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Copper Sleeve bushing has good chip processing and casting properties, good corrosion resistance to air and water, and can maintain good sliding and self-lubricating properties without lubricant. We can customize all kinds of copper bushings for you. Contact us Now!

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The embedded self-lubricating copper sleeve bushing is a new type of anti-pressure solid lubrication composite material, is in the copper sleeve as a metal matrix friction surface to develop an orderly arrangement, the size of the appropriate cavity, and embedded graphite as a solid lubricant with self-lubricating properties of the product.

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What Is Copper Bushing

Copper sleeves, also known as copper bushings, are divided into many types, including machine copper rollers, copper bearings, etc. It is used in various light industries, large and heavy machinery, and is an important component of machinery.

Traditional Tin Bronze Bearing

High hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to cause seizure, good casting performance, and cutting performance, and good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water. In the absence of lubricants and water-based lubricants, it has good sliding properties and self-lubricating properties, easy cutting, and good corrosion resistance to dilute sulfuric acid. Used in Marine Engineering, Construction Bearing, etc.

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Graphite Copper Bearing

Graphite copper bearing, the surface consists of a metal substrate and a molded solid lubricant with unique self-lubricating properties embedded in the holes or grooves of the substrate. The graphite-plugged copper bushing combines the respective advantages of metal and specially formulated lubricating material, which can complement each other, i.e., it has the high load-bearing capacity of metal and the lubricating performance of wear-reducing material, breaking through the limitation of general bushings relying on oil film lubrication.

Self-lubricating Graphite Plugged Copper Bearing

Copper bearing with graphite makes solid lubrication and shaft friction through friction heat in the process of use, forming excellent conditions of oil and powder coexistence lubrication, which not only protects the shaft from wear but also makes the solid lubrication characteristics eternal. However, its hardness is twice as high as general bushings, and its wear resistance is also twice as high.

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Copper Bearing Bushing Sleeve

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A Large Copper Sleeve Bushing

Centrifugal casting is widely used in producing copper sleeves. As pore and inclusion defects appearing in the sur- face were eliminated, obtaining excellent huge marine copper bushing bearing.

Large copper bushings are used on various large and heavy machinery and are important group city parts on machinery.

Types Of Copper Bearing

Our copper bearing products include graphite copper bushing, white graphite copper bearing, flanged copper sleeve bushing, automotive mold guide bushing, double flange shaft tile, mold guide bushing, square flange copper bushing, self-lubricating guide plate, thrust washer, joint bearing, graphite steel bushing, and non-standard customized copper bushing.

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Coal Mining Machine Applications

The Rocker arm of the shearer, traction between the bracket and hinged with cone shaft taper sleeve, downhole in use process, often appear the rocker and bracket, bracket and traction of hinged lock cone axis, radial normal lift and remove the difficult problem. Aiming at the problems, from two aspects of design and use of analysis research, through actual use of graphite embedded copper bearing, to improve the lubrication effect of the cone shaft, improves the wear resistance, effectively solved the problem of the cone shaft lock.

Improve Efficiency & Save Cost

Long-term use of self-lubricating graphite bushings without frequent maintenance, reducing the amount of worker labor and improving coal mine production efficiency.

Types of Bronze Bearing

Some other types of bronze for you to choose the best bronze for bearings or bushing, like silicon bronze is a metal alloy made from copper and silicon, with the addition of phosphorus. It is used in bearings because it has a very low coefficient of friction.

Bronze Bushing Material

SAE 660 bronze or c932 / c93200 bearing bronze

It is known as high-leaded tin, this type of bronze is commonly used for bearings or Bushing widely applications in many industries.

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SAE 841 bronze is sintered bronze sleeve bearing or oil-impregnated bronze bearings and phosphor bronze bearings

This type of bronze is designed for self-lubricating bushing

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SAE 863 bronze is oil-impregnated bearings

Mostly used for self-lubricating powdered metal bearing that is typically harder, higher strength

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954 Aluminum Bronze also called manganese bronze

It is the alloy that offers excellent performance in grooved bushing and bearings and more applications.

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Phosphor Bronze Bush

Manufacturers and Suppliers of Phosphor Bronze Bush, Graphite Filled Bronze Plates, Thrust Washer Bearings, and Sintered Bronze Self Lubricated Bushes, get a free quote now!


Wear Strips

Choose from our selection of wear strips, including bronze wear strips and embedded graphite wear plates, In stock and ready to ship.


Hydraulic Cylinder Bushings

Hydraulic cylinder bushings as one of the key components of hydraulic transmission system, its action reliability directly affects the performance of the hydraulic system.


Bronze Guide Plate

A large inventory of full bronze guide plates, Find details about China's Copper Plate, and Bronze wear Plate from


SAE 841 Bronze Bushing

SAE 841 bronze is particularly noteworthy because it is a powdered metal. These are a special class of materials designed to be used in bearings.


Oilite Bushings

Oilite bushings are made from metal alloys with pores that channel lubricants between the bearing itself and the shaft.


Self Lube Bushings

Self Lube bushings are made of quality bronze and can be ordered either with or without graphite solid lubricant.