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Bronze thrust washer with graphite to meet our customer’s demanding requirements. Whether the function is for appliances, transportation, power generation, or off-highway, Viiplus BRONZE thrust BEARING will provide you with the peace of mind needed for demanding applications.

SAE841 Bronze

SAE 841 Sintered Bronze – Oil Impregnated

Casting Bronze Washer

Casting Bronze Bushing, 2.1090 DIN, CuSn7Zn4Pb7-C – Copper-Tin-Lead Alloy.

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Design Of Non-Standard & Standard Customized Bronze Bushings

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Bronze thrust washers are integral components used in various industrial applications, particularly in situations where a bearing must support a high axial load at low speeds. These washers are designed to prevent movement along the axis of a shaft, essentially acting as a ‘brake’ to keep parts in place while reducing friction. Custom Solutions: Depending on the needs of the customer, a supplier may also provide custom-made bronze thrust washers. This involves manufacturing washers according to specific sizes, shapes, and material specifications provided by the customer. While maintaining high-quality standards, a good supplier will also offer competitive pricing, ensuring customers receive value for their investment.

Bronze Thrust Washer


A supplier of bronze thrust washers typically offers a range of products catering to various industrial needs. These may include washers of different sizes, thicknesses, and bronze types, each suited for specific applications. In addition, a reputable supplier can also provide bespoke solutions, producing washers according to the specific dimensions and requirements provided by customers.

Custom Solutions

How does a Bronze Thrust Washer Work?

A bronze thrust washer works by separating two rotating parts and providing a low-friction surface that allows them to move against each other smoothly. The washer is placed between two rotating parts and helps to transmit loads from one part to another. The bronze material used in the thrust washer provides excellent wear resistance and durability, making it an ideal material for use in high-load applications.

We Deliver Thrust Washer Bearing To Your Company Bronze thrust washer offers SAE 841 OILLESS thrust washer bearing or C93200 cast thrust washer and graphite/PTFE embedded thrust bearing. Shop the standard sizes or get your customized specification today.

metallic powders formed to shape by the sintering process and then soaked in oil. These simple thrust washer-style bearings have an extended range of applications.

Oilless Thrust Washer

PTFE Insert Thrust Bronze Washer used in frequent starts and stops application, when your machine startup, the PTFE can lubricate the thrust washer bearing.

PTFE Insert Thrust Bronze Washer

Excellent Customer Service: A top-tier supplier will provide excellent customer service, including product advice, timely delivery, and after-sales support.

Variety of Products: A good supplier will offer a wide range of bronze thrust washers to cater to different industrial applications. This may include different types of bronze, such as phosphor bronze, aluminum bronze, or silicon bronze, among others.

Variety of Products

863 iron-copper thrust bearings make stronger and more resistant to shock loads than standard OILLESS bearings. they operate at lower speeds with silver color.
Quality Assurance: A reputable supplier will ensure that all products meet high quality standards. This may involve rigorous testing and quality checks to guarantee the durability and performance of the washers.

863 Iron-Copper Thrust Bearings

Graphite provides a layer of dry lubrication that operates in high-temperature environments.
Based copper alloy material: c93200, 841 bronze, etc.
841 bronze bearings are porous, they can handle higher temperatures than 932-bearing bronze bearings. but C93200 materials are cast, making them strong, wear-resistant, and excellent at handling shock loads. They are sometimes called 660 leaded bronze bearings.

Graphite-Embedded Thrust Washer

C86300 Standard Thrust Washer

At, we’re proud to specialize in the production of precision bronze thrust washers, tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Our primary product, the C86300 Standard Thrust Washer, is an exemplary representation of our dedication to quality and reliability.

At, our mission transcends mere manufacturing. We strive to be your trusted partner in providing tailored solutions, making the most out of our advanced engineering capabilities to meet your unique specifications. We understand that every application is different, and we’re committed to ensuring our thrust washers fulfill their role in your project flawlessly.

Choose for precision, quality, and reliability that you can count on. Your success is our mission.

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

Bronze Thrust Washer Supplier – Self-lubricating, Choose Your Size!

Bronze thrust Washers have been developed for high-load, low-speed applications and are made of rotational cast high-strength bronze using a specially formed graphite plug as a lubricant.

Our range of bronze thrust bearings is available in metric and imperial sizes. Our in-house machining service can produce non-standard sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

To choose the right size of the bronze thrust washer for a specific application, the following steps can be taken:
1. Measure the Shaft and Housing
2. Consider Operational Load
3.Consult with us to choosing the appropriate thrust washer size based on the application’s requirements.

C86300 bronze Thrust Washer with graphite
Bearing Thrust Washer


Self-lubricated Bearing Thrust Washer technology

Bronze Thrust Bearing Material: You can also use our self-lubricating bronze oilless parts configurator. Thrust washer-bearing material is determined by the application. The choice of material is determined by several factors such as speed, load, and temperature. Thrust washers may be produced from plastic, brass, bronze, stainless steel, graphite, or various other materials. Whatever your application may be, VIIPLUS engineers will assist you in determining the most cost-effective material and production process to fulfill both your and your customer’s needs. Give VIIPLUS a call today so we may solve your customer’s problems. Our portfolio offers maintenance-free oilless bronze bushings for high loads and long life according to customer drawings and common standards (VDI/BAK, NAAMS).

MAINTENANCE-FREE Bronze Thrust Washer

Clutch  Hub Thrust Washer Bearing

Bronze Thrust Washer Used In Vehicle: Bearings have an important impact on the performance of the vehicle. In terms of reliability, once damaged, it will affect the driving of the vehicle. In terms of safety, the installation position of some bearings is very important, such as wheel hub bearings, which are to support the weight of the entire vehicle. Once a fault occurs, it will affect the safety of the entire vehicle. In terms of comfort, bearings not only have a great relationship with the smooth operation of the vehicle, but also those bearings with poor quality are prone to produce larger noises. Although the thrust washer is a small part, it is closely related to the reliability, safety, and comfort of the whole vehicle.

Clutch Hub Thrust Washer Bearing

Sinter bronze bushing

SAE841 Thrust Washer Bearing

SAE841 Thrust Washer Bearing is a self-lubricating bearing product made by a powder metallurgical process. It contains a large number of interconnected pores that direct the lubricant to the area between the shaft and the bearing. It is used for medium-speed, heavy load bearings. The maximum operating temperature is 250°C. Bronze thrust washer can be subjected to radial loads simultaneously, is self-lubricating, and requires no maintenance. Has good electrical conductivity, is not easy to heat up, and has strong fatigue resistance while ensuring safety.

The benefits of oilless bronze bearings

What is a Bronze thrust washer?

Bronze Thrust washer bearings are flat bearings that are typically inserted between a rotating component and a stationary component, and function to keep the rotating component in place by providing it with something to rub up against if it begins to move laterally. VIIPLUS bronze thrust washer supplier is made from self-lubricating materials that promote maintenance-free, dry operation for various applications and axial load requirements. All of our materials are rigorously tested by our professionals. Ensure long service life and high wear rates.

Bronze Thrust Washer
Bronze Thrust Washer with graphite


Where are Bronze thrust washers used?

They are used in high-wear applications such as axle assemblies, motors, transmissions, pumps, power take-offs, and winches. Just about any application that needs a wear surface.

Precision-engineered thrust washer bearings are used in high-wear applications such as transmissions, power take-offs, pumps, axle assemblies, motors, and winches. Thrust washer kits contain thrust washers of varying thicknesses for correct installation during component assembly. Standard thrust washers are made for products such as automotive engines.

Turbocharger Washer Thrust Bearing

A turbocharger is an important energy-saving product, which can improve engine power, and reduce fuel consumption and pollution. The thrust bearing is a key component to ensure the normal operation and working life of the whole device, which not only requires good physical and mechanical properties but also should give excellent frictional wear characteristics.

Factors to consider when selecting Bronze Thrust Washer

  • Load Capacity
  • Speed Capability
  • Temperature Range
  • Environment and Application & Cost
Turbocharger Washer Thrust Bearing
bronze thrust washer with graphite

The Advantage Of Oilless Thrust Washer

Thrust washer bearings can work in certain situations that cannot be used, are inconvenient to use, or have no advantage in using rolling bearings, such as particularly high operating speeds, particularly large shock and vibration, limited radial space dimensions or must be split and installed, and need to be in the water. or working in corrosive media.

  • Good fatigue strength
  • Good friction reduction and wear resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good friction compatibility
  • Good embedding
  • Higher carrying capacity
  • Good thermal conductivity, manufacturability, and economy

How To Choose Bronze Thrust Washer Bearing Material

Bronze Thrust washers can be found in almost every appliance, machine, transportation conveyance, power tool, and recreational device that has moving parts, axles, bolts, pins, bearings, and rotating components. In their simplest form, thrust washers are long-wearing flat bearings in the shape of a washer that transmit and resolve axial forces in rotating mechanisms to keep components aligned along a shaft. Thrust washers are an economical alternative to rolling thrust bearings whenever forces velocities are moderate.

The selection of bronze thrust washer bearing materials should consider the following aspects: load type, load size, journal speed, operating temperature, corrosion conditions, oil supply method, matching thrust plate hardness, contamination conditions, economic performance, etc.

oilless thrust washer

Bronze Graphite Thrust Washers

Bronze Graphite Thrust Washers is a high-performance solution for applications that demand durability, low friction, and excellent load-bearing characteristics. They are designed to thrive in conditions where traditional lubrication is challenging or impossible. Here’s a brief description:

A Bronze Graphite Thrust Washer is a type of thrust washer that is made from a bronze alloy and embedded with graphite plugs. The bronze provides strength, resistance to wear and tear, and excellent heat dissipation, making it suitable for high-speed applications. Graphite, on the other hand, offers self-lubricating properties.

This combination of materials results in a thrust washer that can handle high load capacities and speeds without the need for regular maintenance or additional lubrication. The self-lubricating feature of the graphite makes these washers ideal for applications in hard-to-reach areas, or in environments where regular maintenance would be difficult or disruptive.

Common applications for Bronze Graphite Thrust Washers include heavy machinery, automotive components, and various industrial equipment. Their durability and low-maintenance characteristics make them a popular choice in these demanding settings.

At, we offer a range of Bronze Graphite Thrust Washers in different sizes and specifications to meet your unique application needs. If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performance solution, our Bronze Graphite Thrust Washers might be the perfect fit.

Choose Your Thrust Washer Size

Graphite Thrust Washer Size

Choosing the right size of thrust washer is crucial to ensure the smooth operation of your machinery. At, we offer a wide range of sizes to cater to your specific needs.

  1. Choosing Your Thrust Washer Size:

To choose the right thrust washer size, you’ll need to consider the shaft size, housing size, and the operational load of your application. First, measure the diameter of the shaft where the thrust washer will be installed. This will determine the inner diameter of the washer. Next, measure the housing size, which will determine the washer’s outer diameter. Lastly, consider the operational load to select the appropriate thickness of the washer.

At, we offer a comprehensive range of sizes and we’re committed to helping you find the perfect fit for your application.

  1. Graphite Thrust Washer Size:

Our graphite thrust washers are an excellent choice for applications requiring high load capacity and temperature resistance. These washers are embedded with graphite, which provides excellent self-lubricating properties.

Just like our bronze washers, our graphite thrust washers are available in a variety of sizes. From small, delicate applications to heavy-duty industrial use, we’ve got you covered. Remember to measure your shaft and housing sizes accurately to select the right washer.

At, we’re here to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect thrust washer for your needs. Our team of experts is always ready to assist you with any questions you may have. Your success is our mission.

MaterialPart NumberInner DiameterOuter DiameterThickness
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 1010.2303
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 1212.2403
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 1313.2403
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 1414.2403
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 1515.2503
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 1616.2503
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 1818.2503
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 2020.2505
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 2525.2555
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 3030.2605
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 3535.2705
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 4040.2807
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 4545.3907
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 5050.31008
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 5555.31108
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 6060.31208
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 6565.31258
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 7070.313010
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 7575.313010
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 8080.315010
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 9090.517010
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 100100.519010
 Graphite Thrust WasherVIIPLUS 120120.520010

What Are The Different Types Of Bronze Thrust Washers Available

Various types of bronze thrust washers are available, each with specific characteristics and applications. Some common types include:

  1. Oil-Embedded Thrust Bearings: These thrust washers are embedded with oil, providing self-lubrication and reducing the need for additional lubrication.
  2. Self-Lubricating Thrust Washers: Designed to operate smoothly without requiring extra lubrication, these washers offer low friction and can withstand high speeds without generating excessive heat.
  3. Cast Bronze Washers: Available in metric sizes, these washers offer reliable performance, high load capacity, and excellent wear resistance.
  4. Plain Thrust Washer: This type of washer is known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. It has a low coefficient of friction, making it suitable for high-speed operations.
  5. Graphite Plugged Thrust Washer: These washers are designed with graphite plugs to provide self-lubrication and are suitable for applications that demand high performance and low maintenance.
  6. Oil/Grease Grooved Thrust Washer: These washers are grooved to hold oil or grease, providing lubrication for the moving parts.

These types of bronze thrust washers offer a range of options for various applications, including high-temperature environments, heavy machinery, automotive components, and industrial machinery. When selecting a bronze thrust washer, it’s important to consider factors such as the specific application, load requirements, and environmental conditions to ensure the optimal performance of the washers.

Thrust Bearing In Fluid Film Bearing

Thrust Bearing In Fluid Film BearingA thrust bearing in fluid film bearings is a critical component designed to support axial loads or forces in machinery and rotating equipment. Fluid film bearings are a type of bearing that relies on a thin film of lubricating fluid, such as oil, to separate and provide a low-friction interface between the rotating shaft and the stationary bearing surface. These bearings are commonly used in various industrial applications, including turbines, compressors, pumps, and more.

Thrust bearings play a specific role within fluid film bearings by primarily resisting axial or thrust loads. Here’s how they work:

  1. Construction: Thrust bearings in fluid film bearings typically consist of a set of tilting pads or thrust shoes. These pads are mounted on a support structure within the bearing housing. Each pad has a curved surface facing the rotating shaft.
  2. Lubrication: The lubricating oil or fluid is continuously supplied to the interface between the thrust pads and the shaft. This fluid film provides a cushioning effect, preventing direct contact between the shaft and the pads.
  3. Axial Load Support: When axial loads are applied to the rotating shaft, the curved surfaces of the thrust pads generate a hydrodynamic pressure within the lubricating film. This pressure opposes and balances the axial load, effectively supporting the shaft’s thrust.
  4. Tilting Mechanism: Thrust pads are often designed with a tilting mechanism that allows them to pivot slightly in response to changes in the axial load. This tilting action helps maintain a consistent and uniform lubricating film thickness, even when the load magnitude or direction varies.
  5. Temperature Control: Fluid film bearings require careful monitoring and control of lubricating oil temperature to maintain the integrity of the lubricating film. Excessive heat can lead to a breakdown of the oil film and potential damage to the bearing surfaces.

Thrust bearings in fluid film bearings are crucial for ensuring smooth and efficient operation of rotating machinery, as they prevent wear, reduce friction, and manage axial loads. Proper maintenance and monitoring of these bearings are essential to prevent overheating, excessive wear, and potential equipment failures. Regular oil analysis, temperature control, and vibration monitoring are commonly used techniques to assess the health of fluid film bearings and ensure their reliability in industrial applications.

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about bronze thrust washers

  1. What is the maximum load capacity of a bronze thrust washer?

The maximum load capacity of a bronze thrust washer varies based on several factors, including its size, thickness, and the specific bronze alloy used. It’s important to note that exceeding the recommended load capacity can lead to premature failure or damage. To ensure the best performance, always choose a thrust washer with a load capacity that matches or exceeds the demands of your application.

  1. Can bronze thrust washers handle high speeds?

Yes, bronze thrust washers are designed to handle high speeds. The bronze material has excellent heat dissipation properties, which helps prevent overheating even at high rotational speeds. However, it’s crucial to confirm that the specific bronze thrust washer you choose is rated for the speed requirements of your application.

  1. How do I know if my bronze thrust washer needs to be replaced?

Several signs might indicate that your bronze thrust washer needs to be replaced. These include noticeable wear or damage, increased friction or noise during operation, and decreased overall performance or efficiency. Regular maintenance and inspection are key to catching these issues early and preventing further complications. If you’re unsure, it’s always a good idea to consult with a professional or your thrust washer supplier.

At, we’re committed to providing you with all the information you need to make the right decision for your application. Our team of experts is always ready to answer any additional questions you may have.

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