Engine bearings are crucial components playing a significant role in engine function and service life.

Engine Bearings

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Viiplus offers its customers flexible and customized solutions. From development to choice of materials and exceptional application engineering, right through to logistics, we stand for innovative problem-solving skills when it comes to engine bearings.

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Our bearings are known for being reliable – engines equipped with VIIPLUS bearings are in working order around the clock. When damage does occur, we make sure that the engine is up and running again quickly. Our service teams supply replacement bearings quickly and easily, and our application engineers conduct damage analysis parallel to the repair.

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What Are Bushings On A Car?

Some car parts are fixed, while others are flexible. Flexible parts may rotate or oscillate like wheels, tie rod ends or leaf springs. Depending on their degree of motion, the manufacturer might use bearings or bushings in their design. Exactly what are bushings on a car?

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Car Self Lubricating Bearing

Bushings, also called flexible or anti-vibration mountings, allow parts to move without transmitting vibration to the cabin. Limited-motion joints, like control arms and sway bar links, usually use bushings. Bushings are also used in non-moving parts, such as body mounts and strut mounts.

Symptoms Of Worn Bushings

Bushings do not have a replacement interval, but they do wear out over time. Dry rot, from exposure to the atmosphere, happens to all bushings, leading to shrinking, stiffening and cracking. Extreme heat accelerates this wear, particularly near the exhaust system. Oil contamination softens bushings such as those near a leaking engine or transmission. As bushings weaken, the effect may not be immediately noticeable, but it can manifest in several ways over time:

Bushing on a car Weak control arm bushings might manifest themselves as a pull when accelerating or braking.

Worn control arm bushings can cause abnormal tire wear. If steering rack bushings are loose, the vehicle may drift.

Abnormal clunking over uneven road surfaces may indicate worn sway bar bushings. should replace bushings as soon as.

Tips For Replacing Bushings

Body mounts, engine mounts, sway bar bushings, steering rack bushings and sway bar link bushings are usually replaceable without special tools. Some control arm bushings are available separately, but special tools are required. Some control arm bushings are not available separately and require a whole new control arm. Bushings that improve performance are also available in the aftermarket. For example, stiffer bushings can reduce body roll and improve stiffness.

  • When replacing bushings, two factors area important: First, pay close attention to the depth and orientation of pressed-in bushings. Bushings that are pressed in too shallow or deep can lead to interference and noise, and certain bushings need to be installed in a specific orientation for consistent performance. Second, for control arm, sway bar, shock and strut bushings, tighten all fasteners with all four wheels on the ground. This will prevent preloading the suspension, which can mimic alignment problems.

  • While bushings are a simple component, replacing them can significantly improve the quality of your ride. Whether you’re replacing bushings for wear or as an upgrade, you can enjoy a quieter and stiffer ride in just a few hours.
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Thanks to our extensive experience in many areas, we are able to offer the right solution for every bearing application. Our strengths include independence from raw materials, highly advanced, reliable production processes and efficient quality management that is focused on meeting all functional requirements as cost-effectively as possible.