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In the realm of precision manufacturing, one crucial component that often goes unnoticed but plays a significant role in ensuring the seamless operation of machines is the bronze shoulder bushing. As a distinguished manufacturer hailing from China, specializing in self-lubricating flanged bronze shoulder bushings, we delve into the intricate world of these essential components and shed light on their applications, materials, dimensions, services, and our commitment to professionalism.

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Bronze Flange Bushing

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When high speeds or heavy loads cause shaft bending, vibration, and axial loading or movement. Bronze shoulder bushings can provide support for shafts that are perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. flange bronze bushings which are positioned so that they support the shaft.

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Understanding Flanged Sleeve Shoulder Bushings

Flanged sleeve shoulder bushings, also known as wrapped oilless bushings or brass shoulder bushings, are cylindrical components designed to serve as a barrier between two moving parts. These bushings are meticulously crafted to provide a low-friction interface that minimizes wear and tear while enabling smooth and consistent motion.

One of the standout features of these shoulder bushings is their flanged design. The flange, a collar-like extension at one end of the bushing, serves as a stopping point, preventing the bushing from being pushed out of its housing. This design not only simplifies installation but also enhances stability within the machinery. Additionally, the flange can act as a thrust-bearing surface, further reducing the load on the bushing and increasing its load-bearing capacity.

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Customization and Industry Applications

One size does not fit all in the engineering world, which is why the availability of industry-standard sizes alongside the option for custom sizes is a significant advantage of flanged sleeve shoulder bushings. This flexibility ensures that engineers can tailor their choice to match the exact specifications of their machinery and equipment, optimizing performance and efficiency.

Flanged sleeve shoulder bushings find their applications across various industries, including automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and more. They can be employed in machinery that ranges from heavy-duty industrial equipment to delicate precision instruments, demonstrating their versatility and importance across the engineering spectrum.

Flange Bronze Bushing – Available In Metric And Inch Sizes

Flange bushings are bronze bushings with a “flange” or “shoulder” on one end. The flange serves multiple functions. It can assist in the alignment and mounting of the bearing and help ease the installation of the bearing.

Types Of Flange Bushing:

  • Bronze shoulder bushings
  • Sintered flange bushing
  • Graphite-embedded Bronze bearing
Embedded Trimmed Flange Bearings

Featuring Of Bronze Shoulder Bushing

Bronze shoulder bushing featuring a flange that is designed to support a load. Flange bushings are used at lower speeds and lighter loads while still allowing the mating shaft to slide freely within the bushing. Flange bearings are similar to cylindrical sleeve bearings, but have a flange on one end, which acts as a load-bearing surface for axial loads. They are often used in agriculture, aircraft, and automotive applications as well as in appliances, machine tools, and hydraulics.

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Large Flange Bronze Bushing – Casting Bearing

We manufacture standard and custom large flange bushings per client specifications using centrifugal and static casting techniques. It can withstand loads repeatedly for heavy machinery.

  • Castings up to 35,000 pounds
  • Lengths of up to 80 inches for centrifugally casting bronze bushing
  • Outside diameters as large as 150 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • No size limit for cast bronze bearing

Bronze shoulder bushings are perfect for hard-wearing applications. They have longer lifespans than brass flange bushings. Additionally, this bushing type better resists shock, impact, wear, and corrosion. To help you determine the best alloy material & size for your application, contact me today!

Large Bronze Bushings

Bronze Bearing Flange Bushing Material’s Shoulder Bushings material options: Aluminum bronze, Tin Bronze, Lead bronze, etc.

How To Measure Flange Bronze Bushing

The flange bushing has 5 distinctive parts. The inner diameter (ID), the outer diameter (OD), the overall length of the bushing (OAL), the flange outer diameter (FLOD), and the flange thickness (FLTH).

Follow the measurement sequence of ID, OD, OAL, FLOD, and FLTH. This will ensure a quick and accurate quotation.

Bronze Bushing Material
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Bronze Shoulder Bushings Material Options And Variants

bronze flange bushing, bronze tube, bronze shoulder bushings offers a range of material options for their shoulder bushings, catering to diverse application needs. The available materials include Solid Bronze, Bronze Plated, and Graphite Plugged variants. Each material brings its own set of advantages to the table, ensuring that engineers can select the perfect fit for their specific requirements.

Solid Bronze Bushings: These bushings incorporate a lubricating strip, a feature that proves invaluable in cleaner molding applications. The lubrication strip reduces friction and heat generation, contributing to smoother operations and prolonging the life of both the bushing and the equipment it’s used in.

Bronze Plated Bushings: The bronze-plated variants combine the structural strength of bronze with a plated surface, enhancing corrosion resistance and providing a sleek, polished appearance. This makes them particularly well-suited for applications where aesthetics matter without compromising on performance.

Graphite Plugged Bushings: Graphite is renowned for its self-lubricating properties, and when incorporated into shoulder bushings, it offers continuous lubrication even in conditions where conventional lubricants might fail. This is particularly advantageous in high-temperature environments or applications where frequent maintenance isn’t feasible.

Flanged Shoulder Bushings Size

flanged shoulder bushingsOur commitment to precision extends to the dimensions of our bronze shoulder bushings. We understand that every application demands tailored solutions, which is why we offer an array of sizes and configurations. Whether it’s the inner diameter, outer diameter, length, or flange dimensions, our offerings are customizable to meet the specific requirements of diverse machinery setups.

Item No.IDLengthMaterial
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.750.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.751.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.751.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.752.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.752.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.753.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.753.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.754.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.8750.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.8751.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.8751.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.8752.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.8752.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.8753.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings0.8753.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings10.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings11.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings11.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings12.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings12.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings13.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings13.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings14.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings14.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings15.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.250.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.251.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.251.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.252.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.252.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.253.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.253.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.254.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.254.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.255.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.50.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.51.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.51.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.52.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.52.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.53.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.53.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.54.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.54.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings1.55.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings21.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings21.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings22.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings22.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings23.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings23.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings24.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings24.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings25.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.51.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.51.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.52.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.52.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.53.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.53.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.54.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.54.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings2.55.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings33.375Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings33.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings34.875Bronze
Casting Shoulder Bushings35.875Bronze
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.750.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.751.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.751.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.752.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.752.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.753.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.753.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.754.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.754.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8750.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8751.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8751.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8752.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8752.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8753.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8753.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite0.8754.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite10.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite11.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite11.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite12.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite12.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite13.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite13.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite14.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite14.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite15.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.250.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.251.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.251.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.252.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.252.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.253.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.253.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.254.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.254.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.255.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.50.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.51.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.51.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.52.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.52.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.53.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.53.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.54.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.54.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite1.55.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite21.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite21.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite22.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite22.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite23.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite23.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite24.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite24.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite25.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.51.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.51.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.52.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.52.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.53.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.53.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.54.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.54.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite2.55.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite33.375Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite33.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite34.875Bronze/Graph
Shoulder Bushings With Graphite35.875Bronze/Graph

Sintered Bronze Flanged Sleeve Bearings Vs Casting Shoulder Bushings

Sintered Bronze Flanged Sleeve Bearings and Cast Shoulder Bushings are two distinct types of bushings used in various applications. Let’s compare them based on their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages:

Sintered Bronze Flanged Sleeve Bearings:

  1. Manufacturing Process: Sintered bronze flanged sleeve bearings are created by compacting bronze powder at high pressure and then sintering it (heating without melting) to create a porous structure. This structure is then impregnated with lubricating oil.
  2. Advantages:
    • Self-Lubricating: The oil impregnation within the pores of the bearing material provides continuous lubrication, reducing friction and wear.
    • Maintenance-Free: Due to the self-lubricating property, these bearings require minimal maintenance.
    • Good Load-Carrying Capacity: Sintered bronze bearings can handle moderate to high loads, making them suitable for various applications.
    • Cost-Effective: They are often more cost-effective than other types of bearings, especially for moderate loads and speeds.
  3. Disadvantages:
    • Limited Speeds: Sintered bronze bearings might not be suitable for high-speed applications due to potential heat buildup from friction.
    • Lower Precision: These bearings may have slightly lower precision compared to some other bearing types.

Casting Shoulder Bushings:

  1. Manufacturing Process: Casting shoulder bushings are typically made by pouring molten metal (such as bronze) into a mold to create the desired shape.
  2. Advantages:
    • Customization: Casting allows for more intricate shapes and custom designs, which can be advantageous for specific applications.
    • High Precision: Depending on the casting process and post-casting machining, these bushings can achieve higher precision.
    • Durability: Well-cast bushings can offer good strength and wear resistance.
  3. Disadvantages:
    • Lubrication Needed: These bushings often require external lubrication to reduce friction and wear. They don’t have the inherent self-lubrication of sintered bronze bearings.
    • Maintenance: Regular lubrication maintenance is needed, which might not be ideal for all applications.
    • Potentially Higher Cost: The customization and precision can lead to higher manufacturing costs compared to standard bearings.

Choosing Between the Two:

The choice between sintered bronze flanged sleeve bearings and casting shoulder bushings depends on the specific requirements of your application. If you need a self-lubricating, cost-effective solution for moderate to high loads and speeds, sintered bronze bearings might be suitable. On the other hand, if you require a customized design with higher precision and are willing to invest in lubrication maintenance, casting shoulder bushings could be a better fit.

Ultimately, the decision should consider factors such as load, speed, lubrication preferences, cost constraints, and the desired level of precision. Consulting with an engineer or bearing specialist could help you make an informed choice based on your unique needs.

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