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Choose from our selection of bearing bronze in a wide range of sizes. Centrifugally cast, custom machined Bronze bushings, liners, washers, and wear plates. In stock and ready to ship.

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Flange Bushes

Flange bushes are usually used for light-duty, rather than heavy-duty needs. That’s why you will normally find them in things like conveyors, belt drives, food processing machines, and so forth.

Flange Bronze Bushing
flange bushes, graphite bearing bronze

Cast Bronze Bushing

Formed from a solid or hollow bronze cast bar that undergoes machining processes designed to achieve a precise final shape. Continuous or centrifugal casting

Cast Bronze Bushing
bearing bronze

Bearing Thrust Washer

You can often find thrust bearings in the automotive, marine, and aerospace industries. They are often used for things like gears due to their smooth movements and low noise.

Bearing Thrust Washer
graphite thrust washer bearing, bearing thrust washer with graphite

Bronze Wear Plate

Bronze Wear Plates guide and control linear motion when there are heavy forces to contend with. These slide plates act as linear bearings to guide and control movement.

Bronze Wear Plate
bronze graphite slide bearing wear plate
bearing bronze

Factory Direct & Fast Shipping – Bearing Bronze

VIIPLUS bronze bushings are available in metric sizes as straight or flanged bushings. This robust bushing material is suitable for a wide range of applications. These bushings are applicable for oscillating movements for applications where rotating speeds are low.

Bronze Bushing Application

Bronze Slide Bearing is more often used in low-speed, high-load, and severe-duty industrial applications and machinery for iron and steel manufacturing, food processing, injection molding, automotive machines, earth-moving machinery, pumps, and other industries.

Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

932 Bearing Bronze

C93200 (SAE660) leaded tin bronze alloy, easy to cut, maintains good thermal conductivity and good lubricity due to the presence of lead. Alloy C93200, also known as CDA 932, SAE660, has good corrosion resistance in atmospheric and fresh water and is widely used in many bearing applications.

Automotive Parts – 660 Bronze Slide Bearing

Mainly used in the manufacture of aviation, automotive, and other industrial sectors to withstand friction parts, such as cylinder piston pin bushings, bearing and bushing liners, vice connecting rod bushings, discs, and washers.

C93200 Bearing Bronze
bearing bronze, bronze slide bearing

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841 Bronze Bearing Bushing Supplier

SAE841 oil-impregnated copper bush is made of tin bronze powder, pressed by mold, and shaped after sintering at high temperatures. It has fine and evenly distributed pores in the matrix, which is impregnated by lubricating oil under a vacuum to form an oil-containing state. The product has the characteristics of short-term non-oil lubrication, low cost of use, changeable inner and outer diameter size, etc. It is suitable for use in medium-speed and low-load places.

841 sintered bronze bushing Application

841 sinter bronze bushing has been widely used in household motors, power tools, textile machinery, chemical machinery, the automotive industry, and office equipment.

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze Bushing
sae841 bronze bushing, oil impregnated bronze bushings
bearing bronze

Wholesale 954 Bearing Bronze

C95400 aluminum bronze offers high yield and tensile strengths, good ductility, and good weldability. It has excellent resistance to wear, fatigue, and deformation under impact or overload.

C95400 aluminum bronze bushing Uses and Applications

Due to its resistance to seawater corrosion, erosion-corrosion, and cavitation, C954 aluminum bronze bushing is widely used in the maritime industry for the construction of propellers and other marine hardware.

Aluminum bronze bushings’ high tensile strength, durability, wear resistance, and anti-frictional properties make it for high-load and high-impact applications, such as spur gears, worm gears, and wear plates.

Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

Brass Bearing

Brass bearing, bronze bushing, slide plate, and thrust washers in various sizes. they may be resized, oil-grooved, or plugged graphite.


Machined Bronze Bushing

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