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We can produce CNC brass machined parts according to your specifications, including casting brass bushing, brass wear plate, flanged brass bushings, thrust washer bearing, and graphite-plugged brass bushing.

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Introduction to Brass Machined Parts

What Are Brass Machined Parts

Brass machined parts are vital components crafted from brass, an alloy predominantly composed of copper and zinc, often enriched with additional elements such as lead, manganese, aluminum, arsenic, or tin to augment its properties. Renowned for its superb machinability, high ductility, malleability, and resistance to corrosion, wear, temperature fluctuations, oxidation, and salt, brass also boasts good conductivity of both heat and electricity.

These machined parts find extensive use across diverse applications, including bearings, bushings, compression fittings, gears, medical transmission components, pipe fittings, valves, and various electronic parts.

Application Of Brass Machined Parts

These machined parts find extensive use across diverse applications, including bearings, bushings, compression fittings, gears, medical transmission components, pipe fittings, valves, and various electronic parts.

Advantage of Brass machined parts

Brass machined parts offer numerous advantages, including durability, high tolerances, and effective sealing, rendering them suitable for challenging environments and prolonged usage. They can be employed straight from the CNC machine, with various finishing options available to cater to specific requirements. Furthermore, brass machined parts present a cost-effective alternative, particularly in instances where high-strength brass proves more economical than steel, such as in heavy-duty valve chests or manifolds.

Brass Machined Parts, Manufacturing Brass Bushing

Properties of Brass Material

Brass is an alloy formed by combining copper and zinc, offering a wide range of engineering applications. The addition of zinc enhances its strength, making it adaptable for various uses. It is recognized for its excellent machinability, medium strength, impressive corrosion resistance, good electrical and thermal conductivity, and bacteriostatic properties.

Free-cutting brasses, such as UNS alloy C36000, contain a small lead content that enhances their machinability by facilitating the easy breaking of chips and acting as an internal lubricant on cutting tools. These brasses can theoretically be machined five times faster than leaded steel at comparable tool speeds, resulting in significant production cost savings.

The outstanding corrosion resistance of brass permits the use of water-soluble cutting oils, leading to potential savings of up to 70% in lubricant costs compared to alternative materials like leaded steels. Brass is also valued for its malleability, enabling manufacturers to shape it into various forms without requiring heat application.

Importance of Brass Machined Parts in Various Industries

Brass machined parts play a vital role across diverse industries owing to their distinctive properties, which render them highly suitable for specific applications. Brass, being versatile and corrosion-resistant, capable of enduring extreme temperatures, finds extensive utility in sectors like plumbing, medicine, and aerospace.

A key advantage of brass lies in its superb machinability, critical for industries requiring precision and intricate components. Easily moldable into various shapes and sizes, brass facilitates the production of complex parts such as locks, gears, valves, and bearings, characterized by high tensile strength and minimal friction.

Moreover, brass exhibits high corrosion resistance, rendering it apt for outdoor usage, plumbing fixtures, and maritime applications.

Additionally, brass serves as an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity, making it suitable for electrical components like circuit breakers, connectors, switches, and terminals. Its precision in machining and durability further bolster its suitability for such applications.

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Machining Processes for Brass

Custom Brass Bushings – CNC Machined Parts

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With our extensive range of customized machined parts, designed for the critical tolerances demanded by precise applications, the Brass bushing is also more durable and longer lasting than plastic bearings, making it a wise choice for products requiring a longer service life.

Wholesale CNC Bronze Parts & Machining Service

Our exceptional Tin Bronze Bushings go beyond the traditional tin and copper alloys. By incorporating elements such as phosphorus, zinc, lead-nickel, and other corrosion-resistant components, we ensure unparalleled performance in terms of corrosion resistance, wear resistance, mechanical properties, and overall stability.

Tin Bronze stands as the ultimate material for crafting CNC turning parts, with precision bronze-turned parts being among the most widely sought-after CNC metal components.

Elevate Your Projects with CNC Bronze Parts and Machined Components that boast high-grade raw materials and undergo advanced machining processes. Our commitment to international quality standards positions these parts as the preferred choice across various industries and devices.

brass sleeve bushing brass machined parts
brass sleeve bushing brass machined parts

Tailored CNC Parts – Custom Brass Bushings

Our expertise lies in delivering custom CNC cast brass bushings, whether they are simple or intricate, tailored to your specific requirements. We are committed to upholding the highest quality standards while ensuring efficient production with the aid of skilled operators and cutting-edge machinery. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we strive to deliver top-notch products in the shortest possible timeframe.

At our facility, we excel not only in manufacturing CNC turning copper parts and bronze machined parts but also in crafting non-standard brass machined components. Our CNC lathe machining services for brass parts are second to none.

Brass Bushings for Standard and Specialized Needs, Experience the precision and reliability of our CNC machining services now!

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Precision CNC Turning of Brass and Bronze Components

At our manufacturing facility, we take pride in crafting top-quality brass machined parts. Utilizing premium-grade brass and advanced technology, we meticulously adhere to your provided specifications and drawings. From material selection to production, surface treatment, testing, and final packaging, our CNC turning service is tailored to ensure the longevity and utmost satisfaction of our esteemed customers.

With a global clientele, our custom brass bushings and bronze turned parts have earned high praise and a stellar reputation. Experience the exceptional features of our products, meticulously crafted with precision and care.

Discover the excellence of our CNC turning services for brass and bronze components, reach out to us via email today!

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CNC Bronze Component – Advancing Technology

As a fundamental component, the spindle bearing of a machine tool serves as the cornerstone for ensuring machining accuracy. With the evolution of modern machine tools towards higher precision, speed, and reliability, the demand for superior precision and rigidity in CNC bearing technologies has escalated.

Benefits of CNC Bearing Bronze

With high accuracy in operation, superior speed performance, and robust system rigidity, our super-precision CNC bronze parts are ideal for machine tools and precision applications such as rolling mills, racing cars, and marine vessels. These bearings also effectively minimize noise, vibration, and heat generation.

Bridge Of The Machine Tool Transmission stands as a quality manufacturer and exporter of CNC turned parts, holding the prestigious ISO9001 certification. Whether you require top-notch bronze bushing parts, CNC machined components, custom bearing bronze, or other specialized accessories, do not hesitate to contact us via email today.

Our expertise lies in crafting both simple and intricate bronze bushings that perfectly align with your specific requirements. We pride ourselves on upholding the highest quality standards while ensuring swift turnaround times. Backed by a team of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art machinery, we deliver reliable results promptly. We are committed to producing exceptional turned copper parts, precision-machined bronze components, non-standard brass parts, and brass bushing parts to meet your every need.

cnc bronze parts, bronze slide plate

CNC Precision Machined Components

Wholesale CNC Machined Parts Online

Elevate Your Production with Wholesale CNC Machined Parts Online. Explore a vast selection of high-quality components for your manufacturing needs. Order today!

brass bushing
brass bushing,CNC bronze bushing

CNC Machining In Metal

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High-performance aluminum bronze offers exceptional strength, thermal resistance, and chemical resistance. Bronze alloy stands out as a high-performance metal with superb mechanical properties and chemical stability across a broad temperature range.

brass machined parts are commonly employed in industrial machinery, where they withstand higher loads and speeds compared to steel or plastic counterparts. They prove ideal for various applications such as food processing, automotive PTO shafts, washers and dryers, compressors, and engine crankshafts.

CNC-machined brass parts offer unparalleled precision, reliability, and durability across diverse industrial applications. The combination of brass’s unique properties with the efficiency of CNC machining renders it an ideal choice for manufacturing critical components that demand exceptional performance and longevity.

Specials & Custom – Radial Bearing Corporation

We can customize various aspects of a bearing, including the size, design, features, and materials, with much shorter lead times than our competitors.
Additionally, we can manufacture interchanges for industry-standard bearings as well as individual bearing parts and other precision components that your application requires.

CNC Bronze Bushing With Groove

Our fully computerized CNC bearing has been customized with many unique features, including high-speed, multi-axis, and live tooling to ensure both precision and economy. Coincidental ID and OD machining guarantee consistent thickness on every bushing and our custom-engineered grooving and turning equipment delivers proprietary processes unique in the industry.
From the smallest, most intricate bushings to large, heavy-duty solid or split bushings, our equipment and expertise guarantee priority treatment for every order.

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CNC bronze parts

CNC Bronze Parts – Machining & Fabrication

Precision bronze bushing machining produces both large and small size bushes that impact our everyday lives. We build bronze parts that are integral to our existence, all shaped and formed for their specific function. From pieces inside automobiles, surgical devices, smaller parts that hold together large structures and equipment, and even Aviation components that require high-precision machining.

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