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CNC turning is best for bronze, this process can be set up for cast bronze bushing, casting thrust washer, and wear plate.

Custom Bronze Parts – CNC Machining

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Our extensive range of VIIPLUS precision cast bronze machined parts, designed for the critical tolerances demanded by precise applications, offer superior rotational accuracy, consistency, and rigidity.

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The tin bronze bushings we normally use are not just two alloys of tin and copper, we also add phosphorus, zinc, lead-nickel, and other elements, which generally have corrosion resistance, wear resistance, better mechanical properties, and stable process performance factors.

tin bronze is an ideal material for manufacturing CNC Turning Parts and precision bronze turned parts are one of the most commonly used metal CNC parts.

CNC bronze parts and machine components utilize high-grade raw materials and advanced machinery which make it by international quality standards that are applied in a broad range of industries and devices.

brass sleeve bushing
brass sleeve bushing

Customized CNC Parts – Standard & Non-standard Bronze Bushing

We are capable to manufacture simple or complex CNC cast bronze bushings to meet your demands and focus on the highest quality standards in the possible shortest time with reliable operators, sophisticated machinery, and equipment at our disposal. We still working on CNC turning copper parts, bronze machined parts, Non-Standard brass machined components, and CNC lathe machined brass parts machining services.

OILLESS Bearing & Bushing Technology – Tech up, Cost Down !

CNC Turning Brass & Bronze Parts

In manufacturing our brass turned parts, we use high-quality brass and a complete technology system based on your drawing and printing. We offer a CNC turning service from material selection, production, and surface treatment to testing and final packaging to ensure long life and user satisfaction.

Our customized brass bushings and bronze turned parts have earned high recognition and a good reputation from our customers worldwide with their remarkable features.

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CNC Bronze Component – New Technology

As a key basic component, the spindle bearing of the machine tool is the cornerstone of the guarantee of the machining accuracy of the machine tool. With the development of modern machine tools in the direction of high precision, high speed, and high reliability, high precision, and high rigidity have also become higher requirements for the development of new CNC bearing technologies.

Benefit Of CNC Bearing Bronze

With high running accuracy, high-speed performance, and high system rigidity, VIIPLUS super-precision CNC bronze parts are ideal for machine tools and other precision applications such as rolling mills, racing cars, and marine vessels. The bearings also minimize noise, vibration, and heat generation.

graphite slide plate
cnc bronze parts, bronze slide plate

Bridge Of The Machine Tool Transmission is a CNC turned parts manufacturer and exporter with ISO9001. Whether you are looking for bronze bushing parts, CNC machined components, custom bearing bronze, or other kinds of accessories, please email us today.

We can produce simple or complex bronze bushings to meet your needs. focusing on the highest quality standards in the shortest time possible with reliable staff, sophisticated machinery, and equipment at our disposal. We continue to work on turned copper parts, machined bronze parts, non-standard brass parts, and brass bushing parts.

CNC Precision Machined Components

Wholesale CNC Bronze Parts

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turning tin bronze bushing

The workpiece is machined by fixing the material block on a high-speed rotating CNC turning center or lathe while the tool enters the rotary axis to obtain dimensionally accurate CNC turned parts.

CNC Machining Materials:

The most commonly used machining materials are brass and bronze. Brass is a copper-zinc alloy, while bronze refers to a copper-tin alloy.

Material Advantages:

Brass has strong wear resistance. Special brass is also called special brass, which has high strength, hardness, and chemical corrosion resistance. It also has outstanding mechanical properties for cutting.
Bronze is harder, more expensive, and more corrosion-resistant than brass.

cutting the groove of bronze bushing

Often regarded as the most common machining process, which refers to utilizing a CNC milling cutter to do circular motion and create milled parts with certain shapes and details in a stationary piece, including slots, holes, notches, grooves, etc.

A cutting process in which the workpiece is fixed, aligning the cutter center with the hole center and rotate to produce round holes, can be done on lathes and mills.

CNC Milling and Turning
: a compound machining technology in which the cutting tool and workpiece are both rotating, to produce complex curved or special-shaped parts through designed multiple kinds of tasks.
Wire EDM: EDM parts from prototypes to full production with tight tolerance and complex construction.

Specials & Custom – Radial Bearing Corporation

We can customize various aspects of a bearing, including the size, design, features, and materials, with much shorter lead times than our competitors.
Additionally, we can manufacture interchanges for industry-standard bearings as well as individual bearing parts and other precision components that your application requires.

CNC Bronze Bushing With Groove

Our fully computerized CNC bearing has been customized with many unique features, including high-speed, multi-axis, and live tooling to ensure both precision and economy. Coincidental ID and OD machining guarantee consistent thickness on every bushing and our custom-engineered grooving and turning equipment delivers proprietary processes unique in the industry.
From the smallest, most intricate bushings to large, heavy-duty solid or split bushings, our equipment and expertise guarantee priority treatment for every order.

self lube bushings, CNC BRONZE PARTS

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