C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing

Material: CUAL11FE4

C95400 Aluminum Bronze, also known AS C954, is the most popular, ALL-PURPOSE aluminum bronze alloy.

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Quality C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing

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C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing provides high yield and tensile strength, good ductility, weldability and exceptional resistance to wear, fatigue and deformation under shock or overload.
They are used in Pickling Hooks, Bearings, Pawl, Worm Gears, Machine Parts, Spur Gears, Heavily Loaded Worm Gears, Pump Parts, Landing Gear Parts, Valve Bodies, Valve Guides, Valve Seats, Bearing Segments for the Steel Industry, Pressure Blocks for the Steel Industry, High Strength Clamps, Bushings, Valves, Gears.

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C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing
Plain Journal bearing, C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing

Cast Bronze Bushing

The most common alloys used for cast bronze bearings: ARE Leaded Tin Bronze Alloys (C93200 SAE 660, C93600 Modified 64, C93700 SAE 64), Tin Bronze Alloys, Aluminum Bronze Alloys( C95400 9C, C95500 9D, C95900), Manganese Bronze Alloys( C86200 SAE 430A, C86300 SAE 430B, C86500 SAE 43).

Bronze Bushing Material
C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing

Bronze Bushing With Graphite

Cast bronze bushing is manufactured with machined holes and/or grooves into which graphite embedded. These graphite emdedded act as the lubricant between the shaft and the bearing. It provide a slippery coating that acts as an ongoing, reliable lubrication between the surfaces.

Oilless Bearing
flange bearing
oilless bushes, Aluminum bronze alloy, Oil Graphite Impregnated self-lubricating

Range Of Aluminum Bearing To Fulfil Your Needs

Bronzeoilless.com 954Aluminium Bronze bushing make of strong c95400 bronze material with solid lubricant embedded. The bearing shows excellent performance without pre-lubrication under conditions of extremely higher/lower temperature with low speed. 95400 bronze bushing is widely used in automotive product lines, water engineering, dam gate, plastic industries, successive casting machinery, steel rollers in the metallurgy industry, mineral machinery, ships, turbo generators, hydraulic turbines, and injection molding machinery.

May work without oil for a long period. Suitable for reciprocating, oscillation, or Intermittent motion where oil film is hard to be formed
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Aluminum Bronze Bushes With Groove

Aluminum Bronze Bushes With Groove is a very critical part of the mechanical equipment of copper parts. His role is: a, reduce the sliding friction of the equipment in operation, and reduce power loss; b, greatly increase the service life of wear-resistant parts in the operating equipment, reduce repair and maintenance costs, and strive for higher equipment utilization; c, effective protection of its contact with the steel parts from wear and tear, when the copper parts wear easy to replace.

The installation part of the bronze bushing with groove is located between the spindle and the support frame of the transmission equipment, and the pressure is very high, the material and size requirements are relatively high, and 95400 bronze material can ensure the normal operation of the equipment, high hardness, excellent wear resistance, not easy to produce bite phenomenon, good casting performance, and cutting performance, and good corrosion resistance in the atmosphere and fresh water.

Bronze Bushing With Grease Groove
C954 Aluminum Bronze Bushing
C95400 Aluminum Bronze (C954) – Per ASTM B505

Aluminium Bronze UNS C95400 – Copper Alloy

Standard-stocked Product:

Aluminum bronze is the highest strength standard copper-based alloy. our aluminum bronze bushing as standard-stocked products in common sizes of wear plate, thrust washer and stright & flanged bushing.

Min./Max.83.0 min10.0-11.53.0-5.0.501.5
(0.5% ext.
under load)
As Sand Cast
As Centrifugal Cast
As Continuous Cast
As Permanent Mold Cast
As Sand Cast
As Permanent Mold Cast
As Sand Cast
US CustomaryMetric
Physical Properties provided by CDA
*As cast, field strength 16 kA/m **TQ 50 temper, field strength 16 kA/m

Melting Point – Liquidus1900 °F1038 °CMelting Point – Solidus1880 °F1027 °CDensity0.269 lb/in3 at 68 °F7.45 gm/cm3 at 20 °CSpecific Gravity7.457.45Electrical Conductivity13% IACS0.075 MegaSiemens/cm at 20 °CThermal Conductivity33.9 Btu/sq ft/ft hr/°F at 68 °F58.7 W/m at 20 °CCoefficient of Thermal Expansion 68-5729 · 10-6 per °F (68-572 °F)15.5 · 10-6 per °C (20-300 °C)Specific Heat Capacity0.1 Btu/lb/°F at 68 °F419 J/kg at 20 °CModulus of Elasticity in Tension15500 ksi107000 MPaMagnetic Permeability*1.271.27Magnetic Permeability**1.21.2

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Common Application
  • pivot knife brass flat washers

    Pivot Knife Brass Flat Washers

    Check out our pivot knife brass flat washers selection for the very best in unique or custom, quality thrust washer bearing at Bronzeoilless.com.

  • oilles bearing used in Conveyor Belts

    Conveyor Belt Bearing Bronze

    Shop a great range of conveyor belt bearing at Bronzeoilless.com. Each bronze bearing is designed for a specific tube diameter and gauge as well as shaft size.

  • excavator bushing factory

    Excavator Bushing

    Get the part you need fast from our huge selection of excavator bushings. Specializes in Supplying Heavy Equipment Parts for Heavy Machines. Contact Us Now.


C95 Bronze Bushing Casting Supplier

Bronzeoilless.com is a aluminum bronze bushing supplier specializing in bronze alloy castings. Serving numerous industries, we cast a variety of non-leaded bronze alloys including Aluminum Bronze C954. Aluminum Bronze C954’s corrosion resistance in seawater, chlorides, and dilute acids make it one of the best options for needs in the heavy industrial, valve, and marine industries.

  • The composition makes it an excellent thermal and electrical conductor. Unlike some other metals and metal alloys, C954 can also be strengthened with heat treatment.
  • C954 bronze material machinability rating of 60 is higher than many other similar alloys, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring complex machining.

cast bronze bushing, metric bronze bushing and inch bronze bushing
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PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings

PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings is made of high-strength casting bronze, with PTFE solid lubricant embedded in holes on the working surface of bearings, they can be used in jet, propeller, ship, boatyard, offshore platform, hydraulic turbine, etc.