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graphite bronze bushing

What Is CNC Manufacture?

CNC machining usually refers to computer digital control precision machining, also known as CNC machining, which refers to machining with CNC machining tools. Because CNC machining is controlled by a computer after programming, CNC machining has the advantages of stable machining quality, high machining accuracy, high repeatability, complex profiles, and high machining efficiency.

Machined bushings can be made of many different types of materials, but they are usually made of various metals. Each metal offers its advantages, including friction reduction, durability, noise reduction, and self-lubrication. Some of the most common materials used to make machined bushings are:

Brass; Bronze; Steel; Machining Metal

Brass bearings, bronze bearings, and steel bearings are the most common kinds of machined bushings, and they each have their own advantages. Brass bearings are the best self-lubricating bushings on the list, while steel bearings are the most durable.

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Bearing Application | Everywhere

From medical devices to automobiles, or space shuttles, any product that has parts needs precision machining. Using Computer Numerical Control (CNC) equipment, the process utilizes actions like cutting, milling, turning, and electrical discharge machining to achieve the final product.

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graphite bronze bushing
casting bronze bushings

Keep Your Copper Bushing On Schedule With High-Quality Machined Parts

1. The choice of machining method
The principle of selecting the machining method is to ensure the machining accuracy and surface roughness requirements of the machined surface. As there are many processing methods to obtain the same level of accuracy and surface roughness, the actual selection should be considered in conjunction with the shape, size, and heat treatment requirements of the bronze bushing.
2. Processing program to determine the principle
The processing of the more precise surface of the copper sleeve is often achieved gradually through roughing, semi-finishing and finishing. For these surfaces only according to the quality requirements of the corresponding final processing method is not enough, but also to correctly determine the processing program from the blank to the final shape. When determining the machining scheme, first of all, according to the main surface accuracy and surface roughness requirements, the preliminary determination of the required machining methods to achieve these requirements. For example, for the hole diameter is not large IT7 accuracy of the hole, the final processing method to take the fine reaming, then the fine reaming hole before the usual drilling, reaming and rough reaming processing.

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The Method Of Guaranteeing The Accuracy Of Copper Sleeve Processing

1. Guarantee of mold accuracy: If you want to better ensure the accuracy of the copper bushings, then people should pay more attention when choosing a mold for processing. You must choose a mold with relatively high precision. Otherwise, if there is a deviation in the size of the mold itself, Then it will affect the accuracy of the copper sleeve.
2. The mold should be cleaned well: the molds used in the copper bushings processing need to be cleaned well, and the impurities and dust inside the mold should be cleaned up, otherwise such molds cannot be used. The machining accuracy of the copper sleeve is well guaranteed, and the surface quality of the copper sleeve cannot be guaranteed.
3. The temperature should be well controlled: the temperature is an important factor in the processing of the copper sleeve, and to ensure the accuracy of the copper sleeve, people should also pay attention to the temperature. It is necessary to ensure that the temperature is appropriate to avoid the phenomenon of excessively low or high temperatures. Appear.

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sinter bronze bushing, BRASS SLEEVE BUSHING

Precision Bearing Processing Tolerance

Although precision CNC machining tools are very accurate, these machines cannot accurately reproduce the dimensions of products just as they are in the CAD blueprint. This is why machinists use tolerances.

Tolerance is the amount of deviation in the dimension of a part that is acceptable by conventional standards. A synonym for it is dimensional accuracy. There is no standard tolerance for all precision CNC machining processes. The strictness of tolerance depends on the manufacturing process. The number of decimal places a tolerance value has shows the strictness of the measurement.

Knowing when to choose tighter tolerances for your part manufacturer is very important. Although it is not necessary for the whole part to have tight tolerances, the important structural parts, such as those which fit into other components, need little deviation from the nominal value as inaccuracy could severely affect the integrity of the part.

Tolerances are important in precise machining processes because they help to reduce production costs and turnaround times. As important as they are, they require a lot of skill and patience to get it right. The standard tolerance of CNC machines is 0.005 inches. At Viiplus, our 5-axis CNC machines can achieve tolerance up to 0.002”. We offer a range of tolerances to suit our customers’ needs.

graphite bronze bushing

CNC self-lubricating bearings in casting industry

CNC self-lubricating bearings use solid lubricant as the lubricating medium, which is suitable for working conditions in a wide temperature range and can play an effective role in both high temperature and low-temperature environments. Uninterrupted release, effectively forming and repairing the solid lubricating film between the friction surfaces, with low wear and anti-seizure, effectively protecting the shaft surface, and achieving long-life operation. Especially in high temperature, vacuum, low speed, heavy load, swing, dust, water, shock, vibration, and other environments, the operating advantages are obvious.

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Solve Your Mechanical Equipment Problems

Selection of oil-free self-lubricating bearings To solve the lubrication problems of high temperature, low speed, heavy load, large dust, water shower, and shock vibration in mechanical equipment, oil-free self-lubricating bearings are selected.

Custom Machined Bronze Bushings

Custom machined bronze bushings are one of the best bushing options on the market. Purchasing a custom machined bronze bushing is a wise investment because the advantages of bronze as a bushing manufacturing material are profound. First, bronze is a very low friction metal, which means the bushing and its surrounding components will naturally last longer. The reduced friction reduces wear and increases efficiency, extending the life of the entire machine.

Second, bronze is extremely resistant to harmful environments. If your application involves materials such as sand, dust, dirt or other corrosive elements, bronze is one of the best materials you can choose to resist natural damage.

Third, bronze requires less lubrication than other common materials such as steel, which means you need less maintenance and provide less lubrication. Bronze can even be used to make self-lubricating bushings, which almost completely reduces the need for lubrication. Self-lubricating bushings also tend to last much longer than conventional bushings.

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graphite bronze bushing