Bushing Vs Bearing

Bearings are important mechanical components used to support shaft parts and enable relative sliding between bearing surfaces.

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Difference Between Bushing And Bearing

Bushing and bearing are generally mixed, that is, the bushing also can be called bearing, The general wall thickness is thinner called bush more, and vice versa is called bearing more.

A Bushing

The bushing is used outside the mechanical parts to achieve the role of sealing, wear maintenance, and other supporting parts. The use of bushings is very wide, many parts in the industrial field, such as valves, bearings, and other parts will use bushings.

Shaft Bushing

What Is A Bearing

Bearing is an important component in contemporary mechanical equipment. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient during its movement, and ensure its rotary accuracy. According to the different frictional properties of moving elements, bearings can be divided into two categories: rolling bearings and sliding bearings.

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Bushing Vs Bearing

Metal Bearings Material

Bronze Bushing

Bronze bearings are suitable for low-speed and heavy-load applications where the shaft and bearing alignment is good, They can be made from a variety of alloy components to obtain a variety of physical properties.

Cast Iron Bearing

Cast iron-bearing materials are widely used in less demanding applications. The hardness of the journal must be higher than the hardness of the shaft shank.

Sintered Bronze Bushing

The so-called “self-lubricating” “porous” bearings or sintered bronze bushings are made by first sintering metal powder and then dipping it in oil.

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How To Select Copper Bushings?

The use of copper bushings is very common, but the material of different bearings, the function, and characteristics are different, how to select the right copper bushings, please see the following:

  • aluminum bronze has high strength, high fineness, and stable chemical function. Commonly used in valve bodies, worm gears, nuts, pipe fittings, etc.
  • Tin-phosphorus bronze, hardness and wear resistance are very high, can be used to make heavy loads, high speed, and higher temperature operation, subject to violent conflict parts, such as connecting rod bushings, gears, worm gears, etc.

To choose the right copper bushing, it is necessary to consider the purpose of its use and choose different types of bushings for different working conditions.

C93200 High Leaded Tin Bronze
Bushing Vs Bearing

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The main conditions considered in bushing selection are the pressure, speed, pressure-velocity product, and the nature of the load that the bushing needs to withstand. In addition, whether the bushing is lubricated or not, the state of lubrication also determines its effectiveness and life.

bushing vs bearing

Solid Bronze Bushing Design

Solid bronze bushing is a composite of metal base material and solid lubricant. Using the complementary performance of the two materials, it can realize self-lubrication under the harsh special conditions of high temperature, low speed, and heavy load. Its design features are:

  • Selection and pairing of substrate material and solid lubricant.

  • Determination of load bearing and bearing width.

  • Selection of thickness and fit clearance

  • The area occupied by solid lubricant and arrangement, etc.

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Bushings and Bearings – Applications and Industries

Plain bearings that rely on self-lubrication are theoretically capable of operating indefinitely, they are used in very critical applications if bearing failure can have serious consequences. Examples include steam turbines in power plants, engines in automobile manufacturing, etc. Sliding bearings are also often used in low-speed shaft applications, such as ship propeller shafts.

Oil-Impregnated Sintered Bronze And Solid Bronze Bushing

They range from oil-impregnated sintered bronze to designs capable of using embedded solid lubricants. The latter are often used in harsh environments such as agricultural machinery and construction machinery. Sliding bearings are often cast in bronze or pressed with metal powder and impregnated with an oil to provide film lubrication.

Graphite Impregnated Bearings
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Bushing VS Bearing, Select Your Parts

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