C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing

Phosphor Bronze Bushing such as C91000 are typically found in high-strength bushing and bearing applications where high strength, low speeds, and heavy loads are present. Other high-strength applications for these alloys are pump impellers, piston rings, steam fittings, and valve bodies. C910 Phosphor wear plate are utilized in movable bridge components, can solve all the stability problems of bridges and structures for our customers. and other structures for fixed and expansion bearings with slow or intermittent movement and heavy loads.

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C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing


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We stock phosphor bronze bushing, thrust washer, and wear strips in a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes, and it’s available in both casting bronze bushing and solid lubricant-embedded phosphor bronze. when they’ll be used in an application where corrosion resistance and the other unique properties of phosphor bronze are ideal.

  • C91000 bronze is a bronze formulated for casting. Cited properties are appropriate for the as-fabricated (no temper or treatment) condition. C91000 is the UNS number for this material. Additionally, the common industry name is 85-15 Tin Bronze.

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Plain Journal bearing, C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing

C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing For Automobile

Phosphor bronze is a widely used bushing material in automobile manufacturing, such as rod small head bushings, crosshead pin bushings, piston pin bushings, camshaft bushings, guide wheel bushings, guide wheel bracket bushings, gearbox bushings, etc. in air compressors, freezers, and internal combustion engines.

C91000 Phosphor Bronze Bushing is characterized by high hardness, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, good impact toughness, high permissible specific pressure and ultimate linear speed, and good workmanship. Phosphorus in phosphor bronze can prevent the production of extremely hard and brittle SnO2 in the alloy, which has a protective effect on the journal. Therefore, the use of phosphor bronze as a metal material helps extend the mechanical life.

Phosphor Bronze With Graphite

Phosphor bronze is an alloy of copper with tin and phosphorus, which has higher corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and no sparking when impacted. Used for medium speed, heavy load bearing, working temperature up to 250 ℃. With self-aligning, insensitive to deflection, and high load-bearing capacity can be subjected to radial load at the same time, self-lubrication without maintenance and other characteristics.

Graphite Embedded Phosphor Bronze

With phosphor bronze as the metal base material, embedded in graphite or other solid lubricants, under the action of frictional heat in operation, the lubricant is heated and expanded and automatically transferred to the friction surface, forming a layer of solid lubricating film, isolating the direct contact between the two friction surfaces, thus reducing the friction factor and friction loss, and improving the bearing capacity. Graphite-based solid lubricant embedded in the slider, thrust bearing, pad, and other parts of the relative movement of the surface can also achieve the self-lubricating effect.

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Phosphor Bronze Metal Alloys

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  • Steel TypeStandardCountry CodeSi(%)Al(%)Pb(%)P(%)S(%)Fe(%)Ni(%)
  • Chemical Composition

  • Physical Properties

    US CustomaryMetric
    Melting Point – Liquidus1760 F960 C
    Melting Point – Solidus1505 F818 C
    Density0.317 lb/in3 at 68 F8.77 gm/cm3 at 20 C
    Specific Gravity8.778.77
    Electrical Resistivity111.4 ohms-cmil/ft at 68 F18.52 microhm-cm at 20 C
    Electrical Conductivity9 %IACS at 68 F0.054 MegaSiemens/cm at 20 C
    Thermal Conductivity40.8 Btu · ft/(hr · ft2·°F) at 68 F70.6 W/m ·°K at 20 C
    Coefficient of Thermal Expansion10.2·10-6 per °F (68-392 F)18.4·10-6 per °C (20-200 C)
    Specific Heat Capacity0.09 Btu/lb/°F at 68 F377.1 J/kg · °K at 20 C
    Modulus of Elasticity in Tension16000 ksi11000 MPa
    Magnetic Permeability1.01.0
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