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Your One-Stop Oilless bushing For Agriculture And Equipment Parts

Because self-lubricating bearings are maintenance-free and dust characteristics and under outdoor conditions good abrasion resistance and other characteristics, it is widely used in combine harvesters, planters, strapping machines, shredders, tractors and other fuel tanks, suspension systems, joints, etc. can not refuel or difficult to form a film site.

Oil-free Bushing Solutions For Agriculture

The Viiplus Company

Size, location, elevation, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make each farm unique. Farm equipment needs to operate under many similarly challenging conditions. Mud, dust and debris were everywhere. The temperature is hot and cold. Rain washed away. And sometimes corrosive chemicals. After a long period of idleness, intensive operations are required. Rising fuel costs and new environmental regulations only complicate matters.

Agricultural solutions can meet your needs

Agricultural harvester

Oil-free Bushings for Agricultural harvester

Unplanned downtime during the harvest season can cause huge agency losses. Unfortunately, stressful operation and prolonged exposure to dust, severe vibration, and many more factors increase the risk of component failure.

We can help combine harvesters withstand the worse consequences of nature and work schedules. Our rugged, lubrication-free bearing and sealing solutions increase uptime when farmers need it more. When service is required, the integrated bearing unit can speed up installation time. It can also help farmers adapt to changing conditions and crop demands.


More “intelligent” farming capabilities

Improve power density and reliability. Reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, better ergonomics and more “smart” farming capabilities. viiplus can supply original equipment dealers with a wide range of components and systems, from cabins to drivetrains to parking brakes. Helps simplify tractor design, providing greater fuel efficiency, operator comfort, GPS control and more.

Our agricultural solution proves to be wear-resistant and economical

Agriculture is increasingly moving towards technology-enabled “tillage” techniques. This transition is facilitated with a series of integrated sensing units. With decades of agricultural farming application knowledge and expertise in multiple areas, Agricultural Solutions is helping original equipment dealers design and distribute more efficient, reliable, and ergonomic equipment.

Reliability & Quality

When farm equipment fails, unscheduled downtime means lost equipment and expensive replacement parts, and labor. Analyze your design from a holistic and systematic perspective to help you build greater reliability and deliver greater value to farmers.

Various agricultural solutions are designed to work together to improve machine life and efficiency. What is the result? Higher agency rates, lower maintenance costs, and ultimately higher farm profits.

Economical & Environmental Protection

Agricultural solutions can provide many on-the-ground advantages and, in many ways, help reduce the environmental impact of agricultural practices.

Eco-friendly agricultural components include sealed-for-life relubrication-free hub units that reduce grease usage and potential leakage. Electromechanical actuation minimizes or eliminates the use of hydraulic pressure and reduces the risk of fluid leakage. Sensorized control units save resources by enabling steering, spraying, seeding, tillage applications, and many others. It also assists original equipment dealers in developing these cost-effective and greener solutions in accordance with all relevant regulations and requirements.

Reduce Maintenance

Integrated, pre-assembled solutions help operators and OEMs cut maintenance costs. Can provide an integrated solution that does not require disassembly and relubrication, helping to reduce maintenance requirements and extend service life. They also simplify assembly and reduce warranty costs for OEMs. Agricultural solutions range from sealed-for-life bearing units to automated centralized lubrication systems that help extend equipment life, reduce operating costs and increase agency efficiency.

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