Boccole Is An Accessory Commonly Used To Fill The Gap Between Parts. It Supports The Rotating Shaft, And When Friction Occurs, The Boccole Can Be Used To Hold The Rotating Shaft In The Correct Position To Reduce Friction.

Self-Lubricating Boccole Is A Type Of Bearing That Does Not Require Lubrication, That Is, It Does Not Need To Be Filled With Oil To Operate. They Are Also Referred To As Oilless Bearings.

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Boccole Metalliche Autolubrificanti

The material with which they are produced is cast bronze (in different compositions) with inserts of special solid lubricants.

These bushings can work for long periods without the need for additional grease as the inserts, present on the entire surface, guarantee their lubrication.

They have a large load capacity, good wear resistance, and a low coefficient of friction such as to greatly increase smoothness.

They are particularly suitable for low speeds and are used in the presence of chemical agents or even in the presence of oxidizing agents. Their temperature of use can vary from – 40 ° C to + 400 ° C.

Boccole, Bronze Bushing

In our portal, you can find the widest choice of bushings, bushings, and bushings available online: in fact, we have different types of bushings including steel and cemented bushings and bronze bushings among which you can find the ones that are right for you.

They are mostly used in case of oscillations and intermittent movements where the lubricant film is more difficult to form.

Our bushings, bushes, and bushings are used in various fields: from earthmoving machinery (excavators, mini excavators, shovels, dumpers, and other building types) to agricultural machinery (harrows, plows, weeder), from drilling machines to equipment (octopuses, buckets, pliers).

Suitable for applications in machinery operating in the open air but also on ships or turbines and foundry machines being bushings that are not attacked by corrosive agents.

We offer a non-original product that allows you to combine savings and quality and will prove to be perfect for your machine.

Assembly And Tolerances

In the case of the bushing, the assembly must be carried out by interference by means of a spindle with a shoulder and ground surface or alternatively by cooling the part to very low temperatures. The self-lubricating bush with graphite inserts has the following construction tolerances:

External Ø m6 (r6 flanged)

Internal Ø F7 (E7 flanged)

length -0.1 / -0.3

Ø flange + 0.2 / -0.2

flange thickness 0 / -0.1

The seat must have an H7 tolerance, while the shaft may have tolerances such as:

“D8” for use with high loads

“E7” for use with light loads

“F7” for a precision fit. The hardness of the shaft must be between 180 HB and 250 HB and in any case higher than that of the sliding element, while the roughness must be between 0.2 and 0.8 µm.

Benefits Of Boccole

Boccole is just a broad name. It is a component used in sliding rotating machinery to reduce friction while transmitting thrust and supporting fixation. It is made of various copper alloys and is used to lubricate mechanical parts.

Boccole is a component that holds and reduces the coefficient of friction of the load during mechanical transmission. The main function is to support the mechanical rotating body to reduce the coefficient of friction of the mechanical load of the equipment during transmission. Features: stable, reliable, and noiseless operation.

The main advantages that these products offer are:

  • high static and dynamic load capacity
  • excellent performance under high load with intermittent movements
  • self-lubricating and maintenance-free, however, it tolerates any conventional lubricant well
  • low coefficient of friction without stick-slip effect not very sensitive to dirt, resistant to chemicals and corrosion
  • high dimensional stability in the presence of water, particularly suitable for use in a marine environment
  • good resistance to impact stress
  • limited sensitivity to the load on the edges, it can be used in misalignments
  • absorbs vibrations well
  • it is suitable for use at medium-high temperatures
  • conductor of electricity does not show electrostatic phenomena
  • high thermal conductivity

solid lubricant are embedded

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