marine machinery, aviation, engineering machinery, and other fields because of their comprehensive performance such as high load capacity, high environmental adaptability, and maintenance-free.

Engineering Machinery Bearings
Engineering Machinery Bearings

Engineering Machinery Bearings – Sliding Bearings

The selection of engineering machinery bearings depends on various factors, including load type, speed, temperature, environmental conditions, cost, and maintenance requirements. Design engineers must choose the appropriate bearing type based on specific application needs to ensure the reliability and efficiency of the mechanical system.

Engineering Machinery Bearings

Integral Sliding Bearings

Integral sliding bearings consist of a single-piece bearing housing and bearing liner, typically made from materials such as bronze alloy, cast iron, or steel. These bearings are suitable for applications with higher loads but lower speeds.

Engineering Machinery Bearings

Split Sliding Bearings

Split sliding bearings are composed of a bearing liner and a bearing housing that can be separated. This design facilitates easier installation and maintenance, making it ideal for applications where frequent maintenance or replacement of the bearing liner is required.


Cam Unit

Our standard cam units are used to punch, cut, and form sheets and plates. It Change vertical movement into horizontal or inclined movement by the use of inclined wedges and sliding blocks.


Hydropower Bearing

Gates are an important part of water conservancy and hydropower projects. In order to reduce the support friction of the gate in the opening and closing force, usually use our self-lubricating bearings.


Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

Hydraulic cylinder bushings as one of the key components of hydraulic transmission system, its action reliability directly affects the performance of the hydraulic system.



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Engineering Machinery Bearings Used In Metallurgical IndustryEngineering Machinery Bearings Used In Metallurgical Industry

Engineering Machinery Bearings Used In Metallurgical Industry

Metallurgical equipment generally works under high temperatures and high load conditions, and the environment is very bad because of the high amount of dust and iron oxide. In the role of heat radiation and heat conduction, the use of general lubricating grease lubrication of ordinary mechanical bearings, obviously can not adapt to the needs of the operation.

Construction machinery bearings as self-lubricating lubrication technology development

It break through the limit of oil film lubrication, and can adapt to more demanding conditions, in more and more metallurgical and high-temperature equipment has been used, such as the protective copper lining tile of the hook head of the iron to the plate car, continuous casting machine second cold section guide roller shaft tile and billet roller bearings, etc.

Engineering Machinery Bearings In Coal Mining Machinery Applications

Coal mining machinery is often in an environment with many dust particles and complex working conditions, which leads to excessive wear of equipment, rusting and holding of articulation points, and mechanism failure.

The application of mechanical engineering self-lubricating bearings on the articulating lug of the anchor digger, the sprocket, and the drill frame of the anchor machine provides an effective solution for the poorly lubricated parts of coal mine machinery.

Stable and Reliable Engineering Bearings

Generally choose the more common high force brass, tin bronze, and its castings and other materials as the substrate, according to the bearing itself using the working conditions, through the combination of the different metal substrates, and embedded solid lubricants to ensure that the product can meet the special needs of a variety of temperature, load and movement, and other working conditions.

Engineering Machinery Bearings In Coal Mining Machinery Applications

Self-lubricating Bronze Bushing

Typical Application Areas

Engineering Machinery Bearings in Construction Machinery

  • Crankshaft bushings, guide wheel bushings, dragging pulleys, oil cylinders, operating mechanisms, gear oil pumps, driven wheels, driven wheels, rotary tables, grapple joints, industrial robot arms and other parts; lifting machinery, handling machinery, stackers and other joint parts; hydraulic cylinders, crane operating rods, transmission parts, etc.; plastic machinery and other parts.

Hydraulic Equipment

  • Gear pumps, piston pumps, vane pumps, metering pumps, fire pumps, compressors, submersible pumps, etc.; oil cylinders, cylinders, ball valves, butterfly valves, valve control mechanisms, etc.

Mold Manufacturing

  • Parts of the mold such as guide, diagonal fit, positioning, guide rails, tire molds, etc.