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Bronze Shoulder Bushings support the load with a metal base material, Also can add solid lubricant to reduce friction.

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Bronze Flange Bushing

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When high speeds or heavy loads cause shaft bending, vibration, and axial loading or movement. Bronze shoulder bushings can provide support for shafts that are perpendicular to the bearing mounting surface. flange bronze bushings which are positioned so that they support the shaft.

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bronze shoulder bushings

Flange Bronze Bushing – Available In Metric And Inch Sizes

Flange bushings are bronze bushings with a “flange” or “shoulder” on one end. The flange serves multiple functions. It can assist in the alignment and mounting of the bearing and help ease the installation of the bearing.

Types Of Flange Bushing:

  • Bronze shoulder bushings
  • Sintered flange bushing
  • Graphite-embedded Bronze bearing
Embedded Trimmed Flange Bearings

Featuring Of Bronze Shoulder Bushing

Bronze shoulder bushing featuring a flange that is designed to support a load. Flange bushings are used at lower speeds and lighter loads while still allowing the mating shaft to slide freely within the bushing. Flange bearings are similar to cylindrical sleeve bearings, but have a flange on one end, which acts as a load-bearing surface for axial loads. They are often used in agriculture, aircraft, and automotive applications as well as in appliances, machine tools, and hydraulics.

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Cam Unit

Our standard cam units are used to punch, cut, and form sheets and plates. It Change vertical movement into horizontal or inclined movement by the use of inclined wedges and sliding blocks.

bronze shoulder bushings

Large Flange Bronze Bushing – Casting Bearing

We manufacture standard and custom large flange bushings per client specifications using centrifugal and static casting techniques. It can withstand loads repeatedly for heavy machinery.

  • Castings up to 35,000 pounds
  • Lengths of up to 80 inches for centrifugally casting bronze bushing
  • Outside diameters as large as 150 inches for centrifugally cast parts
  • No size limit for cast bronze bearing

Bronze shoulder bushings are perfect for hard-wearing applications. They have longer lifespans than brass flange bushings. Additionally, this bushing type better resists shock, impact, wear, and corrosion. To help you determine the best alloy material & size for your application, contact me today!

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Bronze Bearing Flange Bushing Material’s Shoulder Bushings material options: Aluminum bronze, Tin Bronze, Lead bronze, etc.

How To Measure Flange Bronze Bushing

The flange bushing has 5 distinctive parts. The inner diameter (ID), the outer diameter (OD), the overall length of the bushing (OAL), the flange outer diameter (FLOD), and the flange thickness (FLTH).

Follow the measurement sequence of ID, OD, OAL, FLOD, and FLTH. This will ensure a quick and accurate quotation.

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